I'll Quit Being a God

I'll Quit Being a God

Author: July Wine Immortal Status: Completed Hot: 313899

The Newest Chapters: I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 181 Part 2 Updates: 2023-03-16 09:55:00

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The sky and the earth are infinitesimal as a grain, and a life of peace is like in the sea. Lu Heng, who has crossed over to the other world, finds himself transformed into a huge white wolf, a mountain God of a remote mountain with a group of villagers under his rule. In this strange and wild world, demons, evil and giant beasts are rampant, and humane order is almost non-existent. These, however, are not what Lu Heng needed to think about. What he is thinking about now is how to tell this group of villagers that he does not need little girls. Besides, he actually does not want to be this God anymore...

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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 181 Part 2

Chapter 181: Wu Gu's Rules (2)

Since Lu Heng had guessed that the other person might have a request for him, he decided to get straight to the point and speak up.

Anyway, Wu Gu must have heard the human-faced owl talk about Huo Feng's situation. Now that everyone is speaking openly, it actually saves time on beating around the bush.

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