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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 69

2022-07-17 16:47:19Publish Time: 4,598 views
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Chapter 69: Fairy Caresses My Head

The news that the Wolf God was going down the mountain soon reached the ears of the old priest of the Wind Raiders department.

Hearing the news, the old man who had just recovered from his serious injury immediately took Qian to the mountain to pay a visit.

When the two arrived, Xiao Ai was packing before the Wolf God Temple.

That dark blue Heavenly Thunder Sword is now carried behind Xiao Ai.

The little girl is standing in front of the Wolf God Temple, telling the White Ape something.

Lu Heng sat in the wooden pavilion, watching Xiao Ai and the White Ape.

The little girl's nagging appearance made Lu Heng want to laugh. The girl is small, but her serious expression is more and more like a housekeeper.

"… after I leave, you should remember to clean every three days. Don't let the dust accumulate."

"Go to the peach forest to check every day. Don't let the peaches be stolen…"

"Practice well…"

"Don't go too far away from Hanyu mountain…"

"The weeds at the back of the mountain should be eradicated…"

"If autumn comes and we haven't come back, you should remember to collect the yellow rice in the field…"

"Remember to wash your clothes yourself, don't always wear these dirty clothes."

"Remember to wear more clothes after it's cold. Don't get sick. The elders in the village can only cure people, not monkeys. If you are sick, I and Lord Wolf God are not here, and no one can save you…"

"If a guest comes to visit Lord Wolf God, be polite…"

One by one, the little girl told almost all the matters needing attention.

Lu Heng was skeptical about whether or not the White Ape can remember so many things. However, the little girl was so serious and the White Ape nodded repeatedly, it at least seemed to be listening.

Seeing the arrival of the Li tribe's two people, Lu Heng stood up with a smile.

"I was going to go to the Wind Raiders department, but I didn't expect you to come first… Please, have a seat."

After welcoming the old priest into the wooden pavilion, Lu Heng said, "I have learned something about my cultivation recently, and I have seen an opportunity to make a breakthrough, so I decided to travel down the mountain and look for that opportunity."

"After I leave, please take care of the White Ape in the mountain."

As soon as the old priest sat down, he heard Lu Heng's words, and his heart was stunned.

He originally thought that the Wolf God was just bored and wanted to play around. So it's not like this?

This feeling… about to break through?

The old priest looked at the Wolf God again. Using his magic eye, he couldn't see the depth of the Wolf God's cultivation base as usual.

As the magic eyes opened, Lu Heng's fiery power of thunder surged around him like a pale sun, shaking the old man's eyes. If his cultivation base is a little poorer, his heart will break on the spot.

Closing his magic eyes, the old man sighed silently, his thoughts were myriad.

The way of cultivation is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will relapse. But the Wolf God is already so strong, and he can still have a breakthrough…

The old man who has not made adequate progress for hundreds of years can't help but feel complicated.

He said, "Wolf God, don't worry. With my Wind Raiders department here, no one dares to be presumptuous in Hanyu mountain."

Lu Heng smiled and thanked, "In that case, thank you. Before, you were injured while casting the sword. I don't know how your injury is now? Do you need my help?"

The old priest said, "Thank you. Although my injury is serious, the peach blossom wine is a holy healing product. Such an injury should have taken several years to recuperate, but with the peach blossom wine, I will recover within a few months… In this case, we have to thank you."

Lu Heng was a little surprised by the old man's words.

"Oh? Does the peach blossom wine have this effect?" He couldn't help but look at Xiao Ai and say, "Xiao Ai, take two pots of peach blossom wine later. It may be useful after going down the mountain."

"Yes," Xiao Ai bowed and went to grab the drink with Heavenly Thunder Sword on her back.

In the wooden pavilion, Lu Heng chatted with the old priest about interesting things outside the mountain.

Lu Heng is still curious about the strange world outside the mountain. Now there is an old man who has traveled all over the world in front of him. Naturally, he seizes the time to ask for information.

After a while, Xiao Ai had packed her bags and came out with Heavenly Thunder Sword on her back.

In her hand, she was carrying a small package. For people cultivating, even if they go far away, they don't need to carry too many clothes.

The little girl spent so long packing, mainly telling the White Ape all kinds of things.

The White Ape, who usually jumped around happily, now followed her step by step, full of reluctance.

It can be seen that this White Ape also wants to follow Lu Heng down the mountain. It's just that it hasn't been able to transform into a human yet, and its mind is too immature. Lu Heng doesn't plan to take it with him.

After all, the mountain also needs someone to take care of it.

Under Lu Heng's smiling eyes, the little girl walked to the pavilion and bowed deeply.

"Lord Wolf God, Xiao Ai is ready."

"Well, I think you seem to have something to say," Lu Heng said. "If you have something to say, you can say it frankly. You don't have to hide it in your heart."

The little girl bit her lip, and then said, "Xiao Ai pleads with Lord Wolf God to give this White Ape a name…"


Lu Heng looked at the confused White Ape and laughed, "Indeed, it's time to name this White Ape. It is really unpleasant to call him 'White Ape' every day."

Lu Heng waved to the White Ape to come over.

The White Ape was a little confused, but full of curiosity. It jumped in front of Lu Heng and bowed its head obediently.

Lu Heng put his hand gently on his head and smiled, "White Ape, do you have a name you want?"

The White Ape was stunned for a moment and shook his head. Obviously, he didn't think about a name.

Lu Heng said, "Then I'll take it at will… Well, you're an ape in the mountains, so take Yuan (ape) as… Well… Take Sun (monkey) as your surname."

When Lu Heng planned to name the White Ape "Yuan", he suddenly thought of the White Ape surnamed Yuan in "Creation of the Gods". In that novel, the White Ape named "Yuan Hong" died very miserably.

Although this is already another world, it is better to avoid it.

Lu Heng said, "Monkey, monkey, take Sun (monkey) as your surname."

"But you started cultivating too late, so it's difficult to start with demon cultivation. If there is no opportunity, I'm afraid it will be difficult for you to have some achievements."

"But I hope you can seize that opportunity, rise to the difficulties, and break through the mystery of life and death."

"The so-called number of 'Yan' is fifty, and the sky and earth take away forty-nine… I will call you Sun Yan, and I hope you can grasp the one that is left."

Lu Heng laughed, "And the word 'Yan' also means that the water flows into the sea, which can be extended to abundance. I hope that although you have had a bad start, you can finally break through the difficulties and make your own vast expanse on the path of cultivation like the river flows into the sea."

"From today on, your name will be Sun Yan!"

Lu Heng's words are incomprehensible to the White Ape. But it knows that the name given by the Wolf God is very important, because Xiao Ai asked for it.

So he saluted hurriedly and kept chirping, thanking the Wolf God for his name.

The old priest beside him silently read Lu Heng's words.

"The so-called number of 'Yan' is fifty, and the sky and earth take away forty-nine… The one that is left…"

The old man's eyes lit up and he didn't know what to feel. When he looked at Lu Heng again, his eyes were full of admiration and awe.

Lu Heng looked at the little girl with silver hair and said with a smile, "So, is it OK?"

The little girl blushed and bowed her head. "Thank you, Lord Wolf God."

"Hahaha… Well, it's over, so let's go."

In the wooden pavilion, Lu Heng laughed loudly, and a huge white wolf appeared in front of the Wolf God Temple.

The man in white took one step toward the huge white wolf, followed by Xiao Ai carrying the Heavenly Thunder Sword.

In front of the Wolf God Temple, Lu Heng in white turned around and cupped his hands at the old priest and Qian of the Li tribe, laughing, "The mountain is high and the road is far away, so Lu Heng is going now. Take care, you two."

"Take care, Wolf God."

"Goodbye, Xiao Ai!"

In the sound of farewell, Lu Heng's soul disappeared, and the huge white wolf opened his eyes and went in the direction of the back mountain.

Lu Heng and Xiao Ai soon disappeared in the field of their visions.

Qian sighed, "The Wolf God's body is so handsome…"

The old priest smiled and said, "You are still a little girl and don't know the truly valuable thing. Compared with the Wolf God's true body, his human-shaped soul is divine and infinite. It's the first time I've heard of this kind of existence."

"The breakthrough of the Wolf God may be related to his human-shaped soul."

"The so-called number of 'Yan' is fifty, and the sky and earth take away forty-nine… This statement alone can break the true meaning of the world."

"The Wolf God is really extraordinary…"