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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 347

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Chapter 347: Your Name Is on the Demon Destroyer List (Part 1)

The Blue Demon said, revealing an intoxicated expression involuntarily.

It seemed as though they had already arrived at the Arctic Skyark Palace, bowing down at the feet of the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace.

After remaining silent for a long time, Ning Po next to them saw the heated discussion and finally spoke up.

"The Kingdom of All Demons is divided between good and evil, and is a gathering place for all demons. The reputation of the Nine Phoenix echoes throughout the four seas, while the Arctic Skyark Palace towers over the northern borders. It is truly a good refuge for us to escape to."

"However, the Arctic Skyark Palace is far away and the journey there is a distance of 18 million miles. Along the way, one must cross the vast Youxiong Country and the Blue Hill Country under the governance of the Blue Hill Country."

"Under the governance of these two countries, they are not friendly towards us, the devil path."

"Moreover, the Arctic Skyark Palace is not an ordinary demonic cave, and it is rumored that the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace is an ancient monster that survived from ancient times and has lived for no one knows how long..."

"I forbid you to speak of the Palace Lord in such a way!" Suddenly, the furious Blue Devil shouted, looking extremely angry.

While speaking, Ning Po paused slightly, and then continued as if nothing had happened, "The Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace is powerful and strict in controlling her subordinates. It's not easy for anyone to enter the Arctic Skyark Palace and be accepted by her."

"We would be unwise to go empty-handed. We must prepare unique and rare gifts that are one of a kind in the world to have a chance at getting the favor of the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace."

"However, we are currently unable to produce this gift."

"Therefore, I suggest that we part ways here and take our own gains from this trip with us."

"As for this white ape, we can send it to the nearest big city where it will be safely escorted back to Hanyu Mountain by the wizards from Fire God Temple."

"Just for a few pieces of peach fruit, the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain won't chase us to the ends of the earth."

After Ning Po finished speaking, he looked at the people present and asked, "What do you all think?"

Inside the mountain cave, there was silence for a few moments.

The Blue Devil was the first to speak, shouting, "Who said we didn't have gifts? These nine peach fruits from Hanyu Mountain and this white ape are the best gifts, aren't they?"

"This white ape came from under the tutelage of the Wolf God. Given its aptitude and the fact that it has only been cultivating for a few years, it has already achieved such an impressive aura and couldn't have been nurtured by natural resources alone."

"From this white ape, one can see that the previously circulating news is probably true. The divine being who made the world change color and the day turn to night a few years ago has gained enlightenment to a new and wonderful method, which is the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain!"

"Although we were in a hurry in the mountains and could not find the Wolf God's secret book, isn't this white ape a disciple of the Wolf God? If we offer it to the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace, it is equivalent to offering the peerless cultivation method that the Wolf God has gained enlightenment to."

"Such a great gift, are you afraid that the Lord won't reward us generously?"

The Blue Devil said with a sneer, "When the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace takes notice of us, we can enter the Arctic Skyark Palace. We will no longer be wandering cultivators and with the Lord's protection, we won't have to worry about being pursued by the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain or fear the calamity of the Earthly Catastrophe. We will have a secure place to live and won't suffer any more fatal dangers!"

After listening, the Red Devil nodded repeatedly and said, "Although I prefer the Lord of the Blue Hill Country, the Blue Devil has a good point. Being able to enter the Arctic Skyark Palace is a great opportunity. If we ran away with a few peach fruits, without even obtaining the dragon soul or seeing the peerless secret book, it would be really too much of a loss."

As he spoke, the Red-blue Twin Devils looked at Xie Yunniang beside him and said, "Yunniang, do you feel the same way?"

"Going through all this trouble and even offending the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, we might have even been added to the Demon Destroyer List... If we only get a few peach fruits, it's simply not worth it!"

"Moreover, there are only nine in total and there are five of us. How are we going to split them? Even if we only split the peach fruits, it won't be easy to divide them."

The Red-blue Twin Devils echoed, shouting confidently and clearly expressing their desire to go to the Arctic Skyark Palace.

Xie Yunniang looked at Ning Po and said, "Mr. Ning, what do you think?"

Under the gaze of Xie Yunniang, Ning Po remained silent for a while before slowly speaking up.

"Bringing peach fruits and the white ape to the Arctic Skyark Palace can indeed win the favor of the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace."

"But the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is not an easy opponent. His unparalleled swordsmanship is likely unmatched in the world... Even the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace may find it difficult to withstand the power of that sword."

"We will only take the peach fruits, otherwise the Wolf God will not let us go easily. After all, he is not that idle and may chase us to the end of the world for a few peach fruits."

"But if we abduct his disciple, it will be a different story. He will definitely not let us go easily."

"Not to mention the long journey ahead of us towards the Arctic Skyark Palace, how can we avoid being caught up by the Wolf God before reaching the Skyark Palace... Even if we successfully arrive at the Skyark Palace, does that guarantee safety?"

Ning Po looked at the Red-blue Twin Devils and said, "If the Wolf God chases us all the way to the Arctic Skyark Palace, he will directly break in and force the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace to hand us over."

"Facing the unparalleled swordsmanship of the Wolf God, will the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace really be willing to go to war with the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain for us few little guys who just arrived?"

"Under normal circumstances, wouldn't they just hand us over to appease him, and let the Wolf God go?"

Looking at the furious face of the Blue Devil, Ning Po said indifferently, "From the way you look, do you really think that the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace would hold a deadly grudge against the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain for strangers like us?"

Ning Po's inquiry angered the Blue Devil.

The Blue Devil slammed the ground and jumped up, angrily saying, "The Lord of the Palace has a broad mind, and once said that anyone who enters her Arctic Skyark Palace is her disciple and she will never allow her disciples to be bullied by others!"

"That if the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain really came knocking and started a fight, it's uncertain who would come out as the victor!"

"As ancient beings from the same period, in terms of seniority and strength, the Lord of the Palace is not inferior to that wolf. On what basis do you falsely accuse the Lord of the Palace of being afraid of that wolf?"

The Blue Devil was extremely excited and the Red Devil nodded repeatedly, saying, "Absolutely true. They are all ancient beings, and the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace may not be inferior to the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain. Although the Wolf God is arrogant, he is only rampant in the Fire Pass Country in the southeast. He may not be able to continue his dominance in the outside world."

The Blue Devil added, "That's right! Although that wolf is powerful, it only bullies the weak. I have never heard of it fighting against any powerful character. Maybe it's just a showy, but useless, character."

The words of the Red-blue Twin Devils left Ning Po speechless for a long time.

After witnessing the unparalleled swordsmanship of that sword that flew three thousand miles, he can still say such words... For a moment, he couldn't even tell if the Red-blue Twin Devils was pretending to be crazy or actually stupid.

Just at this moment, Mo Ye, who had been silent all this time, opened his eyes again and hoarsely said, "Should I say a few words?"

Mo Ye's sudden statement startled all the demons.

The Red-blue Twin Devils hastily said, "You should rest now! What's the point of struggling when you're so seriously injured? Rest and make your death more comfortable."

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