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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 101

2022-08-17 13:55:11Publish Time: 4,580 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 101: Pangjiang Water God

Huo Feng's words let Lu Heng immediately think of a possibility.

"Oh? The father of this Gu eagle… Is actually the emperor of the Fire Pass Country?"

When talking with Gong Shu Jie in Hanyu mountain, Lu Heng remembered him mention that the emperor of the Fire Pass Country was a righteous cultivator who was broad-minded, forthright, generous, fond of fine wine, and open-minded.

The emperor has been in power for 100 years, and has managed the whole Fire Pass Country in an orderly manner, and has defeated many evils from causing disasters to people.

Although Gong Shu Jie only mentioned a few words, Lu Heng could imagine what a righteous man the emperor was.

Therefore, referring to the father of the Gu eagle, Lu Heng subconsciously thought of the emperor of the Fire Pass Country.

However, Lu Heng suddenly reacted when he saw the twitching corners of Huo Feng's mouth and the dark eyes of the red-haired woman in front of him.

He smiled awkwardly and said, "I said something wrong… I wanted to say something about the late emperor."

If the emperor of the Fire Pass Country is as forthright a man as Gong Shu Jie said, he will definitely not have any relationship with his father's old acquaintance.

Therefore, the father of this Gu eagle could only be the late emperor.

It seems that the late emperor of the Fire Pass Country was quite romantic. Although it is known from the mouth of the red-haired woman that the emperor didn't marry the Pangjiang Water God…

But the water god got a baby…

Then, the story between the late emperor and the water god was probably not a one-sided love story as the red-haired woman said.

However, in front of the red-haired woman, Lu Heng could not say anything.

After all, he also saw that the red-haired woman should have a deep relationship with the royal family of the Fire Pass Country, so she would stand in the position of the late emperor's wife and despise the Pangjiang Water God.

Lu Heng and Huo Feng looked at each other, but they stopped talking and didn't mention this matter.

Lu Heng took the comatose Gu eagle to the bow of the boat and sat down, far away from the red-haired woman.

The boat was still moored at the small bend of the river. Feeling the cold night breeze, the night was calm and peaceful.

The two little girls who fled here hadn't found help yet.

However, Lu Heng waited for a while. The shrimps and crabs in the Pangjiang River didn't jump out, but the red-haired woman on the side came toward him.

She solemnly saluted Lu Heng and said, "Please allow me to check the condition of this Gu eagle again… The late emperor died a hundred years ago, and the Gu eagle has only a life span of 60 years. It can't be the offspring of the late emperor."

"However, there is the willpower of the Fire God in his body… There must be something strange about this. I hope the Wolf God can let me check it."

The red-haired woman's expression was serious, but Lu Heng shook his head and said, "I also thought of this matter. It's just that the Gu eagle doesn't understand anything. Even if it is awakened, I'm afraid it can't answer your questions."

"If you want to know the truth, you might as well ask the water god directly. I think she should come."

As soon as Lu Heng finished speaking, he looked at the direction of the river in surprise and said, "Oh? So fast? She's almost here?"

Lu Heng stood up with a smile and said, "It seems that the water god is coming. If you have any questions in mind, you can ask her directly in person."

In Lu Heng's senses, there was a strong breath in the torrent river at this time, which was rapidly approaching from behind the mountains and following the river.

The other party didn't hide her breath, but openly announced her existence, telling everyone she was coming.

After about ten seconds, the water surged, and a tall figure slowly rose from the river.

Wearing a magnificent and righteous God's robe, the water god announced her identity.

Her body was tall and slender. The eyes under the willow eyebrows were sharp, and the tight lips showed her uneasiness.

Although her face didn't look like that of gentle character, the Pangjiang river god didn't rush up and immediately attack them as Lu Heng worried she would.

She even came alone, and there were no shrimp soldiers and crab generals following her.

Under the cold moonlight, the river god in the water saluted Lu Heng on the boat and said:.

"I'm Gu Zhou, the God of Pangjiang river. Nice to meet you."

Lu Heng took a look at the cabin. The red-haired woman was now hidden in the cabin and no longer appeared. It seems that she really didn't want to meet the water god.

Lu Heng was not reluctant to do this. After all, this was a misunderstanding. They just needed to talk about it.

Facing such a courteous water god, Lu Heng also smiled back and said, "I'm Lu Heng, and I just passed through this place and inadvertently offended your young master. It was a misunderstanding. The young master is only unconscious now and is not injured. You can take him back now."

Lu Heng looked at Xiao Ai and nodded at her.

So the little girl held the comatose Gu eagle in her arms, stepped into the river, and walked towards the water god in front of her.

In the midst of the river waves, the water god was relieved to see that Lu Heng was so easy-going.

When the two maidens who escaped with serious injuries found her, she was cultivating in the water mansion. When she heard that her son was captured, she got nervous.

In particular, the "Robber" mentioned by the two little girls was very powerful. They just peeped at him with their magic eyes and their bodies and souls were seriously hurt.

Such horrible existence… she has never heard of such a person in the Fire Pass Country.

It is very likely that it was a strong cultivator that had coincidentally passed by, or perhaps even an "Old acquaintance" of the late emperor of the Fire Pass Country.

Therefore, on the way here, Gu Zhou was worried for the fear that she would really meet the "Old friend" of the late emperor who came to seek revenge.

Now that the late emperor has passed away. If his enemies of the past really come to the door, even if the current emperor was willing to help, it was too late to look for help now.

Therefore, she didn't take anyone with her. Such a strong existence is not someone that her subordinates could provoke.

She came alone to show weakness and seek a peaceful solution.

Even though she had a strong character, in order to save her son's life, she was willing to compromise.

However, when she came to the bend of the river and saw the kind man in white, she found that she had worried too much.

In her eyes, the man in white smiled kindly, but his whole body was heaving with thunder.

The surging mighty thunder even made her heart palpitate.

If the man in white was really the late emperor's enemy, she had no chance to survive.

And compared with the surging thunder, what was more frightening was that the man in white was only a soul without a body…

The body of the man in white was the white wolf on the bow, resting with its eyes closed.

The man in white didn't hide this, so Gu Zhou could see through it at a glance.

The body was an animal, but the soul was human… When Gu Zhou saw this scene, she almost fainted and her heart pounded.

The shock she felt at this moment was even stronger than when she was beaten down from the clouds by the third palm of the late emperor.

The cultivation of animals is different from that of human cultivators. The more powerful the beast is, the more difficult it is to break through after reaching the peak of cultivation.

The most notable example is the legendary ancient mythical animals.

Every ancient animal is born with supernatural powers and ferocity, but its power will always be fixed at a certain level, and it will never be able to make progress.

Although such a realm is beyond the reach of all living beings, there are still some human cultivators who can reach it.

In addition, occasionally there are one or two amazing people who can go further, surpassing many cultivators, and even the ancient gods and beasts would tremble at their feet.

However, such a realm was too difficult for human cultivators, who had the weakest start, the least longevity, and the most difficulty cultivating, to reach.

As for demons, no matter if it was just an ordinary animal or an ancient holy beast, it would never be able to cross the threshold and break through to the legendary realm.

This is a truth known to all.

But in front of her, the man in white…

Gu Zhou swallowed her saliva. She looked at the soul and felt panic and fear in her heart.

Is it… is he an elder who can break through the restriction of demon cultivation?

Has he transcended the realm of demon cultivation and reached the realm that no demon could reach?

So that his soul could be so horrible and extraordinary?