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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 115

2022-09-06 20:35:00Publish Time: 3,826 views
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Chapter 115: Summoning Souls (3)

Lu Heng was struck by Gu Zhou's explanation.

"So it is," Lu Heng said. "This move is indeed a good act for the benefit of the villagers. But I'm afraid that the soul of the old master of the Wu clan can't go with you this time."

Lu Heng said with a smile, "I have an old relationship with the Wu clan. I'm here tonight to guide the spirit of the old master to a secret place… Oh? It seems that the spirit of the old master has left his body."

While Lu Heng was talking, the tall fire was burning under his feet, and wisps of white smoke rose into the sky with the smoke of the firewood burning fire.

The white smoke is so ethereal that ordinary people cannot see it.

Even a cultivator, if his cultivation base was not enough, the cultivator couldn't feel them.

——For example, cultivators such as Lu Heng, who have not even opened the door to heaven, can't sense the soul in theory.

But with his Requiem Seal in hand, he was the first of the three present to perceive the soul.

In the dark night, the burning fire was raging, and the sound of firewood exploding sounded from time to time.

The people of the Wu clan all knelt outside the fire, and kowtowed to the fire from time to time under the command of the ritual wizard.

On the periphery are the accompanying guests, relatives and friends, as well as some city residents who came to join in the excitement.

The river was full of people. The sound of suona and mournful music continued to ring out, sending off the old master's soul.

In the night sky, Lu Heng beckoned directly and slowly drew that wisp of ethereal white smoke to him.

Then, under the gaze of Gu Zhou and Helan Zhen, the wisps of white smoke gradually showed the human shape around Lu Heng, vaguely forming the appearance of an old man.

This scene surprised Gu Zhou and Helan Zhen.

Helan Zhen was silent, while Gu Zhou was surprised and spoke directly.

"Can you summon the souls?" Gu Zhou looked surprised.

Although she has also taken the souls of many good people to her water mansion.

But she has to wait for the souls to gradually separate from the bodies, and completely appeared in the outside world.

But the Wolf God skipped the waiting process and directly called out the soul of the old master of the Wu clan.

Gu Zhou and Helan Zhen both looked surprised, while on the riverside at their feet, among the crowd watching the bustle, a red-haired woman also spied on this scene and directly sprayed out a mouthful of wine with a stunned expression.

In this world, there are indeed arts of summoning souls. Some vicious spells can even pull the souls of living people out of their bodies and torture them.

If people with low cultivation and vision see this, they will not feel anything strange at all.

However, the three people who watched this scene were all outstanding cultivators. At a glance, they could see that Lu Heng's skill of summoning souls was completely different from that of ordinary people.

First of all, he didn't make any preparations for the operation. All three people present could feel that the Wolf God didn't use any magic power to summon the soul.

Secondly, when he summoned the soul of old master Wu, the gradually solidified spirit didn't suffer from being dragged by violence.

To be able to do these two things at the same time… it looks like Lu Heng has the power to control the soul!

The ability to control the soul?

This kind of power, like the Heavenly Thunder, has never been heard of!

Is it true that Lu Heng, the Wolf God, not only has the power to control the Heavenly Thunder, but can also control souls?

Among the crowd, Lianshan Jing was stunned.

Gong Shu Jie never mentioned this matter!

Didn't Gong Shu Jie also see this scene?

Or… Did she misunderstand it?

Think about it carefully. The power to control the soul is too outrageous, right?

Although the Heavenly Thunder is terrifying, the Heavenly Thunder is also a tangible thing and has a specific reference, so it is not difficult to accept that the Wolf God can control the Heavenly Thunder, although it is terrifying.

But the power to control the soul… Isn't it too vague?

There are more than ten million living things in the world. If the Wolf God really has the power to control the souls… Can he control the souls of all living beings in the world?

If he can do this, who dares to be reckless in front of the Wolf God?

He doesn't even need to use heaven thunder. He can directly use his power to pull the soul of the other party out of his body and impose sanctions.

Such an outrageous power cannot exist in the world!

Lianshan Jing told herself so and she also knew that this was the most realistic guess.

Maybe it's just that the Wolf God has some kind of magic power to call the soul of the dead?

But somehow, looking at the figure in white in the night sky, Lianshan Jing heard a voice telling her in her heart.

——Yes, everything you guessed is actually right. The Wolf God does have the power to control souls.


Among the crowd, Lianshan Jing bowed her head and swallowed the wine. She could not help cursing in a low voice, "Isn't this old monster too terrible?"

In the night sky, Lu Heng didn't realize that there was an alcoholic emperor in the crowd at his feet criticizing him.

Because there were too many people at his feet.

At this time, his attention was focused on the soul of the old master of the Wu clan in front of him.

As the wisps of white smoke gathered and solidified, what finally appeared in front of them was an old man with a silver beard and a hale and hearty face.

If you have an acquaintance of the Wu clan here, you can see at a glance that this is the old man of the Wu clan, Wu Yuan.

As the old man's body solidified, his eyes gradually recovered from their original dullness.

When the old man woke up, he was shocked to find that he was standing at a height of 10000 meters, and the city's Wuzhu and two other strangers were standing beside him.

The old master saluted quickly and said, "I'm Wu Yuan. Wuzhu Helan, and the other two masters, what can I do for you?"

Such sober behavior made the expressions of Gu Zhou and Helan Zhen more subtle.

After an ordinary soul appeared, it must be in a state of confusion. It would just wander around in a muddle, suffering from the wind and the sun, but wouldn't evade until his soul completely dissipated.

This is the soul state of normal mortals after death.

But the old man in front of them was conscious and even able to speak. He was no different from a living human.

If a soul can do this after death, it must at least achieve something in the way of cultivation. But the old master Wu Yuan is obviously not a cultivator.

But his soul can be so clear…

Gu Zhou and Helan Zhen both silently looked at Lu Heng and stopped speaking.

They had an intuition.

Tonight, they might be able to see something unforgettable in their lives…