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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 336

2023-10-31 02:40:00Publish Time: 1,455 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: kyoshijiro, ALS-Soldat-Gaming, anonymous

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Chapter 336: Lu Heng Who Made Others Feel Desperate

The so-called manifestation of the Dragon Soul in the mortal world doesn't refer to the actual soul of a divine dragon.

Dragons have always been elusive and difficult to find in the mortal world, hence the saying "a glimpse of a divine dragon's head but not its tail".

Even in the mortal world, it is extremely rare to see a dragon, such as a scaled dragon that transforms from a snake through cultivation, or a dragon that sheds its skin to become a true dragon with the ability to control the clouds and rain.

The Lord of All Demons is waiting for the manifestation of the Dragon Soul, which according to rumors refers to the Earth Dragons instead of true dragons.

Earth Dragons are born from the essence of the earth and nurtured by the essence of heaven and earth. Although they are not true dragons, they possess unparalleled power and limitless uses.

However, the birth of each Earth Dragon requires a long period of nurturing by the earth.

Lord of All Demons was accidentally able to obtain that ancient scripture which records the existence of Earth Dragons hidden within Fire Pass Country.

Earth Dragons were discovered in ancient times. It is only now, after numerous cultivation bases, that they are able to break through the earth and ascend to the sky.

The length of time required to nurture an Earth Dragon is evident.

Once an Earth Dragon breaks through the earth and ascends to the sky, it immediately emerges from the clouds and roams the earth and sky, never to be found again.

Therefore, the opportunity to seize an Earth Dragon's soul only comes once. Once it is missed, there is no chance to recover it.

For the sake of today's plan, the Lord of All Demons has expended tremendous effort and he dares not take it lightly.

It personally leads the situation, sets up formations to gather earth energy and attract dragon souls. It also remains on guard against any potential meddling from the Fire God Temple wizards in Yanjing City.

Although the wizards in Yanjing City should not have time to care about what is happening in this remote mountainous area, it is neither too far nor too near - a distance of fifty miles.

As long as nothing unexpected happens during the process of them taking away the dragon soul, the wizards of Yanjing City will be helpless to stop them.


Just as the Lord of All Demons thought of this, he suddenly sensed something and his facial expression slightly froze.

Suddenly, scorching hot flames rose up from the mountains and forests.

This breath…

"Not good! There's an ambush!" The Lord of All Demons' face changed greatly.

And just as it opened its mouth, the scorching hot flames rising up from the mountain and forest had already turned into a massive net, enveloping and falling down from the sky.

In an instant, it separated all the demons in the Green Hell Cave.

The figures of wizards led by Lianshan Jing appeared in the sky and mountains, and at some point, had surrounded the demons of the Green Hell Cave in the middle.

The Holy Fire Demon Binding Net, led by Lianshan Jing, is far more powerful than the usual methods of a Wuzhu.

On that crimson binding net for demons, the flowing lights and vibrant flames were so intense that even the top demons present, who were peak cultivators of demonic cultivates, didn't dare touch it without cause.

The Lord of All Demons who saw this scene had an unsightly expression and could barely believe everything that his eyes were seeing.

"This is impossible!"

It looked incredulously at Emperor Yan and Lianshan Jing in the void, roaring in anger, "You cannot know my plan! You cannot be here!"

The plan of the manifestation of the Dragon Soul in this world is an absolute secret of the Green Hell Cave.

And the location of the manifestation of the Dragon Soul in this world is even more confidential. Before arriving at this place, not many people, not even the confidants of the Lord of All Demons, knew about it.

But Emperor Lianshan Jing, who is in front of him, was able to come to this place where a trap has been set up in advance. Clearly, they were well-prepared!

The Lord of All Demons cannot accept this fact.

As soon as the Lord of All Demons roared in anger, dark clouds began to gather continuously in the sky above.

Soon, a huge cluster of disaster clouds appeared over the heads of all the demons, shrouding the entire forest.

Lu Heng's figure appeared under the disaster clouds, smiling as he bowed down to the Lord of All Demons below and said, "Hanyu Mountain's Lu Heng, greetings to the Lord of All Demons."

In the instant Lu Heng appeared, the Lord of All Demons suddenly narrowed his eyes, immediately "understanding" the karma.

"The Heavenly Demon Lord was killed by you?!"

Staring intently at the Wolf God, the Lord of All Demons let out an unbelievable yell.

The current situation clearly showed the failure of Heavenly Demon Lord's plan to exile the Wolf God…and not only had it failed, but it also revealed the secret of the appearance of Dragon Soul in the world!

Otherwise, there would be no way to explain why the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, who should have been led away, appeared here.

And during these days, why did the Heavenly Demon Lord suddenly disappear without any news!

The Lord of All Demons was seething with fury, while Lu Heng under the calamity clouds looked slightly surprised.

He was planning on revealing the fact that he is the Heavenly Demon Lord, but didn't expect the Lord of All Demons to have such a suspicion.

Looking down at the many demons on the ground, watching the fear in their eyes, and the Lord of All Demons's eyes filled with both fear and hatred, Lu Heng thought for a moment. Instead of explaining the situation, he acknowledged the matter according to the demons' speculations.

Smiling, he said, "So it's called the Heavenly Demon Lord? Ha…such an arrogant name, but it does match its style of doing things."

"Being a demon, yet attempting to set traps for me, but it doesn't know that its little tricks are no different than child's play in my eyes."

"Challenging me alone is like a flea shaking a tree, it's ignorant of its own insignificance. Although bravery is commendable, one could also call it foolishness…"

Finishing these words casually, Lu Heng looked at the increasingly fearful eyes of the demons below and said with a smile, "Now that the dust has settled, if you surrender, at least you can have a good death."

"Otherwise, both body and soul will perish under the lightning tribulation! It will be an unbearable agony!"

Lu Heng's low tone instantly made the demons in the mountains and forests tremble in fear.

Even the Lord of All Demons is somewhat out of control, with eyes almost bursting with anger.

The Lord of All Demons had learned firsthand the strength of that person, the Heavenly Demon Lord, an absolute master of the demonic path, far superior to it.

Even though the Heavenly Demon Lord was so powerful, he was defeated by the Wolf God. Listening to the tone of the Wolf God, it seemed that the Heavenly Demon Lord's defeat was worthless and didn't even cause any harm to the Wolf God.

This situation completely dealt a fatal blow to the morale of the demons in the Green Hell Cave.

Faced with the Wolf God Lu in the void, the demons almost couldn't conjure up any thoughts of rebellion.

Beneath the disaster clouds, there was only anxious despair in the hearts of the demons.

Is the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain truly so powerful? Is there really no one who can rival him?

Even the Lord of All Demons couldn't help but tremble at this moment and realized that he was in a desperate situation.

But at this moment, a woman's cold voice suddenly sounded in the distance.

The voice carried an undisguised icy killing intent.

"You said you killed the Heavenly Demon Lord?!"

Under the sky, the figure of a red-clothed woman in a bloody dress suddenly appeared.

As soon as she appeared, she stared coldly at Lu Heng under the calamity clouds and angrily asked, "Say it again, did you kill the Heavenly Demon Lord?"

The sudden appearance of Lian Cangqing instantly brought a slight change to the atmosphere of despair and silence.

The demons and wizards all looked in astonishment at the red-clothed woman, wondering how she had suddenly appeared.

It's unclear where this woman got the courage to provoke the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain…

Upon seeing this scene, the Lord of All Demons felt delighted and exclaimed loudly.

"The Wolf God Lu! Even if you can kill the Heavenly Demon Lord and get your daughter back, what about your Hanyu Mountain? Are you just going to abandon it?"

As Lu Heng watched in surprise, the Lord of All Demons laughed loudly and said, "In our actions, we always strive to be safe, how could we only have the Heavenly Demon Lord as our backup?"

"In your Hanyu Mountain, a great disaster is about to happen! If you don't rush back immediately, I'm afraid that all of the disciples at the mountain gate will be wiped out!"

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