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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 180 Part 2

2023-03-14 08:20:00Publish Time: 2,290 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 180: Warm Fragrance Pavilion (2)

Everyone who comes to seek an audience with Witch Wu Gu at Warm Fragrance Pavilion says the same thing. She nodded and said.

"Well, sister, tell me about your background. Then I can go in and tell Witch Wu Gu."

The little fox tilted her head and thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "Here's what we can do, sister. You can go inside and tell Witch Wu Gu that there is a beautiful and lovely little fox outside who wishes to meet her. With your discerning eye, my little appearance isn't too bad, is it?"

As the little fox spoke, she confidently puffed out her chest. The playful inquiry also surprised Mermaid girl.

This little fox… seems to have come prepared. How could she have such a thorough understanding of Witch Wu Gu's preferences?

She cast a deep glance at the little fox and said, "Very well, please wait a moment."

After speaking, the Mermaid girl leaned back and fell into the water, gliding like a lively fish along the spring towards the depths of the Warm Fragrance Pavilion.

After the Mermaid girl left, all the other Mermaid girls in the clear pond also swam over and lay on the bank with smiling faces, curiously looking at the little fox before them.

They bombarded her with endless questions, all talking at once.

"Where did you come from? Your beautiful figure is truly pleasant to the eye."

"Are you a member of the fox clan? No wonder… even my heart is moved by your beauty."

"Ha ha… a little beauty like you visiting, Witch Wu Gu might actually receive you."

By the pure pond's edge, their laughter filled the air with mirthful chatter.

The little fox dealt with the mermaids with a playful smile, yet never revealing her own background.

Soon, the Mermaid girl who had left to give a report returned once again.

Amidst the splashing water droplets, the mermaid girl leapt out of the water and elegantly landed by the side of the lake. The splashing water droplets turned into a thin misty cloud and gently cascaded onto her body, transforming into a delicate and graceful gown.

She smiled faintly and bowed slightly to the little fox in front of her, saying, "Witch Wu Gu wants to see you… Please follow me, sister."

Having finished speaking, the Mermaid girl turned around and walked towards the Warm Fragrance Pavilion.

The little fox breathed a sigh of relief in its heart, while its face remained smiling. It bade farewell to the Mermaid sisters in the pond and then followed the lead of the Mermaid girl.

Inside the Warm Fragrance Pavilion, sweet melodies of the guqin lingered in the air, accompanied by cool breezes that came and went in waves.

Although located high up in the air, the Warm Fragrance Pavilion differs from ordinary dwellings supported by brackets on the mountain rocks.

The pavilions and towers here mostly stand suspended, without any support from the mountain cliffs. One after another, suspended plank bridges connect the courtyards and pavilions.

Below every suspension bridge railing hangs an abyss of thousands of feet.

The mermaid girl, adorned in a white veil, led the little fox deep into Warm Fragrance Pavilion until they arrived at the most secluded and serene floating islet at its very heart.

Here blooms the crimson and strikingly strange flowers, even in the darkness, their scarlet petals emit a faint blood-like glow. The little fox guessed that they should be the legendary Mandala flowers.

Upon witnessing this scene, she was somewhat taken aback.

This legendary flower differs fundamentally from the ordinary rock garlic flower, despite their outward resemblance.

Only in places of deep gloom and lifelessness can this kind of gloomy flower bloom, but on this small island in front of her, the Mandala flowers bloom all over, yet without a hint of sinister ambiance, it won't make people feel uncomfortable.

Amidst this sea of flowers lies a small bamboo and wood courtyard. Within the fluttering gauze curtains, there is a certain ethereal quality that transcends the mundane world.

The mermaid girl stood outside the small island and said to the little fox beside her, "Witch Wu Gu is right here, sister. Just keep walking inside."

After she finished speaking, the Mermaid girl turned around and left.

It is quite clear that the little fox must walk the rest of the road alone.

The little fox hastily expressed gratitude, then took a deep breath before fixing its gaze once more upon the small island before taking steps towards the other side, through a sea of Mandala flowers.

In the midst of the sea of flowers, there was a small path leading to the bamboo and wooden courtyard.

The little fox walked all the way and didn't dare to deviate from the path. Although these amaryllis flowers around her didn't show any evil death qi, she still didn't dare to touch them.

Arriving at the front gate, the little fox gracefully bowed towards the courtyard and spoke.

"I'm Fox Demon Su Xiaoxiao. Witch Wu Gu, can I come in?"

After the voice of the little fox fell, a gust of cool breeze blew and the gate of the bamboo courtyard opened wide.

Wu Gu's voice echoed inside.

"Come in, I'm busy."

The casual tone was quite different from what the little fox had expected.

She thought she was going to meet a big sister who smiled wickedly…

With a somewhat restrained gait, the little fox walked into the courtyard and glanced around. The courtyard before its eyes was tranquil and elegant, yet ordinary and unremarkable, devoid of any valuable objects.

She followed the direction where Witch Wu Gu's voice had sounded and walked inside, passing by two bamboo houses, before finally arriving at the backyard of the bamboo house.

However, the image that she saw left her stunned.

In the small courtyard, there were piles of transparent bottles and jars, large and small.

The largest transparent jar was as tall as ten feet, while the smallest one was no bigger than a soccer ball.

These containers, large and small, there were filled with semi-transparent liquid, in which curious objects were immersed.

The transparent bottles in the courtyard contained various body parts and organs of a young girl from the Heavenly Human Tribe - her snow-white wings, beating heart, slender legs, fingers occasionally flexing, blinking eyes, and moving brain.

In the center of those bottles and jars, a slightly disheveled woman was holding a transparent container and talking to the head of a girl inside the jar.

"How about it? Is the feeling in your right hand's five fingers still okay? Try gripping into a fist."

Wu Gu said.

And nearby her, in a transparent jar, a severed hand with all its five fingers obediently clenched into a fist.

In the jar held by Wu Gu, the head of the Heavenly Human Tribe girl blinked and said, "It feels a bit painful, but I'll be fine."

Wu Gu nodded with satisfaction and said, "It seems like we have basically succeeded."

After speaking, she turned her head and looked at the little fox behind her, examining her thoroughly. Her gaze lingered particularly on the deep cleavage between the little fox's breasts.

Her eyes suddenly brightened up.

"Oh… little girl, do you have something to find me for?"

Wu Gu smiled and said, "My time is quite precious, so casually dropping by uninvited… Have you prepared for the repayment?"

The little fox's complexion was somewhat pale.

The various bottles and cans in the courtyard… and the young girl's head inside a jar blinking continuously…

The impact of the scene before her was quite significant to her.

Is this Witch Wu Gu of the Ten Witches of the Spirit Mountain? This image is too terrifying!