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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 329

2023-10-24 02:00:00Publish Time: 860 views
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Chapter 329: Temporary Demon Cave

In the scorching hot world of molten lava, Lu Heng held a broken magic talisman in his hand and said, "Since there is a friend in the dark, why not reveal yourself?"

Through the broken magic talisman, Lu Heng could vaguely feel that the demon hiding here was by no means an ordinary creature, at the very least, a top-tier demon cultivator at the level of Demon Lord.

Demon cultivators like him have always been proud and arrogant, so it is impossible for him to ignore Lu Heng's provocation.

However, after Lu Heng finished his sentence, he waited for a long time, but there was no response in the empty world of molten lava, and no figure could be seen.

The demon lurking in the dark didn't show up.

Seeing this scene, both Lu Heng and Jiu Mie were slightly surprised.

-Could it be that there really are no demons here?

Ordinary magic cultivators would have already jumped out when faced with such provocation, right?

Jiu Mie looked around and said, "You are hiding your head and showing your tail. Are you trying to be a coward?"

Jiu Mie's provocation was even more excessive.

Not to mention the proud and ambitious demon cultivators who always pursue a clear mind. Such provocative language even law-abiding cultivators couldn't tolerate.

However, after Jiu Mie finished speaking, there was still no response in the empty world of magma, only the scorching high temperature was roasting everything in the space.

Lu Heng furrowed his brow, opened his magic eyes, and scanned all around.

In the empty world of magma, he didn't see any demonic figures, but upon closer observation, he also found many scattered fragments of demonic talismans by the magma lake.

Indeed, someone had set up a formation and cast a spell here not long ago.

Did he really leave?

Both Lu Heng and Jiu Mie speculated as much.

In the blazing firelight, Jiu Mie took out a palm-sized golden sword from a tattered bag and threw it straight out.


Empowered by the spell, the golden sword flew rapidly in the world of lava, seeking out the demons that might be hiding in the dark.

However, after flying a circle, the golden sword flew back to Jiu Mie's hand, without finding any trace of demons.

It seems that there really are no demons here.

Jiu Mie said, "Let's go."

Lu Heng nodded, and he and the wolf transformed into beams of light and disappeared into the intensely hot world of lava.

And as the monk and the wolf left, this world of magma once again fell into a quiet and lifeless silence.

The Demon Stone Stele standing in the magma lake is full of cracks, but they have not continued to expand. Instead, they are temporarily suppressed in their current state.

In the shadow, the demon lurking in the dark didn't appear recklessly.

It almost exhausted all its strength to hide its own breath, and even because of the intense suppression of its true energy, it has even faintly hurt its origin.

But even so, the presence in the dark still dare not relax.

A quarter of an hour, half an hour, three quarters of an hour… time passed by minute by minute. After half an hour, the figures of Lu Heng and Jiu Mie appeared again in this red lava world.

The two people who seemed to have left, unexpectedly returned without anyone knowing when?!

Standing by the magma lake, looking at this completely empty silent world, Lu Heng said, "It seems that it has really left…"

Jiu Mie sighed and said, "Let's go to the city to inquire, I sensed some familiar breath on the command symbol."

Saying that, Jiu Mie and Lu Heng left at the same time.

However, this time, the demon who witnessed everything still didn't dare to be careless, and continued to hide in the shadows without showing itself.

One hour, two hours, three hours… Soon, one night passed.

On the earth, the sun is rising.

The fierce sun brought up the true fire qi as it rose up in the sky, which affected the earth spirit qi underground.

The demon, which had been hiding in the lava world without daring to exhale even a breath all night, now had bleeding nostrils, ears and mouth, and its face had turned blue and purple.

The long-term forceful suppression of the true qi within the body has already injured its essence.

It could not hold on any longer, and had to grit its teeth to get out of the shadow. The whole person collapsed on the ground like a surrender with rapid breathing.

After a while, it gradually calmed down the true qi in its body, and then it dragged its injured body out of the lava world.

The underground is filled with abundant and rich earth spirit qi, while the demon spits blood and flees.

Although the demon wanted to directly escape from Yanjing City, there were formations set up around the city, even affecting the underground.

Once a cultivator approaches the city wall using escape technique, even if they hide deeply, they will still draw attention from the wizards in the city.

It could only first return to the temporary demon cave in the city and then find two trusted subordinates. With those two subordinates, it would leave using the original methods.

At the moment when the demon left the underground, the sky light illuminated it.

The place where it appeared was a pool of cold dark blood water.

This pool of blood water stands in the courtyard and is connected to the spiritual energy of the earth's veins, allowing it to quickly travel back and forth between the underground lava world.

However, this time it doesn't plan to go back again.

After standing up from the blood pool, the demon looked around and indeed saw one of its trusted subordinates, Chi Slave, kneeling beside it.

The demon spoke up and said, "Chi Slave, where is Blood Slave?"

The demon named Chi Slave is a naturally born creature of the demon world, with a pale blue body and not of human origin.

She respectfully said, "My lord, Blood Slave has acquired another excellent offering to replenish the blood in the pool. She left to retrieve it last night and should be back soon."

The blood pool beneath the demon's feet is made by sacrificing the fresh blood of living beings that have lived for generations in Yanjing, and it possesses a special power that is connected to the natural energy of Yanjing.

In addition, the blood energy of the pool dissipates constantly, requiring the occasional replenishment of fresh blood.

However, the demon said, "The pool doesn't need replenishing. You go clean up and when Blood Slave returns, we will leave Yanjing city."

The demon's words made Chi Slave slightly surprised.

"My lord…" She looked at the empty-handed demon, somewhat confused. "Did you not retrieve the divine object underground?"

This question made the demon shake his head helplessly. "I cannot retrieve it anymore… let's go, it's not suitable to stay here for too long."

After speaking, the demon didn't explain further. He walked straight through the pool, and the blood on his body automatically fell off and flew back into the pool.

The demon, whose clothes were not wet, walked straight towards the house in front.

This courtyard was a temporary devil lair that he set up using secret techniques learned from ancient relics. It was independent of the Yanjing City, and even top-level cultivators couldn't enter the door.

But at the thought of the existence of a destroyer in Yanjing City… the sight seen in the lava world made it tremble even with just a thought.

If he wasn't ruthless enough and didn't hide deep enough, he might have already died last night.

The demon was worried in his heart, and even walking appeared absent-minded.

However, after pushing the door open, there were magic servants waiting to assist with dressing, eliminating the need for any effort on its part.

The courtyard, which was entered and exited three times, was only a temporary den of devils, but it also recruited several mortals as magic servants who looked pleasing to the eye.

However, these magic servants cannot be taken away now, and in order to prevent this place from being traced, these magic servants have to be eliminated when leaving.

While letting the magic servants serve him by assisting with his dress, the demon was contemplating in his mind, considering the matter of leaving Yanjing City later.