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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 280

2023-09-05 02:15:00Publish Time: 9,894 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: umit-sivri, anonymous

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Chapter 280: Some Help From a Master

Within the Water Palace of Pang River, the heart of the River God Gu Zhou was deeply shaken.

Faced with the tactics of the Wolf God, she could only be thankful that the Wolf God was not an evil person.

Otherwise, with the tactics displayed by the Wolf God, if they were casually used, they could wreak havoc on the world and be completely unstoppable.

Cultivating the Heavenly Thunder and wielding the punishment of calamities is already a known divine power that inspires fear in people.

In addition, the Wolf God possesses an extraordinary and divine sword which is unmatched in the world. Its power is so great that it shares the same renowned name as an ancient sword that once exuded unparalleled power.

However, the people only know of the Wolf God's powerful thunder sword, but don't know that beyond the overbearing thunder sword art, the Wolf God also possesses such unpredictable and dangerous tactics to counter his enemies.

With a single thought, one can take a person's soul from thousands of miles away!

Who in the world can stand against such tactics!

No wonder the Lord of All Demons of the Green Hell Cave hides himself so closely, not daring to reveal the slightest sign of weakness to the outside world.

With all the tactics that the Wolf God possesses, as soon as the Lord of All Demons of the Green Hell Cave shows even the slightest weakness, the demons of the entire Green Hell Cave will not live to see the sun rise the next day!

At this thought, Gu Zhou was both admiring and sighing.

As much as one admires the Wolf God's extraordinary techniques, one can't help but marvel at how cunning the Lord of All Demons truly is.

If it weren't for the Lord of All Demons commanding the Green Hell Cave, it would have been just like any other evil hideout in the market. It wouldn't have lasted for so long nor been so arrogant. It would have been destroyed years ago.

While Gu Zhou sighed with admiration and awe, Lu Heng merely watched in the direction where the Requiem Seal had vanished, his expression indifferent.

The demonic energy that poisoned Shen Wuyou was from an unknown source and definitely not from the demons of the Green Hell Cave.

Furthermore, they weren't demons who fabricated the identity of Shen Wuyou and his sibling, inducing them to come to Hanyu Mountain.

But it was a third party in the shadows.

Thinking back to what Xiao Juechen had said during the Fierce Demon Feast, that many foreign demons had now entered the Fire Pass Country... Ha...

It seems that there are more than just one or two demons in the Fire Pass Country who dare to target Lu Heng.

It could truly be called "a chaotic dance of demons".

Watching the direction in which the Requiem Seal disappeared, Lu Heng's expression turned cold and indifferent. It was unclear what he was thinking.

And in that direction, heading northwest for a full three thousand miles, there was a wasteland covered in a hazy red mist that obscured the mountains and forests within.

Within the lush primeval forest, where beasts once roamed and birds, beasts, and insects made ceaseless cries, now it was as silent as death.

A strange red mist, hovering in the forest like blood.

The immense primeval forest seemed devoid of all sound and life. As one approached its central depths, the desolation only grew stronger.

Moreover, within the thick level of dried leaves on the forest floor were scattered the carcasses of countless birds and beasts.

These corpses were all frozen in the position they held at the moment of death. Many of the birds' remains even had wings outstretched, as if they had plummeted from the sky and died mid-flight.

And all the remains of the birds and beasts shared the same feature - the bones were withered as if all the marrow within had been sucked dry.

The closer to the center of the bloody mist one approached, the stronger the aura of malevolence in the air became.

When one arrived at the center of the churning bloody mist, the malevolent aura had become so thick that it seemed to have taken on a tangible form. The crimson mist roiled and whistled like a storm in perpetual motion.

Furthermore, an eerie red light flickered incessantly at the center of the bloody mist.

On the withered ground devoid of vegetation, there were more than a dozen figures scattered about.

Some were male, others female; some tall, others short. All exuded an aura of malevolence and had an incredibly fierce appearance.

Standing on this withered ground, they maintained a posture with their hands clasped into seals and their teeth clenched, together sustaining a formation that shimmered with an eerie red light.

In the center of the formation stood a woman in purple, leading and directing the deployment of the formation.

And in front of the woman in purple stood the faint and translucent figure of a boy.

Amidst the bloody red light, the boy's figure flickered and his eyes appeared lifeless.

And every time his figure flickered and became indistinct, the surrounding demons would groan, seemingly experiencing an immense burden.

The woman in purple clenched her teeth and forced a gentle smile, extending her hand towards the boy in front of her.

Amidst the flickering and bloody formation, the little boy slowly lifted his lifeless gaze and extended his hand towards her.

However, that movement was simply too slow.

As the little boy's hand moved forward by every inch, the surrounding demons would groan and cry out in pain.

Finally, one of the evil demons couldn't withstand it anymore.

One of the thin and weak men with blue hair shouted out, "How much longer do we have to wait?! I can barely hold on anymore!"

The thin and weak man's shout made the purple-clothed woman's expression stiffen and she couldn't help but curse.

"Shut up! If you can't hold on, then hold on for me! Everyone is equally uncomfortable! You're not the only one who can't take it!"

Although she maintained a calm expression, the fine sweat on her forehead indicated that she was equally exhausted.

However, despite the bloody scene, the young boy's hand was still several feet away from her.

This seemingly short distance was like a thousand miles away for the demons present.

And so, another half quarter passed...

"No... I can't go on anymore!"

In the fog of blood, a pale-faced woman gasped urgently and said, "I can't hold on any longer, or I'll collapse!"

Soon, the other demons in the formation also began to back down one after another, crying out in agony.

"Are you competent or not? So many of us are helping you, yet you can't even catch a little brat!"

"If you can't do it, give up now! I'm really at my limit!"

The demons were roaring out of rage, and they had already been pushed to the limit.

And the woman in purple within the formation was also sweating profusely, her hands slightly trembling.

She went crazy trying to pull the little boy in front of her, but his mind was more resilient than she had imagined.

Even with the power of the assembled people and such a great formation, they could only barely confuse the soul of this little boy... Is this the descendant of the Wolf God?

Even if his cultivation level is not high, his mind is resilient unlike an ordinary person!

The woman in purple looked at the dull little boy in front of her with anger, gritted her teeth and cursed in fury.

"Enough! Everyone prepare to retreat, this plan has failed...hmm?"

The woman in purple, who was about to declare the plan a failure, was shocked to see the little boy in front of her suddenly shake and, as if being pushed by some unseen force, directly rush towards her, who had always remained far from his reach.

His wrist was easily caught by her.

The formation of the Chaotic Soul Technique reached its zenith in this very moment.

The bloody red light shot straight into the sky.

The intangible force directly penetrated into the void, locking onto the little boy's soul and bringing it over quickly.

Amidst the bloody mist, the woman in purple appeared somewhat bewildered by the sudden success of the formation and the rapid approach of the young boy's spirit.


She stared blankly around her and saw the onlookers' equally shocked expressions.

This...what is going on?

How did it suddenly become successful?

Could it be that someone skilled was secretly assisting them?

Their magic formation had obviously failed, no?

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