Points Store

This special store is where you can use the points you earned on our website to get our ebooks or trade for money.

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To stop some people from signing up for many accounts on purpose to get Book Vouchers, you still need 2000 points to download an ebook.

Points Purchase

You can buy 10,000 points with just 1 dollar. You can use paypal to purchase points or earn them by helping us fix the grammar in our stories.

Open this page to buy points. 1 dollars = 10,000 points.

Points Transaction

(Your PayPal payment method)

Trade 50,000 points for 2 dollars.

Trade 50,000 points for 3.5 dollars (Only for Editors).

Trade 50,000 points for 5 dollars (Only for Translators).

Trade 10 Book Vouchers for 10 dollars.

Trade 10 Book Vouchers for 20 dollars (Only for Editors and Translators).

If you want to be an editor or a translator, turn to this page and take the exam: Level Test ; if you want to earn Book Vouchers, please turn to this page submitting your comments

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If you don't get the money in 3 days, please tell us in our discord group.

We also want to let people use our grammar-fixing system. In the future, you can give us your essay on our website and let other people on our site help you fix your grammar.


this function is closed for now.

If you don't have enough points or Book Vouchers, you can also buy our ebooks on Amazon. New Amazon users can read books for free for 14 days.


If you see any problems, like not being able to get ebooks or not being able to exchange points for money, please send an email to hssmytygcs222@gmail.com.