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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 247

2023-08-03 01:50:00Publish Time: 2,581 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 247: There Really Isn't a Single Drop Left

When Lu Heng asked in surprise, Xiao Ai had already set up the tea.

Lianshan Jing smiled and thanked them, then eagerly raised her cup and took a sip.


Lianshan Jing was taken aback and looked at the little girl in front of her, "Is this Thousand Needles Snow?"

Xiao Ai nodded and said, "Yes, this is Thousand Needles Snow. Please, my lord, have some tea."

After speaking, Xiao Ai respectfully stepped back.

Lianshan Jing under the bamboo pavilion appeared somewhat disheveled.

She looked at the White-clothed Wolf God in front of her, hesitating to speak.

However, seeing the Wolf God's curious and probing gaze, it was not appropriate to ask for a drink in such a serious occasion for discussing important matters.

She put down the teacup in a somewhat disheartened manner and sighed.

"Yes...the Erba God Man, I did see him, and not too long ago," she said.

Lianshan Jing composed herself and told Lu Heng about her accidental encounter with the Erba God Man in Nanhai City, where she unintentionally killed him once.

After listening to it, Lu Heng nodded and said, "These sixteen little monsters indeed have some kind of resurrection substitution technique..."

Lu Heng had speculated that those sixteen little monsters might have some kind of resurrection substitution technique when he saw them commit suicide efficiently before.

But after five years had passed without any news of these sixteen little monsters, Lu Heng temporarily forgot about them.

But he never expected that Lianshan Jing would come to inform him of this matter in person now.

"However, this matter is already an old story from five years ago. Now the lord suddenly brought it up... Could it be that after being killed by the lord once, these sixteen little monsters have recently reappeared?" Lu Heng asked curiously.

Lianshan Jing nodded and said, "Indeed they have reappeared, but this time they were completely extinct, and even the resurrection substitution technique passed down to them by the ancient god, the Emperor, couldn't save their lives..."

As she spoke, Lianshan Jing detailed the matter of Erba God Man finding her outside of Yaoxing City.

But she skipped over the matter of the Fire God and only mentioned Erba God Man coming to her for help, asking her to retrieve the River Map and the Luo Book from the Three Islands on the sea, and then she came to Hanyu mountain.

Completely not mentioning the matter of the Fire God.

But even so, Lu Heng couldn't help but be surprised after listening to it.

"The River Map and the Luo Book? The three islands on the sea?"

Lu Heng looked at the woman in front of him with a strange expression and said, "Lady Lianshan, why did you come to me for such an important matter? Aren't you afraid that I am really the demon that Erba God Man spoke of?"

Lianshan Jing laughed and said, "Those sixteen little monsters don't have a brain, but I do. The Wolf God cultivates Heavenly Thunder. If you really are a demon, I'm afraid you will be struck to death by the power of Heavenly Thunder the moment you make a move."

"Furthermore, this matter is of great importance. As a junior like me, I don't even know who the Emperor is, what the River Map and the Luo Book are, and where the three islands on the sea are."

"Now the only person Lianshan Jing can rely on is Senior Wolf God, who is an ancient powerhouse."

Lianshan Jing smiled and handed over a high hat.

Lu Heng laughed and said, "People all over the world think I'm an ancient predecessor... Hahaha... But unfortunately, this time I really can't help the lord."

"I don't know the location of the three islands on the sea either. The lord will have to find the location of the three islands yourself if you want to get the River Map and the Luo Book. Lu Heng cannot be the guide this time."

Lu Heng directly declined, but Lianshan Jing didn't mind and continued speaking with a smile.

"We'd be grateful if Wolf God were willing to give us some guidance, but we don't expect Wolf God to guide us. Do you know anything about the ancient Emperor, who is a significant figure?"

"To tell the truth, these Erba God Men are capricious, neither good nor evil, and they don't seem to be righteous people. So while they came to the door, we really don't dare to listen to them and go look for the River Map and the Luo Book... I wonder if Wolf God can help us understand, is the River Map and the Luo Book really important?"

Lianshan Jing asked in this way.

Lu Heng thought for a moment, then spoke, "I don't know much myself, but I can certainly say that the Emperor is definitely a righteous person."

"As for these Erba God Men, their actions are strange... Well, at the very least, they must find you before they die and pass on the message about the River Map and the Luo Book to serve the Emperor. Their loyalty can be praised."

"Perhaps the Emperor had no one else to use at the time, so he had to reluctantly choose these sixteen little monsters to seal the River Map and the Luo Book."

As Lu Heng spoke, he thought of the huge Demon Stones, one after another, inside the Stone Stele Forest.

Under each Demon Stone, there is a powerful presence from ancient times being suppressed. Those powerful and famous beings are all in the stone forest.

The only ones still active outside are the lowly skilled Erba God Men.

Lu Heng's sighing made Lianshan Jing think and she quickly asked him.

"May I ask the Wolf God, who is the Emperor? And what are the magical uses of the River Map and the Luo Book?"

Lu Heng looked up at the sky, thought for a moment, and said, "The Emperor, also known as Fuxi, is an ancient great god. As for the River Map and the Luo Book, it is said that they contain the universe's star patterns, the five elements of Yin and Yang, and the principles of heaven and earth."

"The great god Fu Xi, by chance, obtained the River Map and deduced the Pre-Heaven Eight Trigrams. Emperor Yu obtained the Luo Book and settled the Nine Provinces with the cauldron."

"As the ancient saying goes, 'The River produces the map, and the Luo produces the book. The sage follows them...' Although I don't know the wondrous uses of these two objects, they must be important divine artifacts that can support the heavens and the earth like a cauldron."

"If the lord has spare time, you can try to retrieve the River Map and the Luo Book. Even if the Emperor might not use them in the future, at the very least, it can prevent them from falling into the hands of demons and evil beings."

Lu Heng's expression was unusually serious.

Lianshan Jing hesitated for a moment and asked in a low voice, "That Emperor...the great god Fu Xi, is he still alive?"

Lu Heng laughed and said, "I also want to know the answer to this question."

So Lianshan Jing knew she could not ask any more questions.

She sighed and said, "The ancient times were truly magnificent and mysterious. The words spoken by the Wolf God were so inspiring... But what about the Three Islands of the Sea? What are they?"

Lianshan Jing looked at Lu Heng expectantly, with the expression of a little girl listening to an old person's story.

Lu Heng couldn't help but laugh and said, "It seems like the lord considers me as a know-it-all... Ha... But as for the so-called Three Islands of the Sea, I have indeed heard rumors about them here and there, but I don't know if they are the same place as the one mentioned by the Erba God Man."

Upon seeing the Wolf God explain, Lianshan Jing's eyes brightened and she quickly said, "It's alright, it's alright! Whatever the Wolf God says, I am just here to listen to the story."

"Ha..." Lu Heng shook his head and chuckled, saying, "In that case, I'll just casually say what I know. If the information is incorrect, the lord should not blame me."

"I absolutely won't, I absolutely won't," Lianshan Jing quickly assured.

Lu Heng thought for a moment and said, "According to the ancient legend, there are three immortal mountains above the East Sea - Penglai, Yingzhou, and Fangzhang."

"Above the immortal mountains, the people are all white, and palaces are made of gold and silver. The trees in the pearl pavilions grow in abundance, and there is a type of immortal pill that grants eternal life if consumed."

After speaking, Lu Heng shrugged and chuckled, "Well, that's all I know. As for whether these three immortal mountains are the place where the River Map and the Luo Book were placed, I have no idea."

Lianshan Jing suddenly felt a bit frustrated and said, "Senior, can't you say a few more words? You've already said so much, why not just say a few more?"

Lu Heng smiled helplessly and said, "But I really have nothing else to say...I've never been to the Three Immortal Islands and I won't lie to you. These are truly all that I have learned in my life. There is nothing more to add."

Lu Heng spoke candidly.

Unfortunately, even Xiao Ai next to them couldn't help but roll her eyes upon hearing that sentence, indicating that she didn't believe it either.