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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 55

2022-07-06 08:53:02Publish Time: 5,174 views
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Chapter 55: Peach Blossom Forest

After New Year's Eve, Hanyu mountain returned to its former tranquility.

The White Ape returned to the mountains to find its monkeys, and no longer returned to Wolf God Temple. Lu Heng went back to the ground and continued to cultivate.

The seclusion this time is longer than that of before, because Lu Heng's cultivation has reached an important juncture. Coming out this time is only to spend New Year's Eve with the little girl.

Today, he is facing the most critical first hurdle of the way of cultivation - opening the door to heaven.

Visualize your inner world and shape your own [door to heaven]. If you can knock on heavens door and enter, you can be regarded as having achieved a little success in the way of cultivation.

If the demon cultivator can knock on the door of heaven and enter, the demon can become a human.

This is a very important threshold for demon cultivation.

Therefore, Lu Heng needs to go all out to try and get rid of external interference.

In the underground temple, a huge white wolf lay silently in the dark yellow spirit of the earth, his eyes slightly closed, motionless, as if he was asleep.

And in front of the White Wolf, there was a figure silently floating.

Between the human figure and the White Wolf, there are faint strands of lightning force flowing. These heavenly thunders, who warm up the White Wolf's demon body, are also slowly washing and strengthening Lu Heng's soul.

Between the human shaped soul and the huge white wolf's demon body, the surging power of lightning formed a wonderful cycle, and you could clearly feel that the soul sitting cross-legged in the air is more and more condensed.

In such spiritual awareness, the time in the mountains passed day by day.

After the Shangyuan Festival, the weather became warmer and warmer. The villagers of Shuisheng village began to prepare for spring plowing and sowing, and the outside of the mountain soon became lively.

Spring plowing is a major event that cannot be ignored by the villagers.

Even the Wind Raiders department, a tribe where everyone can fight lions and tigers with their bare hands, is now preparing for spring plowing. All the wastelands reclaimed last winter are now in use.

When the sun shines, you can see the rice fields on the plains with shadowy villagers transplanting seedlings, and the people of the Wind Raiders department are planting yellow rice and sweet potatoes in the mountains, which is very lively.

In such a hot atmosphere, in the sword furnace behind the Wind Raiders department, the alternating cold and hot flames seemed to be stronger and stronger.

The sword stove has never been opened since it was closed months ago. Two priests were in the sword furnace, casting a Heavenly Thunder Sword for Lu Heng day and night.

Up to now, the alternate flame of cold and hot is no longer in a twelve hour rotation, but the flame changes every six hours or so.

The land around the sword stove has already become barren. Even in the early spring when all things sprout, this area is always barren, because no vegetation can survive in such an extreme environment.

Even the people of the Wind Raiders Department dare not get close to the sword furnace now, and can't bear the pressure given by the two sacred fires inherited by the Li tribe.

The only one who can get close to the sword stove is the girl named Qian.

But she had been there several times, though she could only stand outside and guess the progress of the casting of the Heavenly Thunder Sword, and could not contact the two priests in the sword furnace.

For the girl, the biggest fun now is to go to Wolf God Temple to find Xiao Ai.

But Xiao Ai was busy cultivating and was quite helpless about her frequent visits. Finally, the two made an appointment to see each other once per three days.

Today is the day when Qian can enter the mountain.

When she came out of the tent early in the morning, the girl carried two jars of wine and hummed happy songs, and directly left the camp and stepped into the river running through Hanyu mountain.

The cold river surged at her feet, and the barefoot and white skirt girl walked on the waves. The swimming fish in the water are now big and fat because they have not been preyed for a long time.

When the girl walked along the river, many curious fish even swam to her feet and wriggled their mouths to touch the girl's feet.

Although she can fly directly to Wolf God Temple, it's too fast and boring.

She came to have fun, not to hurry on the way, so the girl walked at a cheerful but not faster pace than ordinary people, walked through the mountains on the river, and finally came to the small ferry at the foot of the main peak of Hanyu mountain.

No one has used this ferry since it was built. After all, this Hanyu mountain is remote, and no one will row here.

Qian stepped on the river to the bank, like an ordinary climber, carrying two jars of wine and started climbing up the stone stairs.

The morning sun fell on her, and she had a little heat, but Qian was not tired at all.

"Xiao Ai! I'm coming!"

After climbing to the end of the stone steps, Qian shouted to the deep part of the shady path, "Look what I brought you."

She shouted as she walked in.

There was no response from the temple, but Qian was also used to Xiao Ai's indifference.

She walked to the Wolf God Temple with a smile and saw the girl sitting under the eaves of the Wolf God Temple, who closed her eyes and cultivated.

"Wow! I haven't seen you for a few days. Xiao Ai, you look more beautiful."

Qian put down the wine jar and said with a smile, "Come on, let me pinch your face. Your skin is so smooth and tender that people envy you... If the Wolf God also helped me reshape my body, that would be great."

The girl under the eaves quietly avoided Qian's hand and said, "You're already very good. You don't need to reshape your body. By the way, why are you bringing wine here?"

Xiao Ai looked at the two jars of wine Qian was carrying, and was a little confused, "Do you want to drink?"

"Of course not," Qian smiled and hugged Xiao Ai, rubbed her face, and said, "Didn't you say last time? The peach blossoms in your back mountain are very fragrant. I want to pick some to soak peach blossom wine, so I brought two jars... Of course, I don't take your peach blossoms for nothing, and one of them is for you."

"Don't underestimate these two jars of wine. They are the best wines that the priest grandpa has treasured for 300 years. It's only inferior to the Thousand Days Drunk made by the saint sister herself... I've lost my money this time."

Qian boasted about the wine she brought. Xiao Ai looked at her, but she was silent for a while, and finally nodded slowly, "I can take you there, but you can't pick too many peach blossoms."

Qian immediately smiled happily, "Of course, of course, never pick more. Just pick a little, a little."

Qian was quite happy with Xiao Ai's consent.

Since last year's shower, this Hanyu mountain will rain once a month. The rain in the Heavenly Thunder Clouds contains an abundant aura of water-type Spirit Qi.

With the rainfall in recent months, not only the spirit Qi in the mountains has gradually become rich, but even the plants and trees in the mountains have been moistened.

Among them, the peach blossom forest seems to benefit the most.

The peach forest has not withered since the peach blossoms in the late winter of last year. The faint and elegant fragrance of peach blossom surrounds the mountain, making the main peak of Hanyu mountain fragrant, like entering a fairyland on earth.

According to common sense, the flowering period of peach blossom is very short, and it will wither in about ten days.

But the peach blossoms in Houshan have been in full bloom for four months, and there is still no sign of withering. Such a strange peach blossom has long been noticed by Xiao Ai and Qian.

It was the first time for Qian to see such a strange peach blossom, so she wanted to taste the peach blossom wine brewed with this kind of peach blossom.

Xiao Ai couldn't stand her pleading, so she had to agree.

And she was also curious about what kind of wine this peach blossom could make. If the taste was really excellent, maybe it could be dedicated to Lord Wolf God...

Thinking so, Xiao Ai took Qian to the peach forest in the back of the mountain.

Aware of the particularity of the peach forest, Xiao Ai has already built a fence to enclose the peach forest to prevent wild animals in the mountains from breaking into and destroying the peach forest.

Before they stepped into the peach forest, they had smelled the faint and elegant fragrance of flowers.

When they walked into the peach blossom forest, the colorful flowers they saw in their eyes made Qian very happy.

However, she was just about to pick peach blossoms when she suddenly saw a strange figure in the depths of the peach forest.

He is about the same size as a teenager, with white hair all over his body. Now he is standing on tiptoe and stretching his hands, as if he wants to reach the peach blossoms in full bloom on the peach tree.

That's clearly...

"White Ape? What are you doing here?" Xiao Ai asked in confusion.

The girl's voice startled the White Ape. It quickly turned around and saw the two humans behind him. The expression on his face was a little panicked.

Xiao Ai took a few steps forward and looked puzzled, "Do you want to pick peach blossoms? What do you do with peach blossoms?"

However, as soon as she finished speaking, the White Ape who had not come to the Wolf God Temple for many days jumped away in panic.

"Ji! Ji!"

Like a thief who was caught red handed, the White Ape escaped towards the depths of the peach forest in a panic. Finally, under the stunned eyes of Qian and Xiao Ai, the panicked White Ape climbed up the wall and turned around.

Faintly, Xiao Ai and Qian both saw a handful of peach blossoms in the White Ape's hand.

Both of them were confused.

"What is this White Ape... doing?" Xiao Ai frowned tightly, and her eyes were full of confusion.

There's no need to be so afraid even if it is found stealing peach blossoms, right?