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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 161

2022-12-07 11:57:39Publish Time: 2,585 views
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Chapter 161: Demon Sutra and Divine Skill

Lu Heng was completely shocked when he read the inscription on the stone tablet.

Even though his previous experience has made him understand that Nuwa really does exist in this world. Moreover, the legend that Nuwa made people out of earth may also be true.

But the truth of the legend may be different from the version known by Lu Heng...

But despite that, Lu Heng was still shocked when he saw the tombstone of Fuxi with his own eyes.

My brother... Fuxi?!

Is this stele built by Nuwa?

Is Fuxi the Great God buried under the stone tablet?

However, in the forest of steles, all the steles are magic stones with a height of 100 meters. Why is the stele here so common?

Does it mean that Fuxi has really died, then there is no need to suppress him...

In the forest of steles in front of him, what is suppressed under each stele...

Lu Heng looked back and looked at the huge forest of steles behind him again.

In the gloomy blood-red world, one huge stone tablet after another stood silently under the gloomy sky. This time, however, in front of Lu Heng, what he saw was no longer a simple stone tablet.

What he saw seemed to be ancient giant gods as high as a hundred feet, one after another. Under the gloomy and blood-colored sky, in the forest of Steles, there seemed to be one huge ancient figure after another, looking at him silently...

Lu Heng's heart was full of inexplicable confusion and shock.

Lu Heng hasn't heard of many names from the Forest of Steles. But even the few names he knew had already subverted his cognition.

The Three Emperors and Five Emperors, Chiyou of Jiuli... These familiar names should not appear in this world.

Because this world is by no means the planet where Lu Heng was born.

In terms of territory, the land of Fire Pass Country is already very vast. The distance between Hanyu Mountain and South Sea City is far more than ten thousand miles.

If you go to the east, you can reach the East Sea coast, which is more than 100,000 kilometers away.

In contrast, the total length of the Earth's equatorial line in Lu Heng's previous life was only 40075.02 km...

However, the Fire Pass Country, with such a vast territory, only occupies a southern corner of this vast land. In addition to the Fire Pass Country, there are more vast lands.

But in such a wild and mysterious world, he unexpectedly saw those familiar names?!

In the gloomy and blood-red world, Lu Heng stood in front of Fuxi's tombstone, speechless for a long time.

If it's just a coincidence, it's too coincidental...

The shock of emotion made Lu Heng forget his purpose of entering the Forest of Steles for a moment.

The blood-red light column not far away now began to flicker and disappear.

Lu Heng was slightly surprised when he saw that the light column began to flash, and he thought he should leave.

Even if he was confused, it was time to leave now. Even if he stayed, he wouldn't find anything.

Lu Heng tidied up his mood and walked straight towards the blood-red column of light as it began to flash.

But at this moment, Lu Heng's sleeves suddenly rose with a heat, as if something was burning.

Lu Heng thought and waved his sleeve, and a blank yellow ancient scroll immediately flew out of his sleeve.

Under the gloomy blood light, you can see that the yellowing ancient scroll is very thick, and its material is also very special. It seems to be made of some kind of leather, but it is by no means a common sheepskin.

This book was sent by Gongshu Jie when he was in Hanyu Mountain. Lu Heng didn't find any text on it, and it couldn't be read.

Lu Heng almost forgot about this book, but he didn't expect it to react at this moment.

Under the dark sky, the moment when the yellow blank ancient scroll flew out, a dark glow unexpectedly flew out of the gloomy huge stone tablet forest.


With a dull sound, the dark divine light fell into the yellow ancient scroll.

Afterwards, everything returned to calm.

When Lu Heng reached out to catch the ancient scroll, he was shocked to find that the original blank cover actually showed two big characters with fierce flames.

Demon Sutra!

The two simple characters seemed to be ferocious demons, full of fierce murders and monstrous magic.

There is no superfluous description, no boasting words. The two characters on the cover are so simple but arrogant.

Demon Sutra!

These two simple but arrogant characters seem to say that there is no demon skill in the world except this book!

Stunned, Lu Heng looked at the silent forest of steles in front of him. He looked down at the yellowed ancient scroll in his hand and turned the page.

As he had expected, on the original blank pages now appeared dense text.

What it records is an excellent hegemonic demon cultivation method.

No matter who cultivates it, humans, demons, and ghosts, as long as you read this book, you can cultivate demon skills step by step! Even the Heavenly Thunder of Lu Heng can cultivate according to the demon skills on it.

The most exquisite secret art in the library of Fushan City is as simple as rags in front of this "Demon Sutra".

It seems to have the ability to capture people's souls with its exquisite demon skills. People can't control themselves when they see it. They must cultivate according to the above contents.

It's just that Lu Heng's heavenly thunder in his body kept him awake at all times.

Even though this "Demon Sutra" is excellent, it can't perplex his mind.

Lu Heng was just calmly browsing, and his mind was always clear.

But this scene seemed to outsiders that Lu Heng was fascinated...


In the forest of steles, a blue divine light suddenly flew out.

Lu Heng, who was turning the book, was shocked, and immediately looked up, subconsciously reached out to catch the light.

When the divine light disappeared, he saw that what he was holding was a green leaf.

This leaf was very ordinary. It seemed that it was picked up in a hurry. But there was a powerful divine will in it.

When Lu Heng caught the leaf, a wonderful cultivation method appeared in front of him.

Divine Skill!

The two characters are simple and crude, but they are just as arrogant as the "Demon Sutra".

This "Divine Skill" is a cultivation method without any evil skills, but it also has fascinating charm. People can't help but want to follow the manual after reading it.

Lu Heng kept awake and was not confused.

Standing under the blood-red sky with a speechless look on his face, Lu Heng held the "Demon Sutra" in one hand and the "Divine Skill" in the other. Looking at the mysterious forest of steles in front of him, Lu Heng didn't know what to say for a moment.

The existences under the steles are really not dead...