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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 219

2023-07-06 01:20:00Publish Time: 1,989 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck

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Chapter 219: The Wolf God's Old Friend

Within the magnificent and colossal palace, there were incessant wails that made one's scalp tingle.

Meanwhile, inside the grand palace, the Mermaid Kingdom had already arranged everything in preparation for the guests' arrival.

Apart from the parties concerned, some renowned cultivators from the South Sea were also present for the public trial.

For example, the White Mist Hermit who had been cultivating for six hundred years and had a youthful appearance despite his white hair.

There was also the South Sea Demon, Huo Jiuxiao, who had a cultivation of two thousand years and was somewhat famous among the demon race.

The little-known Wuqi Countrylord, Wenren Bumi, had great reputation.

The legendary demon the Great Sage of Fu Feng, who had an ancient divine sword.

Fire-Hating Country's lord, Wu Ergong, whose fire manipulation skills surpass all others in the South Sea.

Priest Li Po from the Li Tribe's Hanhai Department and the famous Wu family brothers.

The arrival of many experienced predecessors was both a witness and a demonstration of the Mermaid Kingdom's stance. This trial is impartial for the Mermaid Kingdom.

Soon, everyone took their seats as Yu Hailing, the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom, emerged.

The lord of the Mermaid Kingdom was a beautiful woman. Although all Mermaids were extremely graceful regardless of gender, Yu Hailing's beauty surpassed that of ordinary Mermaids.

Moreover, her aura and posture were awe-inspiring with every move she made.

As the lord, she had to personally preside over this public trial to show respect.

However, when Yu Hailing sat down, her gaze swept around the palace and she was slightly taken aback… Where was the Wolf God? Why was he absent?

Yu Hailing looked towards the Chief Minister on the side.

Yu Huaifeng was also surprised by this and he walked over to the Hanhai Department to exchange a few whispered words before returning to Yu Hailing's side and speaking softly.

"Before setting out, the Wolf God's old acquaintance suddenly came to visit, so he had to be absent temporarily and would arrive later."

The Chief Minister's response piqued Yu Hailing's curiosity.

In such a critical moment, to be absent because of a friend's visit? The Wolf God's friend must have quite a reputation…

Moreover, what kind of existence could be worthy of being called a "friend" by the Wolf God?

Yu Hailing sighed in her heart, looked at the King Zhenbei group again, a coldness flickered in her eyes, and then signaled the Chief Minister to begin.

Although the Wolf God's absence was shocking, today's public trial was not a martial arts arena where strength prevails, and the Wolf God's absence has little effect.

Luan Xin Ge's Lian Caiyi is the most indispensable relative of Miss Huo Feng's side, so Lian Caiyi's presence is enough.

With the announcement of the Chief Minister, the atmosphere in the palace, which was previously talking in a low voice, suddenly became solemn, and people stopped talking and looked up at the Chief Minister.

The foremost aspect of the public trial, beyond the mere formality of presenting evidence and detailing the karma of this matter, is to convict the murderer.

Above the South Sea lies a solitary island surrounded by extreme depths.

Even in the thriving and bustling Extreme Hell Island of today, there exist secluded and peaceful corners.

Positioned atop a precipice, Lu Heng and a gray-robed old ascetic cultivator faced each other, situated on an island amidst a bustling city, yet detached from worldly clamor.

In this remote corner, seldom visited by humans, there is no one to disturb.

Below the cliff lies the pitch-black and cold Extreme Hell Black Water.

Unlike the turbulent and surging waters of the South Sea, the Extreme Hell Black Water is calm and waveless, as if it were a transparent mirror without a ripple on its surface.

Inside the black water, the aura of gloom is thick. Even those standing above the cliff can feel the chilling coldness that shakes the soul.

Thus, although this place has a broad view, no one is willing to come here. People with low cultivation levels may faint even before they reach the edge of the cliff.

The Tongtian Pillar, which serves as the venue for public trials, stands not far from the cliff on the side, close to the sheer cliff of the Extreme Hell Black Water.

Lu Heng and the old cultivator sat here, able to clearly see the mermaid guarding below that stone pillar.

Old ascetic cultivator Jiu Mie laughed and said with a smile after looking at the bustling scene over there from afar, "Friend Lu Heng, you have caused quite a stir on this trip south… It's quite contrary to your usual style."

Lu Heng sighed helplessly and said, "The tree desires tranquility but the wind will not subside… I initially wanted to bring my little friend Huo Feng to the South Sea to seek medical treatment, as well as to observe the local customs of the South Sea, relax and enjoy the leisurely days of swimming in the mountains and lakes."

"But as soon as we arrived at the South Sea, troubles arose one after another. First it was the Erba God Man, and then the Moluo Evil Spirit… Sigh… I am exhausted from running around, let alone enjoy a leisurely holiday. It's really helpless."

Lu Heng poured out his troubles to the old ascetic cultivator.

Jiu Mie listened and laughed heartily, saying, "My friend, don't be distressed. If we're talking about being pitiful, your little friend Huo Feng is the real pitiful one."

"As you journey southward, you are merely traveling, while he has struggled many times on the brink of death. Now he is possessed by demons, with an imminent risk of death and a change in even gender… Hahaha…"

Jiu Mie shook his head and said, "Though the Hidden Sword possesses unparalleled invincibility, it must endure numerous hardships and sufferings in order to ascend against the wind and achieve enlightenment."

"For young Huo Feng, the sufferings he endures now are but the first step of a long and arduous journey. There will be more trials and tribulations to come in the future."

Jiu Mie's account left Lu Heng rather surprised. "Oh? Is that how it is? Does Hidden Sword truly have to endure such hardships to attain greatness? I thought that with such determination, he would soar to success and have a smooth path ahead…why has his luck turned sour instead?"

Jiu Mie chuckled and said, "My friend, surely there is no one in this world who can attain enlightenment without enduring trials and tribulations?"

"Throughout history, which practitioner of the Dao has not experienced torment and hardships before attaining enlightenment? The wider the path of cultivation, the rockier one's fate and the more calamities one will face."

"If one can endure, each tribulation will be a transformative trial. If one cannot endure, one's soul will disintegrate into dust."

"Compared to that, being a demon cultivator is much easier… Though cultivation is long and lonely, they need not suffer myriad calamities and endless suffering, only to adhere to their heart and get away from the evil path. Eventually, they will achieve the grand Dao."

Jiu Mie's exclamation greatly surprised Lu Heng.

So there is such a saying? No wonder why human cultivators can easily increase their cultivation level, but highly accomplished individuals are so rare… They have all fallen under the calamities of cultivation?

But according to Jiu Mie's theory, the higher the talent and potential of a cultivator, the more terrifying their sufferings… Then what about myself…

Lu Heng frowned, "My dear friend, your words have frightened me. If Huo Feng only cultivates the Hidden Sword, and yet has suffered so much, then as a cultivator of the Heavenly Thunder, won't I also have to endure torment?"

Lu Heng's lamentations caused Jiu Mie to pause, then he looked at Lu Heng with a peculiar expression and said,

"What are you saying, my friend…with your profound and mysterious technique that allows you to use death to gain new life, you have already sacrificed your life once. Haven't you already overcome misfortune and tribulations?"

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