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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 350

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Chapter 350: North

Lian Cangqing's words made Huo Feng's heart tremble, and suddenly he had a sense of ominous premonition.

In his ears, he could hear the panicked voice of Moluo Evil Spirit.

"Something's not right! This woman is suspicious! Huo, you need to ask for this woman's name and surname quickly! My gut feeling is telling me that this woman is not right!"

The tone of Moluo Evil Spirit made Huo Feng frown slightly.

It was the first time he had ever noticed Moluo Evil Spirit showing a sense of fear...

Looking directly at the woman on the river, Huo Feng asked, "May I ask for your name and surname, madam?"

On the small boat, Lian Cangqing smiled revealing her teeth, and had a cold gleam in her eyes, "The Immortal of Martial Arts, the Lord of Kings... Lian Cangqing."

Although it was just a casual remark, it exploded in Huo Feng's ear like thunder.

The Moluo Evil Spirit hidden in the soul let out a howl and directly rushed out from the soul and took over the body in an instant.

Soon after, under Huo Feng's shocked senses, the Moluo Evil Spirit took control of the body, burrowed into the ground, entered the underground of the Heavenly Thunder Prison again, and then entered into the underground of the divine palace, taking the initiative to activate the Heavenly Thunder Prison.

He didn't even want half a year of rest.

A mournful scream rang out the second it formed in the Heavenly Thunder Prison.

The excruciating pain of the Heavenly Thunder pressing down on it made the Moluo Evil Spirit want to die.

While Huo Feng in the soul was full of shock, "This... This Lian Cangqing, is she terrifying?"

Huo Feng couldn't understand why the Moluo Evil Spirit was scared like this.

However, inside the Heavenly Thunder Prison, the Moluo Evil Spirit was being struck by the Heavenly Thunder, screaming miserably, yet it gritted its teeth and refused to answer Huo Feng's questions.

As if it couldn't hear Huo Feng's inquiries.

Meanwhile, on the ground in front of Hanyu Mountain's entrance, Jiu Mie looked somewhat puzzled as he watched Moluo Evil Spirit fleeing, then turned his gaze to the woman in the red dress who was laughing coldly. He understood that the two sides of good and evil must have had some connection or grudges in ancient times.

However, the Moluo Evil Spirit, who was extremely stubborn, was scared like this...

Jiu Mie put his palms together and said sorrowfully, "In this world of suffering, living beings struggle to survive... my friend, you have transcended yourself and pushed Jiu Mie into the depths of suffering."

As the sound fell, Jiu Mie's body radiated with dazzling golden light, directly revealing his indestructible golden body.

He sat cross-legged on the ground, closed his eyes and said, "Miss Lian, start now. I would rather die than tell you that Friend Lu Heng has gone north."

Lian Cangqing sneered and said, "You two really are birds of a feather... Alright! I'll take note of it and won't tell Lu Heng that it was you, his good friend, who leaked his whereabouts."

As she spoke, Lian Cangqing directly transformed into a streak of light and headed north.

But before leaving, she left behind a cold and ruthless remark.

"If I find out that you lied to me, when I come back, I will not only kill Lu Heng!"

Cold words echoed in Jiu Mie's ears.

With a sad expression on his face, he watched Lian Cangqing's streak of light disappear to the north, murmuring, "Friend, oh friend, this time you owe the old ascetic cultivator a great debt..."

As he spoke, Jiu Mie got up from the ground and headed directly for the Wind Strike Department camp outside of Hanyu Mountain.

He planned to leave Hanyu Mountain directly and hide his identity for a while, wandering in the human world for a period of time.

On the east side of Hanyu Mountain, Lu Heng, who had just left Hanyu Mountain not long ago, suddenly discovered something.

"Sun Yan's monkey fur...has it lost its spirituality?"

Lu Heng's streak of light came to a stop in the sky.

He looked at the monkey hair in his hand that had wilted and lost all its spiritual energy and realized that things were not looking good.

This monkey hair has been indicating Sun Yan's approximate location to Lu Heng all along, which is why Lu Heng can wait so calmly in the mountains for the nurturing of the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder.

Wait for the Heavenly Thunder Sword to nurture new God Slaying Heavenly Thunder before coming down from the mountain again.

After all, no matter what plans those demons have in mind, they cannot harm Sun Yan's life after he was taken away. As long as Lu Heng remains alive, those evil creatures must protect Sun Yan and keep him alive.

Living hostages are the ones with value.

However, now that Lu Heng has just left Hanyu Mountain, he has noticed that Sun Yan's monkey hair has lost its spiritual energy and can no longer indicate Sun Yan's approximate location for him.

There are only two possibilities for this situation to occur.

One, Sun Yan is dead.

Two, Sun Yan's breath is hidden by some powerful sorcery, so much so that Lu Heng's secret technique learned from "Divine Skill" cannot track him.

However, both of these situations are very unfavorable for Lu Heng.

The possibility of Sun Yan already being dead goes without saying, but the second situation is equally troublesome for Lu Heng because this means he can no longer track Sun Yan's location through Sun Yan's monkey hair.

Initially, his plan was to first go to Yanjing City, have a detailed conversation with the lord of Lianshan, and understand the rescue status of mortals inside the devil cave after the destruction of the Green Hell Cave.

But Lu Heng, as of now, doesn't have that time.

In the sky, his escaping light directly changes direction and heads straight towards the north.

As the fleeting escape technique appeared, Lu Heng directly used the fastest escape technique to arrive at the position where those demons had stayed before, in the shortest amount of time.

With the residual demonic aura there, perhaps Lu Heng could continue to track the position of the demons.

Otherwise, in such a vast world, if he lost the position of those demons and Sun Yan, it would be difficult for Lu Heng to find the lazy white ape who never cultivates again.

Lu Heng also needs to be cautious of the possibility that those demons might capture Sun Yan and use him for other purposes.

The escaping light hurries towards the north.

On the earth, the demon mob is scattering in retreat.

After the news of the Green Hell Cave's destruction spread, all the foreign demons active in this land are now fleeing in fear.

Because everyone knows that when the wizards of the Fire God Temple have dealt with the matters of the Green Hell Cave and are free, they will next deal with these foreign demons.

One after another of escaping lights flee towards every direction.

Against the background of the collective escape, Lu Heng's escaping light heading north appears unremarkable except for its speed.

While already having packed up and carrying the unconscious Madame Green Bamboo, the little fox looked back again at the bamboo house and courtyard behind her. Looking at this place where she had grown up, she knew that she might not be back for a long time.

But there was not much sadness on her face.

In the little fox demon's heart, there were only anxiety and anticipation, looking forward to quickly returning with Witch Wu Gu to the Spirit Mountain, to start learning the "Nine Heavens Divine Needles".

The escaping light left the Green Bamboo Cottage.

The crisp voice of the little fox demon scattered in the wind.

"Madame, where is the Spirit Mountain..."

In the wind, Wu Gu's soft and shallow laughter sounded.

"Towards the north, silly child. The journey ahead of us is quite long... you should prepare yourself."

"Mhmm, Xiaoxiao is already prepared. Just feeling a bit sad... if we go from the west, we might pass by Hanyu Mountain and bid farewell to the Wolf God."

"The Wolf God... maybe next time. Madame Green Bamboo's illness cannot be delayed. After you return from your studies, you can go to Hanyu Mountain to thank the Wolf God for his care."


In the escaping light, the fox demon Su Xiaoxiao stared blankly towards the direction of Hanyu Mountain in the west, tightly gripping her small hand.

Muttering in her heart, "Xiaoxiao decided to take the right path. This time, I will not disappoint the Wolf God's expectations and will definitely work hard. After Xiaoxiao has achieved some cultivation bases, I will come back to see the Wolf God again..."

Goodbye, the Wolf God.

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