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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 137

2022-10-08 07:13:42Publish Time: 3,779 views
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Chapter 137: Ascetic Cultivator

The terrain of Dragon Falling Mountain is dangerous and rugged.

On the fifth day, even though the Bo horse had calmed down and offered to let Huo Feng ride it, he refused.

In this regard, naturally, there was a sneer from the Bo horse.

However, after Huo Feng remodeled his Taoist heart, he became thick-skinned. The ridicule of the Bo horse didn't affect him at all.

The group continued to travel through the mountains. On the sixth day, when they were about to walk out of the core area of the iron chain bridge, they unexpectedly saw the Kun in the mountains mentioned by Huo Feng.

The morning fog shrouded the Dragon Falling Mountains making the already fog-shrouded mountains hazier.

When crossing an iron chain bridge between two mountains, Lu Heng and others suddenly heard a loud and desolate cry echoing in the mountains.

The desolate cry seems to be full of vicissitudes of life and sorrow, which makes people subconsciously want to stop and listen.

Later, the mountain fog surged, and a huge black shadow spread across the mountain and flew over Lu Heng's head.

From the huge and broad abdomen, as well as the fins that appear and disappear in the clouds, it is a frighteningly large whale.

However, on closer inspection, this huge monster is somewhat different from the whale.

Lu Heng was surprised to see that the huge animal named Kun in the mountain, was wandering in the clouds, but its huge body was flipping dexterously. It seems that it's not in the mountains, but in the deep sea.

It moved and twisted, and then the clouds scattered, which was spectacular.

In this spectacular and magical scene, even Xiao Ai, who had a cold temperament, couldn't help but open her eyes and mouth, shocked.

Although she heard that Huo Feng said that Kun in the mountain was extraordinary, hearing about it was a totally different experience than seeing it with her own eyes.

Behind Lu Heng and them, a long sigh sounded at this time.

"All living beings, the sea of suffering rises and falls… Alas… Alas, alas."

Lu Heng was stunned by this sudden emotion.

Everyone turned around and found a thin figure behind them.

A piece of coarse cloth with yellow hair was wrapped around the person's body. The messy hair was like a bird's nest, and the area was covered with dust. From the emaciated body, you couldn't see a trace of fat, and the ribs could be clearly seen.

A wooden staff in his hand was a dead branch picked up casually from the roadside.

There was a rag package on the shoulder, which was the most common article of ascetic cultivators.

In Lu Heng's understanding, there is no Buddha in this world, but there are ascetic cultivators.

These ascetic cultivators have no specific deities to worship. They just seek inner peace or soul detachment.

They were unkempt and ragged, carrying dead sticks randomly picked from the roadside, chanting ancient scriptures as they walked. They must endure what ordinary people felt was painful, such as long-term deprivation of food and water, extreme heat and cold, and exercise patience and alienation.

Therefore, the existence of ascetic cultivators is not uncommon, there are many in this world.

But this ascetic cultivator…

Lu Heng looked surprised, because even though he was holding the Requiem Seal, he didn't notice the cultivator's arrival.

There is no aura in the cultivator's body. Even if you look at it with the ghost Requiem Seal, you can only see a calm and simple soul without divine light.

It seemed that what appeared behind them was just a common human.

Lu Heng jumped off the white wolf's back and fell to the ground. Then he arched his hands at the ascetic cultivator and said, "Master, I'm Lu Heng of Hanyu Mountain."

Lu Heng's active greeting made the ascetic cultivator in the distance stunned.

He turned his head and looked at Lu Heng and others on the iron chain bridge and saluted.

"My name is Jiu Mie, and I'm just an ordinary person. Please don't call me master."

Amid the clouds, the ascetic cultivator was very modest.

On the chain bridge, Lu Heng smiled, "Master, you went to the mountain alone, do you also want to travel south? If you don't mind, you can travel with us. We can walk together, talk with each other… What do you think of it?"

Lu Heng's words made the ascetic cultivator named Jiu Mie hesitate for a few seconds. Then he said, "If you don't mind, It would be a pleasure to go with you."

Lu Heng greeted him with a smile.

Since then, the ascetic cultivator named Jiu Mie joined Lu Heng's team.

Just as Jiu Mie said, he is slow and deserves to be called a burden. With him on the team, Lu Heng and his followers were much slower.

In the reaction of Huo Feng and others, Jiu Mie's body was really as weak as a mortal, stopping for breath on the rugged mountain path from time to time.

In order to take care of Master Jiu Mie, Lu Heng slowed down their speed.

Although Master Jiu Mie was thin and limp, just like an old man who could be blown away in a gust of wind, Huo Feng and Xiao Ai dared not disrespect him.

Because when Lu Heng and Master Jiu Mie talked with a smile, the content they talked about together was profound and mysterious for Huo Feng and Xiao Ai.

Huo Feng listened with rapt attention and even wished that Master Jiu Mie could walk more slowly, so that he could hear more about the Wolf God and his conversation.

Master Jiu Mie didn't deliberately hide it. Everyone knew that this seemingly weak and emaciated old ascetic cultivator was actually an expert with a high cultivation base.

He just hid his cultivation base, and walked in the world with a thin and weak body.

While camping at night, Lu Heng suddenly smiled at the roaring wind in the mountains and the cold moon in the night sky by the campfire.

"Master, do you know the magic of thunder?"

Jiu Mie took a deep look at Lu Heng's soul avatar and smiled, saying, "Please teach me."

Lu Heng laughed and thought, and suddenly there were wisps of dark clouds emerging out of nowhere in the Falling Dragon Mountain.

After those dark clouds appeared, they quickly gathered. Soon, a huge dark cloud was floating above their heads.

The power of thunder loomed in the clouds.

Huo Feng huddled in the corner, was looking at the scene with a complicated expression.

Lu Heng said with a smile, "The power of thunder is extremely fierce, which is hard to hide."

"But I have a little understanding in my cultivation recently. Although I can't hide the power of thunder, I have some ideas… Please have a look, Master."

After that, Lu Heng's soul suddenly flew out of a white sky thunder, straight into the sky, and exploded in the clouds.


The fierce power of thunder was raging in the mountains.

But it seems to be weaker than what Jiu Mie imagined…

When the old ascetic cultivator saw this scene, his eyes lit up and he became interested.

He smiled and said, "It can be like this! Although this technique is crude, it is contrary to ordinary magic. I think it was developed by yourself, right?"

Lu Heng nodded and said, "It's still at the exploratory stage. Can you give me some advice?"

The old ascetic cultivator in front of him was good at hiding his spirit Qi, so Lu Heng naturally asked for advice with a smile and didn't hide his motivation.

And Jiu Mie was also curious, laughing and discussing with Lu Heng about the fierce power of the thunder.

For the old ascetic cultivator, it is also a wonderful experience to get close to the Heavenly Thunder.

What's more, now he not only can contact the Heavenly Thunder, but also listen to Lu Heng's detailed description of the uniqueness of the Heavenly Thunder.

One was curious about the Heavenly Thunder, and the other was interested in the method of hiding spirit Qi… so they fell into a heated discussion.

In the originally quiet Dragon Falling Mountain, heavenly thunders appeared from time to time.

The terrifying thunder scared the animals and birds in the mountain to flee everywhere, and dared not approach the area where the thunder clouds were surging.

Because of the one man and one wolf who was intoxicated with the communication of Taoism and dharma, others had to stay in the mountain and waited.

The Heavenly Thunder flickered in Lu Heng's hands, dissipated from time to time and then reappeared, demonstrating its wonders to the old ascetic cultivator in front of him.