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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 50

2022-07-01 07:25:00Publish Time: 5,831 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous, Mikita-Shupik, Itza-TommyGun, elbert-thomay, BoredMonster, gramatica, probablynotacrab

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Chapter 50: Spring Rain

After leaving the sword stove, the old priest and Qian flew towards the mountain with Li Po.

The main peak of Hanyu mountain shrouded in heavenly thunder clouds remained the only area in the wintry region devoid of snow.

As they closed in on the mountain, they flew beneath the heavenly thunder clouds.

At that moment, even with psychological preparation, Li Po, who entered the heavenly thunder clouds for the first time, could not help but feel a shock and great pressure.

This slowly rotating vortex cloud is too strong for sentient beings. Although Li Po was not evil, he could not exempt himself from the pressure of the heavenly thunder clouds that day.

On the contrary, the old man and Qian around him are used to it. Obviously, they are used to the existence of heavenly thunder clouds in the mountain and no longer feel pressure.

Qian said, "The wolf God is on the main peak. I saw him just now. We can see him from here."

Qian said this and dropped onto the top of the bluestone staircase first.

Behind her, two priests of the Li tribe also descended one after another.

On the tree-lined path, the bleak cold wind stirred the mountain forest. It is obviously a snowy day, but there is no snowfall on the main peak. Compared with the snow outside the mountain, the transition is a little abrupt.

Li Po was just about to speak when the heavenly thunder clouds overhead suddenly flashed white, and then the roaring of thunder suddenly rang throughout the whole Hanyu mountain.


A huge thunder light streaked through the heavenly thunder clouds, and the dark vortex cloud that had been rotating slowly suddenly became violent.

In the mountains and forests, the wind was howling, and the breath of thunder and heaven punishment suddenly became strong several times.

Seeing this scene, Li Po, who was already under some pressure, was instantly shocked and subconsciously tensed up.

And on the faces of the old and the young around him, there was an expression of surprise.

Because Qian and the old man saw such a scene for the first time.

In the past, although there was thunder roaring in the mountains, it was all thunder splitting down the mountains. Today, however, the thunder didn't break down the mountains and forests. Instead, it was surging and flashing in the heavenly thunder clouds, just like the whole heavenly thunder clouds were in a riot.

Such an abnormal scene made the old priest's heart tremble and wonder what had happened.

And from the path lined with tree, a small figure slowly came out.

With long, soft and beautiful silver hair; slightly drooping, sharp animal ears and a tight mouth that made her seem a little cold. She was only a child of seven or eight years old, but she showed a cold temperament that refused to be seen thousands of miles away.

Facing the three people on the bluestone ladder, the girl named Xiao Ai saluted and said, "The wolf God knows your intentions and requests for you to meet him. Please follow me."

With that, the girl turned and walked towards the tree-lined path. She didn't want to explain the change of heavenly thunder clouds in the sky.

The old priest and Li Po looked at each other in silence. Qian followed up with a smile.

The girl followed Xiao Ai with hands on her back and asked with a smile, "Xiao Ai, where's that monkey? I didn't see him when I came here just now, is he not here? Why don't I see him today cultivating with you?"

Xiao Ai walked forward without hesitation, but her eyes moved away silently.

"… I let it go on vacation," Xiao Ai said coldly.

Qian was stunned for a moment and was surprised, "Eh? Take a vacation? You said he was lazy all day and had to keep an eye on him all the time? If you let him take a vacation suddenly, won't the monkey play all day and neglect his cultivation?"

Xiao Ai bowed her head and said nothing.

Behind them, two priests followed silently. Listening to the dialogue between the two girls, the old priest looked calm and composed, but Li Po's eyes wandered to the mountains.

In his observation, the mountain forest in front of him seems to be just an ordinary and remote small peak, with neither steep scenery nor dense spirit Qi. No matter how you looked at it, it seemed so ordinary that no one would think that there is a mysterious white wolf God in the mountain.

However, as the Wolf God Temple appeared in the field of vision, Li Po found something strange in the mountain forest.

No insects…

On such a large main peak, there were no insects chirping around the Wolf God Temple!

Most insects only rely on their instincts, they don't have intelligence, and feel no fear. Even the ancient demons could not eliminate the existence of insects and ants.

But in front of the wolf God Temple, The eery silence accentuated the fact that no insects remained.

Are the fearless insects afraid of the divine power of the wolf God?

Li Po was amazed.

At this time, they have arrived at the Wolf God Temple. On the open space paved with bluestone, the bronze tripod has been removed, revealing the Thunder Sand below.

Xiao Ai stood aside and said, "The Wolf God wanted to meet you in person. But just now, when he was resting, the Wolf God suddenly had an inspiration and had to cultivate again."

"However, before the Wolf God cultivated, he ordered that the Thunder Sand here could be collected by you at will, as long as the Heavenly Thunder Sword was successfully forged."

At Xiao Ai's feet, the soil that has been qualitatively and utterly changed due to years of baptism by the thunder is dark red, containing the aura of thunder.

Seeing such a large number of thunder sand, Li Po's breathing stopped slightly and he was excited.

That's enough… That's absolutely enough!

The quantity of thunder sand is more than he imagined!

He asked a little excitedly, "May I ask whether the Wolf God has a time limit for the casting of Heavenly Thunder Sword?"

Xiao Ai shook her head. "There is no time limit. You can do your best to forge the sword. On the day the sword is completed, the Wolf God promised that you can take as much Thunder Sand as you can here."

"OK! Thank you for your help. I will take the sand now!" Li Po was so excited that he walked directly towards the Thunder Sand.

When Li Po thought about it, he breathed out a dark blue flame in his mouth. This is their Great Sea Department's inheritance of Burning Sky Fire. It has mysterious power.

Thunder Sand is made of special materials, and only such magic fire can burn, cut and melt it.

With the appearance of the faint blue fire, the temperature in front of the already bleak wolf God Temple dropped sharply again. The faint blue fire didn't emit any heat, but made the surrounding air colder.

Instead of helping collect the Thunder Sand, the old priest raised his head, looked at the swirling cloud above his head and narrowed his eyes.

Is the sudden closure of the wolf God related to the Heavenly Thunder Clouds in the sky?

Now the vortex clouds in the sky are surging and rotating violently. In the vortex of clouds, there were flashes of lightning, and the aura of the thunder aura filled the air with a rage never seen before.

The old man was curious. The wolf god suddenly started cultivating again. Did he have any new understanding?

At the same time, at the top of the main peak of Hanyu mountain, under the dark sky light, a huge white wolf stood and looked up at the Heavenly Thunder Clouds above.

The sounds of roaring thunder came from the Heavenly Thunder Clouds from time to time. The blazing white light flickered and staggered in the vortex cloud, and the vortex cloud that was originally rotating slowly fell into a violent state.

The culprit of all this was naturally Lu Heng, who was standing above the mountain top.

Originally, he was just waiting for the priest of the Li tribe to visit in the mountains and wanted to personally receive Priest Li Po of the Great Sea Department who came from afar.

However, while waiting, Lu Heng, who was idle and bored, let his soul leave his body again. His soul walked around the main peak of Hanyu mountain and found that the vegetation and trees in the mountain had been short of water for a long time.

If there is no rain in the mountains, the trees on the main peak will probably die.

However, it seems that the Heavenly Thunder Clouds overhead has no function of rainfall.

Lu Heng was a little distressed. He subconsciously looked up at the heavenly thunder clouds in the sky. But at this moment, his mind suddenly flashed and found a strange thing.

——In the state of soul, he seems to be more closely connected with Heavenly Thunder Clouds!

Without the shackles of his body, he could feel the power contained in the heavenly thunder clouds in the sky that day more clearly and gained a deeper understanding of the essence of the thunder.

Heavenly Cloud is the power of destruction. It can destroy everything and is irresistible.

But ultimately, death begets life.

The aura of heaven's thunder contained in this vortex cloud is too huge, and its "Death" aura is strong to the point of almost qualitative change.

If he can break through that limit and reverse death into life, it seems that this vortex cloud can really show a different power…

With such an inexplicable feeling in his heart, Lu Heng immediately seized this glimmer of light and came to the top of the mountain alone to continue his attempt.

This kind of Epiphany is a precious opportunity. If you miss it, it won't happen again in the future.

Without any hesitation, he directly triggered the heavenly lightning in his body and linked it to the heavenly thunder clouds in the sky, making the vortex clouds that had been rotating slowly completely riot.

With Lu Heng's actions, the vortex cloud, which was already extremely unstable and violent, has now become completely chaotic.

The dazzling thunder cut through the sky one after another, and the terrible roar of thunder echoed in the mountains. The terrifying sight of lightning and thunder was like a storm approaching.

However, the flicker of heaven's thunder also carries the power of thunder which is countless times more terrifying than the natural lighting.

In the Hanyu mountain, the wind is howling and thousands of animals are wailing.

In the strong wind, Lu Heng looked up at the huge vortex cloud overhead, constantly releasing the heavenly thunder in his body to stimulate the vortex cloud and make it more violent.

That wonderful feeling became more and more clear in his heart.

With the deepening of his relationship with the heavenly thunder clouds, Lu Heng's ideas have become more and more clear.

Seeing the dazzling thunder light flashing all over the sky and listening to the roaring thunder ringing through the mountains and forests, Lu Heng thought of "Waking insects" somehow.

The "Waking insects" is an image of birth, which means endless life.

In the season of "Waking insects", the atmosphere of all things' recovery pervades heaven and earth. It is a good time for the spirits and monsters in the mountains to cultivate as well as the beginning of spring plowing.

However, the symbolic feature of "Waking insects" is the surge of spring thunder. The so-called "spring thunder startles hundreds of insects" is the origin of the name "Waking insects".

In other words, the lightning actually gave birth to new lives after the destruction…

"Ha ha ha ha ha… I see! I see!!!"

In the Hanyu mountain, Lu Heng suddenly burst out laughing freely.

The laughter spread far away and reverberated in the whole Hanyu mountain, deafening.

The three people of the Li tribe, who had just taken the Thunder Sand away, arrived at the foot of the mountain and heard the happy laughter. The three subconsciously turned back and looked at the main peak of Hanyu mountain behind them.

On the main peak, lightning flashes, thousands of thunder surges, and the breath of terror is surging outward. The old priest and Qian, who are used to the thunder in the Hanyu mountain, are feeling a little breathless now.

Li Po asked in astonishment, "Is this the wolf God?"

The old priest nodded solemnly, but his eyes were fixed on the direction of the top of the mountain.

Vaguely, he felt that something terrible had happened there. However, the mountains and forests covered his sight, so he could not see the specific picture, and he didn't dare to peek with magic powers.

But after a few breaths, a golden light suddenly rose from the top of the main peak.

The blazing divine light pierced the dark clouds and the darkness, and instantly penetrated into the surging and violent heavenly thunder clouds.


There was a deafening noise, and the heavenly lightning was so big that it cut through the sky.

The huge heavenly thunder clouds floating over Hanyu mountain suddenly calmed down and stopped it's surging fury.

However, the dazzling thunder still flickers in the heavenly thunder clouds, and the roaring thunder echoes in the mountains.


In the explosion of thunder, the three subconsciously raised their heads and looked at the sky above them.

Patter patter patter patter——

Drops of water slowly fell from the gloomy sky.

At first, it was just a loud and clear sound. However, as the rain became heavier and heavier, the sound of the rain became louder and denser, and finally became a crackling sound like a pearl rolling in a jade plate.

Seeing this scene, the old priest behind the rain curtain was stunned.

He reached out his hand, touched the rain falling from the sky, and felt the dense spirit of water in the rain, as well as the incredible vitality. His eyes were a little shocked.

The rain falling from the sky is so dense with such powerful water-type spirit Qi?

And the rain seems to fall from heavenly thunder clouds, right?

How could such vigorous rain fall from the heavenly thunder clouds, which always destroy everything wherever it goes?

The old priest looked in amazement at the direction of the top of the mountain. His sight seemed to pass through the forest and saw the huge white wolf standing on the top of the mountains.

Use the Heavenly Thunder Clouds to produce rain?

Is this the new magic power obtained by the Wolf God's Epiphany?

But anyway, isn't this ridiculous? It can even be said to be completely outrageous!

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