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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 37

2022-06-03 12:52:25Publish Time: 5,441 views
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Chapter 37: The Order of Heaven and Earth

When Qian found Li Ju, the old man was walking out of the sword furnace with a serious face.

"Where are your manners? How can you be the future priest of the Wind Raiders?"

The old man's expression was stern and his words were reprimanding. If it were in the past, Qian would have hastily apologized, and said that she would not dare to do it next time.

But now, she was so anxious that she didn't have time to care about it.

After falling from the sky, the girl grabbed the old priest's hand and said anxiously, "It's bad! Grandpa Priest, the wolf God's oracle is dead! Now the monkeys are carrying the oracle towards the wolf God's divine residence, do you think something big will happen in the mountain?"

The old man, who originally had an angry face, froze when he heard such words.

"The wolf God's oracle died?" His expression immediately became grave, staring at the young girl's eyes and asking seriously, "Are you sure? It's really the oracle? It's already dead?"

"Yes!" Qian was so anxious, "Her breath was gone, and all those monkeys who carried her away were scared to death. If the wolf God knows it, will we be unlucky because of his anger?"

The old priest was silent for a few seconds and looked in the direction of the main peak of Cold Feather Mountain. There, the huge vortex clouds covered the light of the sky, and the slow rotation of the vortex clouds gave people a huge pressure.

If the wolf god is furious, the heavenly thunder surges ......

"Take me to see the oracle!" The old priest said with a serious expression, "We need to find out what's going on!"

After saying that, the old man and the young girl soared up at the same time. They flew towards the direction of the monkeys.

Soon, they found the monkeys in the mountain. As Qian said, the monkeys were screaming in anxiety and fear, carrying a girl without breath.

The monkey king scratched his ears and kicked the monkeys behind him from time to time, urging them to hurry up. Obviously, even this monkey king had realized the importance of the matter.

The old priest was aghast in his heart.

The moment he saw the monkeys, he also recognized that the girl carried by the monkeys was indeed the oracle of the wolf God. But now she was dead for some while.

And what made the old priest worry most was the murderer who killed the girl.

If the murderer can be found, perhaps it is okay, if the murderer can not be found ......

"Grandpa priest, what do we do?" Qian said, "Do you have some way to save her?"

The old priest shook his head and said, "Birth, senility, illness and death are the order of heaven and earth, and the foundation of humanity. Even if the power is strong, it cannot bring back the dead. I'm afraid that it is already too late for the oracle."

"Why don’t we go to the Mountain God Temple?" Qian asked worriedly, "Are we going to help these monkeys? These monkeys are running too slow!"

The old priest shook his head again, "Though the wolf God had divine power, it is also unable to reverse the order of heaven and earth. After a person died, except for a small number of people with grudge who will remain in the world as grudge ghosts, most people's souls will dissipate and cease to exist......"

"But these monkeys are indeed running too slowly," Looking down at the monkeys running wildly in the mountains, the old priest gave a long sigh and said, "Help them."

After saying that, the old priest lowered his head and sent a breath out to the monkeys. Immediately, a gale of wind was raised in the mountain, and the monkeys running in the wind suddenly became dozens of times faster.

Soon, these monkeys came to the Mountain God Temple.

Seeing the familiar temple, the monkey king still did not know what happened. It hurriedly looked around, almost suspecting that it had seen wrong.

And not far behind the monkeys, Li Ju and Qian descended from the sky at the same time and stood with these monkeys in front of the Mountain God Temple.

Qian asked in a low voice, "Grandpa priest, why did the wolf God not come out......"

The old man's face was calm and did not speak.

The next second, a huge figure appeared in front of the Mountain God Temple. The frighteningly large white wolf stood as if it appeared out of nowhere.

Looking at the scene, Lu Heng, who had just woken up from his cultivation state, froze for a moment.

He only felt Xiao Ai's Mountain God token approaching the Mountain God Temple at an unusually fast speed, so he woke up to see what happened.

However, after coming out from underground, what he saw was a group of monkeys, and the priest and a little girl...... Why? These Li people were looking for him for something?

But when he saw Xiao Ai carried by the monkeys, he was stunned.

Xiao Ai?

He immediately perceived the abnormality of the little girl. She had no breathing, no pulse, and even the aura of the living was almost gone.

This little girl...... is dead?!

In the sky, a ghastly heavenly thunder descended fiercely. The blinding thunder light instantly reflected everything beside the Mountain God Temple to a miserable white.

The huge white wolf stepped on the raging thunder and slowly walked towards the monkeys. The gloomy and terrifying thunderbolt aura surged in the air.

The monkeys all trembled in fear, lying on the ground and not daring to move. And Xiao Ai was lying quietly on the back of the monkeys. Now she was different from the girl that was tied for the first time.

The huge head of the white wolf slowly lowered. The dark golden pupils stared indifferently at the girl's body.

The old priest at the side took a few steps forward and said in a low voice, "We do not know who is the murderer, but my whole clan members are willing to assist the wolf God and find the murderer."

In this gloomy and terrifying atmosphere, probably only the old priest dared to speak up.

However, Lu Heng just gave him a cold look and didn't say anything.

He asked, "What's going on?"

Lu Heng asked the monkey king, who was lying at the front of the monkey group. The white ape immediately chirped and gestured, telling Lu Heng about how they found Xiao Ai.

During the white ape's narrative, Lu Heng suddenly felt something.

He lowered his head again and came closer to the girl's body on the monkeys' backs, then confirmed that feeling.

This little girl was not yet dead.

Previously, Lu Heng injected a wisp of wish power into the Mountain God token. His original intention was to bless the girl so that she would be less sick and live a few more years. But he didn't expect this wish power to have such an effect now.

Although the girl's breathing stopped and her life was ended, the wisp of wish power in the Mountain God token locked her soul and held her last breath, so she didn't die completely.

If so, perhaps he still has a way to save her......

After a few seconds of silence, he directly took the body and instantly disappeared into the ground.

The Mountain God Temple was once again quiet.

The sky also gradually returned to the usual calm.

The monkeys were still trembling and did not know what to do next.

Qian was also a little uneasy, she tugged the old priest's sleeve and asked in a low voice, "Grandpa priest, the wolf God seems to not be angry...... why did he suddenly take away the body of the oracle? Does the wolf God have a way to save her?"

The old priest subconsciously shook his head, "It is impossible......"

However, after saying these words, the old man was silent.

Because he also felt the wolf God's sudden change of attitude, as well as the mood of leaving everything behind and eagerly trying to save someone...... If the oracle was really hopeless, the wolf God would certainly not react in such a way.

Realizing this, the old priest also inevitably had the same absurd speculation like Qian.

Even he himself felt that this speculation was absurd and ridiculous...

Could it be that the white wolf God is able to reverse Yin and Yang and raise the dead?