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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 311

2023-10-06 02:10:00Publish Time: 1,458 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 311: The Lord of All Demons

On the giant mountain peak several kilometers high, a continuous string of palaces can be seen, with buildings every five steps and pavilions every ten steps, making it an unparalleled spectacle in the mortal world.

Xiao Juechen's cave mansion is already considered luxurious, but compared to the vast palace complex that covers the entire mountain range of the Floating Jade Mountain, it pales in comparison.

The former could only be considered as a grand and luxurious building, while the latter can already be called a spectacle.

Lu Heng marveled at the world's productivity and followed behind Xiao Juechen, with Xiao Ai and Shen Wuyou, swiftly flying over the palaces.

In the void, hundreds of different-sized floating islets were suspended, many of which were guarded by demonic soldiers wearing battle armor, keeping watch in all directions.

But wherever Xiao Juechen's escape light reached, it directly repelled all the obstructing guards. He led Lu Heng to drive straight ahead and quickly reached the highest point of the palace.

-- The peak of the thousand-zhang high mountain.

Compared with the magnificent palace complex below, which extends for hundreds of miles and covers the ground, there are no grand and magnificent buildings on this mountain top.

After Lu Heng and his companions arrived, they saw a clear and calm lake.

This lake seems to have appeared out of nowhere on the mountain top, with no visible source of water.

There is a small island in the center of the lake, and on the island is a bamboo building surrounded by trees. It has a secluded and peaceful atmosphere, but ignore the extremely powerful evil energy on the island if you will.

After approaching the small island, Xiao Juechen quickly stopped his lightness technique and didn't dare to proceed further.

It landed Lu Heng and his two companions at the edge of the island, facing several demon soldiers that appeared before them.

"Is the cave master available? I have urgent business to discuss with him!"

It was obvious that those demon soldiers were familiar with Xiao Juechen, as they all greeted him respectfully and said, "Master Juechen, please come in. The demon lord has been waiting for you in the bamboo pavilion for a long time, my lord."

Lu Heng observed the demon soldiers guarding the small island and noticed that though they behaved humbly, they were all surprisingly strong.

If placed outside, they would at least have the level of a Wuzhu-ranked evil cultivator, and not much weaker than Xiao Juechen.

But here, they were just the personal guards of the Lord of All Demons.

After obtaining permission, Xiao Juechen went straight inside without needing anyone to guide him.

Lu Heng led Xiao Ai and Wuyou closely behind him, and the surrounding evil soldiers didn't stop them - Lu Heng thought that those soldiers would try to stop Xiao Ai and Wuyou.

Following behind Xiao Juechen, they quickly walked through a grove of bamboo and arrived at a small bamboo pavilion within the grove, where Lu Heng and the others followed.

From afar, Lu Heng could see the figure inside the bamboo pavilion standing up with a smile and waving at him in greeting.

"I have long heard of the name of the evil lord, and upon seeing you today, it is indeed as remarkable as rumored."

Lu Heng was slightly surprised.

Because the person in front of him was somewhat different from what he had imagined the Lord of All Demons would be like.

The person who stood up under the bamboo pavilion was a young gentleman with a full smile on his face, dressed in a long gown and holding a folding fan, showing an elegant demeanor. However, Lu Heng could clearly see that this person's cultivation was not high, but just an ordinary practitioner who had only recently opened the heaven's door.

Moreover, if you looked carefully, you would even discover that his youthful appearance was also an illusion.

The young gentleman with a slight frown at the corner of his eyes, was definitely not as young as he appeared to be, and it appeared that he must have preserved his looks using some kind of miraculous treasure or technique.

Lu Heng looked at Xiao Juechen with a strange expression and saw that he was already anxiously walking towards the man, bowing and greeting him respectfully.

"Lord of Demons! Something big happened!"

Xiao Juechen said hurriedly, "A woman named Lian Cangqing has arrived outside, demanding to see you within the next quarter hour. She threatens to destroy all the children of Floating Jade Mountain otherwise, and even remove the fulcrum of the Three Talents Formation."

Xiao Juechen quickly recounted what happened at the Floating Jade Mountain, and even the Lord of All Demons, who had relatively low cultivation, couldn't help but frown after hearing it.

Lu Heng's heart trembled slightly at the thought: Is this fellow really the Lord of All Demons?

But the strongest evil energy on this island is not emanating from this person, it is coming from a small bamboo house at the other end of the bamboo forest pathway.

The man in front of them, indeed, had a relatively low cultivation.

Looks like the Lord of All Demons of the Green Hell Cave has quite a peculiar story.

Lu Heng couldn't help but sigh inwardly.

After a moment of contemplation, the youthful Lord of All Demons looked towards Lu Heng and asked, "I wonder how the evil lord looks upon Lian Cangqing?"

Lu Heng looked at him and said with a smile, "That woman is fierce and tyrannical. If she fails to achieve her goal, she could really resort to killing all the demons in the Floating Jade Mountain."

Lu Heng's words made the Lord of All Demons sigh and say:

"I see… it seems that there is no way around it but to meet her in person. However, her palm technique of killing from a distance is too powerful. I wonder if the evil lord has a way to counter it?"

Lu Heng didn't hide anything and gave his suggestion with a smile, "The best way would be to use a swifter and more lethal technique to kill her at the moment she unleashes her palm strike, so as to kill her before she kills you. This way, her strange and mysterious palm technique can be broken."

Lu Heng's suggestion was the best method he came up with after careful consideration.

If he were to face this woman, he would definitely not waste words or give her the time to unleash her palm strike. Instead, he would unsheathe Heavenly Thunder Sword directly and take her out with a single strike.

Under the full force of the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder's sword technique, it is definitely faster than this woman's palm technique.

However, Lu Heng's suggestion made the Lord of All Demons shake his head helplessly.

"As the evil lord has seen, my cultivation is not actually high. If I were to fight head-on against Lian Cangqing, I'm afraid I might be killed in the first strike… sigh…"

With a helpless shake of his head, the Lord of All Demons stood up and shouted towards the direction of the bamboo hut at the other end of the bamboo forest.

"Wan'er, go and meet the one outside. Be careful and don't lose your life."

After the Lord of All Demons finished speaking, a cold answer sounded from deep inside the bamboo forest.


Immediately afterwards, a fierce evil energy rose to the sky and disappeared from Lu Heng's sight in an instant.

Lu Heng's expression was slightly astonished.

"Who is this…?" Lu Heng looked at the Lord of All Demons beside him, his face full of curiosity.

The Lord of All Demons smiled and said, "This is my wife. In the mortal world before she was corrupted, her name was Wan Rong. She is the true number one cultivator of the Green Hell Cave, while I am just an ordinary cultivator with low cultivation level."

The words of the Lord of All Demons made Lu Heng even more curious.

"I noticed that you, Demon Lord, don't seem to cultivate demonic cultivation?" Lu Heng didn't quite understand, "Why would you establish such a powerful demonic cave if you're not cultivating demonic techniques? Nothing in this demonic cave would be of any help to your cultivation, would it?"

Lu Heng didn't hide his curiosity, but directly asked, without caring if it was too presumptuous to ask such questions during their first meeting.

After listening to Lu Heng's inquiry, the Lord of All Demons also laughed and said,

"Indeed, everything in the Green Hell Cave has no benefit for my cultivation, or for Wan'er's cultivation."

"But the Green Hell Cave is the most important piece on my chessboard, and I have to play it."

Looking at Lu Heng, the Lord of All Demons smiled and said, "Therefore, even though it is difficult and thankless, and even though we are surrounded from all sides, we must proceed with the establishment of the Green Hell Cave."