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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 490

2024-04-02 03:00:00Publish Time: 334 views
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Chapter 490: The Three Brothers

The sight witnessed within the Kingdom of All Demons left Lu Heng and his companions emotionally conflicted, to the extent that they were momentarily at a loss for words to describe it.

However, for the three of them, the manner in which mortals were living within the Kingdom of All Demons was, in fact, inconsequential. What happened further north was of greater concern.

The deeper they ventured into the borders of the Kingdom of All Demons, the more clearly Lu Heng and his companions became aware that something significant must have occurred further north.

Because at the crucial moment when the mighty army of the Heavenly Court arrived from the south, there are still some formidable top-level demons headed towards the north, disregarding theoretically more dangerous south. In the current situation, such a phenomenon is indeed thought-provoking.

Therefore, although the mortals within the Kingdom of All Demons were intriguing, Lu Heng and his companions had no leisure time to spare concerning themselves with these mortals.

They continued to journey towards the north and finally encountered a suitable target- a group of three innate demon beasts traveling together.

You see, within the current borders of the Kingdom of All Demons, encountering a group of three innate demon beasts traveling together is quite a rare occurrence. After all, most demons tend to prefer solitary journeys.

However, the reason why these three innate demon beasts behave unusually is probably because they are brothers born from the same mother, with nearly identical appearances and aura.

Under the celestial dome, these three innate demon beasts flew past from a distance, instantly captivating the gaze of Lu Heng and his two companions.

The Candle Dragon laughed heartily and said, "Finally, I have found it!"

As the sound faded, the sinister middle-aged man within the fleeing radiance transformed in an instant, directly morphing into a terrifying serpent spanning thousands of feet in length. Immediately, it appeared behind those three innate demonic creatures.

The sudden calamity caught the three innate demonic creatures off guard. As they turned back in fear, they were met with a pair of unfathomably dark eyes.

Under the celestial dome, the Candle Dragon of immense length closed one eye, then opened the other, revealing eerie and dread-inducing jet-black eyes.

In an instant, the three innate demonic creatures were engulfed by darkness, prevented from even letting out a cry of anguish, as they were bound and rendered immobile by the oppressive black aura.

As the menacing Candle Dragon of immense proportions let out a disdainful snort, it once again transformed into the previous visage of the sinister-looking middle-aged man. All of this occurred in a mere blink of an eye, catching not only the three demonic creatures off guard, but also causing a momentary shock for Lu Heng and Jiu Mie.

Jiu Mie said, "My friend Candle Dragon truly possesses astonishing methods…"

Regarding this, Candle Dragon chuckled and said, "It's primarily because Old Wolf's stealth technique is incredibly strong, not even a trace of aura leaked out. Coupled with my Sun Moon Dark Yin Eyes, it truly becomes an unparalleled divine technique for stealthy ambush and defense that is impossible to guard against. Not to mention these three little fiends who have just attained innate power, even that Nine Phoenix, if present, would likely be unable to withstand this attack."

The three of them emerged from the beams of light, surrounding the three demonic creatures imprisoned in the void by the black aura. They exchanged glances with each other, Jiu Mie speaking, "Shall our friend Lu Heng demonstrate first?"

Lu Heng, not declining, nodded and said, "I ask both of you, my dear friends, to be my Dharma Protectors."

After saying that, Lu Heng took a deep breath, and in an instant, his body expanded. As this continuously expanding form approached the motionless demonic creature in the void, it seemed to stick to it like glue, relentlessly enveloping and devouring every limb and bone of the monster.

On the side, Candle Dragon and Jiu Mie simultaneously took action, stabilizing the demon's soul, ensuring that the wicked creature's soul would not dissipate.

Lu Heng's figure had vanished completely after a quarter of an hour had passed, leaving behind a monstrously bloated demon in his place. Meanwhile, the Soul Seizure technique continued unabated, causing the swollen demon's body to constantly wriggle and shrink.

In the end, only the pristine and unscathed innate demon remained in place.

As for Lu Heng, he seemed to have truly disappeared without a trace.

Watching the two individuals by his side simultaneously retract their hands, the demonic creature smiled and said, "I am Rat Demon Hei Yan, I pay my respect to you two fellow Daoists."

Candle Dragon and Jiu Mie chuckled together, simultaneously cupping their hands and saying, "Very well, very well."

In this way, when half an hour had passed, the Kingdom of All Demons could no longer catch sight of the figures of Lu Heng and his companions.

Those who once again embarked on the journey north were the figures of three demonic entities, respectively known as Hei Yan, Hei Li, and Hei Fan. The trio were triplet brothers, born of the same mother, and had recently attained the realm of innate power. They were the rising stars of the Arctic Skyark Palace.

Within the fleeing radiance, Lu Heng looked at his two friends who had transformed into demons, and sighed, saying, "I still don't know what happened… sigh… The events that occurred in the north are truly intriguing."

After using Soul Seizure, Lu Heng and his two companions directly attained the memories, cultivation methods, and supernatural abilities of the three demons. However, despite embarking towards the Arctic Skyark Palace as a sign of allegiance to the Demon King, they remain oblivious to what exactly transpired in the north.

This matter is so mysterious, which naturally arouses even greater curiosity in them.

"Could it be… Sun Yan has discovered foreign visitors? Is he gathering people to surround and eliminate them?" Jiu Mie offered a conjecture.

Candle Dragon, however, shook his head and said, "Those foreign visitors are not so easily detected. It must be something else… Perhaps the Heavenly Court has dispatched its top innate cultivators for a decapitation mission, bypassing the large army on the border and launching a direct assault on the Demon King of the Arctic Skyark Palace?"

The three of them speculated endlessly, but they couldn't figure out the reason for it.

However, this place is not far from the Arctic Skyark Palace. Using the innate evil creatures' speed of light, the three of them flew for two days and finally caught a distant glimpse of the magnificent palace that stood atop the northern sea - the Arctic Skyark Palace.

This demonic sanctuary in the hearts of evil creatures, is now somewhat desolate. Though one can sense the terrifying and malevolent aura emanating from the palace from afar, sending shivers down one's spine, inside the vast palace, there are no longer many demons lurking.

This unusual phenomenon increasingly perplexed and intrigued the three old monsters disguised as demons.

Because even if something significant happened in the south, the Arctic Skyark Palace should not be this desolate. What's even more peculiar is that although the palace appears deserted, it actually harbors numerous powerful top-tier demons. It's just that the weaker demons have been dispersed, hence giving the impression of emptiness.

However, when it comes to the level of terror, it seems that the Arctic Skyark Palace of today surpasses its past counterparts.

Thinking so, Lu Heng and his two companions exchanged glances and without concealing their figures, they boldly and confidently flew towards the magnificent palace ahead.

The pitch-black silhouettes landed on the square outside the Arctic Skyark Palace, where they encountered the interior officials guarding the place. After presenting the tokens and undergoing the necessary identity verification, the three individuals were led by the officials to a side hall where they could rest.

With the strength of Hei Yan and his two brothers, they can only reside in such peripheral areas.

As for paying respects to Demon King Sun Yan, they are not qualified, and must wait until the banquet three days later.

However, Lu Heng and his companions were not in a hurry. They resided in this modest palace, disguised as demons, leisurely observing the constant influx of demons from the south while patiently awaiting the banquet three days later.

All the demons were aware that the banquet three days later was the true main event.

By then, everyone will understand why the Demon King suddenly summoned them back…