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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 351

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Chapter 351: The Legend of the Wolf God (Part 1)

The cold and harsh wind howled through the streets of Zhuxian Town, sweeping up a few withered leaves.

A tattered beggar leaned against the street corner, weakly watching the passing pedestrians, occasionally squeezing a hoarse whisper from his throat.

"Sir, please be kind. I haven't eaten for three days…"

However, his weak and helpless plea was not only ignored by passersby, but even the beggar himself felt like he was just going through the motions.

Located in the southern border of Youxiong Country, Zhuxian Town is rumored to be an ancient town that has existed since ancient times, but now has already declined.

The streets and alleys that were once said to have been sprinkled with countless divine blood are now just old and dilapidated, without any hint of glory.

But today's Zhuxian Town is unusually lively.

People of all shapes and colors filled the old city, and the accent of the northern regions echoed in the beggar's ear in the South Sea.

However, the beggar was not actually a local resident, he had come here as a refugee from outside.

Originally, he lived in Mingxin Village, which is about 100 miles away from Zhuxian Town. But not long ago, during a fight between passing monsters, the two evil demons destroyed the monument that protected the village.

Although the two great monsters didn't kill anyone in the village, they left while fighting and riding the wind of monsters.

Without the protection of the monument, the village will never be safe again.

The villagers scattered and fled, leaving Mingxin Village.

He had no relatives or acquaintances to rely on, so he came alone to the Zhuxian Town, which was more than a hundred miles away from home, and became a beggar to make a living.

According to the beggars' rules, he shouldn't have come to this Yunhun Street where he is now.

This Yunhun Street is the busiest and most prosperous street in Zhuxian Town. Beggars are strictly prohibited from appearing here in the city to prevent the smelly beggars in ragged clothes from accidentally colliding with some high-ranking officials.

But today, the beggar broke this rule and came secretly alone.

Because according to the rumor, the important figure from the capital city is going to hold a grand banquet here today, to entertain cultivators from all over, and recruit enthusiastic cultivators from the common people to go out of the town to slay monsters.

In the past six months, monsters have been rampaging in the southern part of the Youxiong Country, destroying and annihilating countless villages like Mingxin Village.

The important figures from the capital city also noticed the chaos in the southern area and finally decided to make efforts to rectify it.

As for the beggar, he is very eager to witness the opening of this grand event with his own eyes.

Although he is not a cultivator and cannot join the effort to subdue the demons, as a mortal whose village was destroyed by the monsters, he at least wants to see the cultivators gathering together to prepare for the heroic act of eliminating demons.

Before coming, the beggar prepared himself to be driven away.

However, when he arrived at Yunhun Street, he found that there was no one to drive him away.

When the patrol guards wearing armor patrolling the streets saw him, they all turned a blind eye and didn't come up to cause trouble.

At first, the beggar was a little surprised, but after staying there for a while, he realized that there were quite a few people in the crowd who were as shabbily dressed as he was.

Among them were several people carrying magical weapons, obviously cultivators, who were covered in dirt and rags and looked even more like beggars than he did.

Being in Yunhun Street, perhaps the patrol guards mistook him for a cultivator who came to attend the conference, which is why they didn't drive him away.

Realizing this, the beggar's courage grew much stronger.

He left his original spot and moved his beggar's bowl to the side of Fuyu Tower in the middle of Yunhun Street.

This is the main venue for today's conference, where top cultivators are qualified to enter and meet the distinguished figure from the capital city.

Outside the Fuyu Tower, however, there are dozens of banquet tables set up, ready to entertain the cultivators who come to attend the conference. Later, the distinguished figure himself will come out to respond to the many cultivators and give face to everyone.

Above the long street, a stage was set up and a theatrical troupe was invited to perform. Both sides of the street were filled with a variety of delicious food and drinks, all available for cultivators to enjoy at will.

If there is still a need, one can even directly flag down the patrolling City Guards and make a request to them.

However, although the beggars barely managed to mix in, they dare not provoke the City Guards and are even more afraid to touch the street food on both sides.

Although he was interested in the grand event happening outside of the Fuyu Tower, he only dared to sit in a corner, relying on his ears to listen and not daring to approach and see it up close.

However, just sitting in the corner listening to the cultivators chatting and hearing about their magical experiences of slaying demons and vanquishing evil was already very satisfying for him.

Moreover, gradually the beggar came to understand many things.

As it turns out, the demons that have been wreaking havoc in the southern border for the past six months didn't appear out of thin air, but escaped from further south.

Cultivators say that at the other end of the barren wasteland in the south, there is a place called Fire Pass Country.

That country is different from ours. They actually don't respect their ancestors or worship the human king. Instead, they believe in some fire god. Even their ruler is not an emperor, but a lord.

There was no court, nor civil or military officials.

The wizards who were too busy worshiping the fire god every day were in charge of governing the entire country.

While the greatest and most devout wizard in The Fire Pass Country is the lord…

The beggar was astonished as he heard about all the strange things mentioned by the cultivators.

And just at this moment, the performance on the stage had just ended, and another storyteller came up to perform and sing.

The beggar recognized the storyteller, named Hu Yi, who could read but had limited knowledge. He usually performed stories and jokes at major taverns and inns in The Zhuxian Town to earn some money.

However, because he could speak about all sorts of strange things, whether it was about places or creatures, love or relationships, and could cater to the audience's interests in any situation, even the women in the brothels enjoyed listening to his stories.

Therefore, this Hu Yi was somewhat famous in The Zhuxian Town.

It wasn't surprising that he was invited to this grand event today. However, in the past, Hu Yi would always tell stories to cater to his audience's interests. Today, with so many cultivators among the crowd… Could it be that he will tell some stories about cultivators?

In the corner, the beggar was very curious.

On the raised platform, the storyteller in a long gown cleared his throat and, after smiling at the audience below, actually began to tell stories about cultivators.

"Today I will tell you a story about beyond the barren and desolate land in the south, within the borders of a country called The Fire Pass Country, how The Wolf God, with his sword, destroyed evil creatures and millions of demons scattered in all directions…"

Hu Yi's voice rose and fell with rhythm.

However, as soon as he finished speaking, the entire street suddenly fell silent.

In an instant, all the eyes on the long street turned to him.

Those cultivators who were originally talking, working, or eating, even those at the other end of the long street, put down what they were doing in great unison, and turned their heads to look at him.

The scene of those hundreds of eyes all looking at him made Hu Yi suddenly startled and cold sweat broke out on his back instantly.

Those present were all high and mighty cultivators…

Is the story he told a taboo among cultivators?

Otherwise, why would all these cultivators have the same reaction?

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