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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 300

2023-09-25 02:30:00Publish Time: 1,772 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 300: Heavenly Thunder Executes the Evil

In the wilderness, the atmosphere was gloomy and ominous.

Inside the swamp, the sword energy was cold and fierce.

Xiao Ai was startled by Lu Heng's sudden summoning of the Heavenly Thunder Sword.

She quickly looked around and asked in alert, "The Wolf God, has something happened?"

The Wolf God wouldn't draw his sword easily, so if he did, something must have happened. Therefore, Xiao Ai didn't take the situation lightly, immediately becoming alert and vigilant of her surroundings.

The huge lynx had a terrified look on its face, and upon seeing Lu Heng, immediately realized that something had happened.

"The Wolf God, did you also hear that eerie calling sound?"

The huge lynx had an incredulous expression on its face.

His cultivation was low, so in the past, although he found the eerie calling sound bothersome, he was helpless to do anything about it.

But now, that thing dared to provoke even the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain?

This thing is too malevolent…

The huge lynx was shocked at the audacity of that thing, while Lu Heng's gaze swept coldly in all directions.

However, on the wilderness there was only a biting sword qi, and no more eerie sounds rang in his ears.

That thing seemed to have realized that Lu Heng was not easily provoked, and it silently retreated.

But while it wanted to retreat, Lu Heng could not let it go.

This thing is so malevolent, it must be related to the huge cauldron underground… Is it possible that, in addition to the woman who occupied Gu Yin's Master's body, there is something else underground?

Lu Heng frowned slightly as he looked down again at the dark hole beneath his feet.

The blazing white heavenly thunder sparkled behind Lu Heng.

The brutal power of the heavenly punishment surged over the wilderness.

Li Shan, the Land God, was suddenly frightened and all his hair stood on end when he felt the surge of the heavenly punishment.

"The Wolf God!"

He didn't know what Lu Heng was going to do, but he knew that the Wolf God would definitely be angry.

Lu Heng didn't explain but directly triggered the heavenly thunder and struck into the ground cave at his feet.


With a loud noise, the bright light of heavenly thunder illuminated the entire cave again.

The incredibly deep and pitch-black cave seemed to extend thousands of feet deep into the ground, making it frighteningly profound.

However, the power of heavenly thunder was surging violently, and wherever it went, darkness dispersed, revealing the true appearance of the cave.

Lu Heng's gaze also clearly saw the eerie large cauldron in the depths of the cave.

As well as the woman's corpse floating inside the cauldron.

However, this time, the woman's corpse inside the cauldron had changed appearance and was no longer floating supine in the water as seen before.

Under the dazzling white light of heavenly thunder, the woman with bite marks all over her body was looking up at the sky, revealing a ghastly and eerie smile on her face.

Their eyes met in a gaze.

Lu Heng's eyes turned slightly cold.

Despite the absence of another heavenly thunder, he didn't stop like he did during the first time.

The second heavenly thunder flashed once again.


In the deafening explosion, the second heavenly thunder struck into the dark cave and once again dispelled the darkness within.

And this time, directly aiming at the huge cauldron below!

The flickering thunder light illuminated the dark cave with astonishing clarity.

The surging thunder penalty mercilessly struck the woman inside the huge cauldron.

Then came the third, fourth, fifth…

Above the wilderness, the sounds of thunder explosions reverberated one after another without any pause.

The surging and mighty energy of thunder punishment was trembling in the air above the swamp.

The enormous sound of thunder echoed for hundreds of miles. Even the entire wilderness could clearly hear the terrifying explosion of thunder.

In the swamp, the huge lynx trembled in fear. Being a cultivator who had never dabbled in demonic cultivates while residing in the mountains, it had never witnessed such a terrifying scene of heavenly thunder before. It was utterly unable to withstand the might of the heavenly thunder.

Lu Heng's eyes, however, were always looking coldly at the hole under his feet, and at the large cauldron in the depths of the hole. He stared at the grinning corpse of the woman in the large cauldron.

As long as the eerie corpse refused to look away, Lu Heng's Heavenly Thunder wouldn't stop.

The surging and awe-inspiring power of the heavenly thunder is rushing and surging underground. Countless tiny lightning bolts flicker and tremble on the rusty green giant cauldron, constantly dissolving while also continuously adding.

Even the dismal green liquid inside the cauldron was violently shaking amidst the incessant onslaught of heavenly thunder, with green gas constantly rising from the water and a strange, foul odor seeping out of the underground tunnel.

Finally, when the seventh bolt of heavenly thunder struck down, the blazing white lightning illuminated the huge cauldron in a bleak white light. At that moment, the woman inside the large cauldron no longer looked up and grinned at Lu Heng.

Inside the eerie large cauldron was a half-cauldron of pale green liquid, but there was no longer the corpse of a woman in the strange green water.

The woman's corpse seemed to have sunk into the green water, no longer staring at Lu Heng.

However, Lu Heng didn't stop.

This pitch-black hole was incredibly eerie. Apart from the power of the heavenly thunder, anything that entered it, whether tangible or intangible, including magic, sight, and even divine sense, would be devoured.

Lu Heng had no intention of personally venturing into the danger and going down to explore.

It is foolish to rashly enter knowing that there is something strange underground.

After slicing through all the heavenly thunders he controlled with a single breath, Lu Heng rose directly into the sky and sat cross-legged thousands of meters above the ground.

The surging power of the heavenly punishment surged around his body.

The pitch-black heavenly punishment calamity clouds continuously gathered above the wilderness.

Soon, a huge and frightening heavenly punishment calamity cloud shrouded this swamp.

In the center of that slowly rotating large swirling cloud, Lu Heng sat cross-legged, his eyes slightly closed, as if he had merged with the calamity cloud.

The huge lynx that saw this scene was so scared that its soul almost left its body.

He quickly looked towards Xiao Ai beside the cave and asked in terror, "What is the Wolf God going to do?!"

The terrifying sight of the seven successive heavenly thunders just now had already frightened him to the point of trembling, but it seemed that the Wolf God was not satisfied yet?

Does He really intend to directly summon heavenly thunder to strike this eerie cave?

The huge lynx was frightened by such a big fuss, while Xiao Ai looked up at the Wolf God in the sky and heard His command in her ear.

So she respectfully saluted the calamity cloud in the sky, then turned to the huge lynx not far away and said,

"We'll leave this place first and not disturb the Wolf God in his crusade against evil."

After speaking, Xiao Ai leapt up and flew towards the outside of the swamp.

A thousand feet away, the little boy Shen Wuyou looked shocked and didn't know what had happened before he was taken away by Xiao Ai, who flew over to him.

Seeing Xiao Ai's reaction, how could the huge lynx dare to stay any longer?

It immediately invoked the power of the Land God, shrinking itself and quickly disappearing into the swamp, constantly fleeing towards the outside.

However, its speed was far beyond that of Xiao Ai.

Soon, the huge lynx escaped from the area shrouded by the disaster-clouds and appeared thirty miles away.

After dozens of breaths, Xiao Ai caught up and landed with the little boy Shen Wuyou beside the Land God.

And in the instant when both of them and the lynx turned around…


With a loud noise, a huge heavenly thunder tore through the air and crossed the sky and earth, rendering everything on that wilderness white.

The first bolt of the heavenly thunder struck down.

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