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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 77

2022-07-23 00:20:00Publish Time: 4,337 views
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Chapter 77: Wu Gu

Lu Heng didn't know the surprise and speechlessness in Huo Feng's heart.

Now he is leisurely sitting on the back of the White Wolf, looking at the book in his hand.

Although he has reached the realm of opening the gate of heaven with his self-made Heavenly Thunder cultivation method. But Lu Heng knows nothing about the real orthodox cultivation method in this world.

Now it's quite interesting to look at those novel contents in the book.

Moreover, Lu Heng also has his own understanding of the way of cultivation. Therefore, although he has never seen the cultivation method of the Yun sect, he can understand it.

All day long, he sat on the White Wolf's back reading and never came down.

It was not until dark that Lu Heng put down the book and his soul returned to the wolf body to rest.

Although Lu Heng's soul today is solid and tough, it cannot be separated from the body for long periods of time.

In fact, Lu Heng's soul couldn't have stayed outside all day if his soul hadn't been leaning against the demon body.

Lu Heng's soul entered the body and entered the state of cultivation and meditation again.

It is still the most urgent thing for Lu Heng to develop a technique of hiding his spirit Qi.

Although the book of the Yun sect has no records of such secret arts, it belongs to the cultivation method of human cultivators. Lu Heng had some insights from it.

In the early morning of the next day, just before dawn and the rising sun, the businessmen were ready to set out.

Lu Heng, Xiao Ai and Huo Feng followed the caravan as they did yesterday, and didn't walk with the caravan.

After going on the road, Lu Heng's soul appeared again. Sitting on the back of the White Wolf, he turned the pages and occasionally asked Huo Feng some questions next to him.

Huo Feng was on the back of the Bo horse, lying weakly.

Although the Bo horse is extraordinary, Huo Feng still felt bumpy on its back. After lying on the back of the Bo horse all day yesterday, Huo Feng, who was seriously injured and lost his cultivation base, felt that his lungs were about to explode.

Although he had a rest all night, he still didn't recover.

Today's Huo Feng is powerless, no better than ordinary people.

As for the fact that the Wolf God's soul was able to stay outside all day, he was no longer surprised.

Although theoretically speaking, the soul is extremely fragile. Even for those with high-level cultivation bases, their souls cannot leave their bodies for too long, let alone leaving a whole day.

But Huo Feng has seen more outrageous things than this.

It's only a day… can it be more outrageous than the Wolf God's human-shaped soul?

Now, Huo Feng has determined that his master must have misunderstood something.

His master said that the soul can't leave the body for too long and the soul can't be transformed… Even if these are common sense, they are common sense among ordinary cultivators, not powerful existences like the Wolf God.

Sigh… it seems that the master's real strength is far inferior to the Wolf God. The master didn't even know such common sense.

And the funniest thing is that I believed it foolishly. It's really…

Huo Feng sighed and shook his head constantly, feeling that he was still too naive.

The image of the great master in his heart collapsed.

In this way, the caravan went along the road for three days.

After three days of traveling by day and resting at night, Lu Heng finally finished reading the Yun sect's book; and his soul returned to the demon body and no longer appeared.

After reading the book, he finally understood why the Yun sect liked to recruit disciples everywhere.

The Yun sect's cultivation method is indeed mysterious, but it is easy to learn but difficult to master. If you want to get started, as long as you can read and your talent is not so bad, you can enter the door of cultivation.

But the more you cultivate later, the more difficult it will be.

This difficulty is because the Yun sect's cultivation method is about "Fate". The more you cultivate, the easier it is to get stuck at a certain stage and be difficult to inch in.

Only after you find an opportunity and have an epiphany can you make a breakthrough.

This kind of cultivation method is so strict. People who don't have good luck have no hope of reaching a higher level.

No wonder the people of the Yun sect want to travel around the world, so that they can meet their chances on the way and go further on the path of cultivation.

Lu Heng appreciated the young man named Huo Feng more and more.

The young man was originally successful in cultivation, and he was in high spirits and prideful. Suddenly, great changes took place and his cultivation base was lost. Even someone with a good mentality would complain.

If the person's mind is a little extreme, the person may go astray and have resentment. Even if the person doesn't dare to provoke Lu Heng, the person will never have peace of mind.

But after observing for three days, Lu Heng found that the young man named Huo Feng didn't have any resentment and melancholy.

Even if he lost all his strength and was tossed to death by the Bo horse every day, he was always easy-going, and occasionally had fun in bitterness, amusing himself with the businessmen.

It was as if nothing had happened.

And Lu Heng could see that Huo Feng was not forced to smile, was genuinely at peace with himself.

With such a good state of mind, coupled with the special cultivation method of the Yun sect, Lu Heng was a little looking forward to Huo Feng's future.

After the Tao heart of an ordinary cultivator is broken, it is difficult to make progress again. But if it's Huo Feng, it is possible to do things that ordinary people cannot do.

And if he can really succeed, he will certainly go further in the future.

In that case, Lu Heng may help him a little…

On the fourth day, not long after the caravan was on its way, Huo Feng was still bumping on the back of the barge horse and drowsy. Lu Heng smiled and took the initiative to speak.

"Brother Huo, do you have any plans when you arrive at Baishi city?"

"Well… Well…" Huo Feng thought for a moment, shook his head and said, "I wanted to go to my master, but I'm afraid it's difficult to find my master. And now I've lost all my strength, and I don't dare to walk through the wilderness alone."

"I want to go to Baishi city to join a caravan, and then go south to Youtian valley. It is said that Wu Gu, one of the ten witches in the Spirit mountain, is now staying in Youtian valley."

"If I take the fat bird to the witch, maybe I can ask her to treat me. The ten witches of the Spirit mountain have excellent medical skills, which may help me out of my current dilemma."

Huo Feng's words surprised Lu Heng a little.

"Oh? The ten witches of the Spirit mountain? Are their medical skill very good?" Lu Heng asked.

Huo Feng smiled and was used to the Wolf God's ignorance of human mundane affairs.

He explained, "The ten Witches of the Spirit mountain are well-known among cultivators. Although they are not well-known among ordinary people, they are the leader of doctors. Most of the medical skills in the world come from them…"

"It's just that these ten elders have a strange temperament. If I don't have such a rare beast as the fat bird, I'm determined not to disturb them."

After Huo Feng explained, Lu Heng nodded and said.

"I see… It happens that my trip is also South, and I'm on the same road as you. Why don't you go with me?"

In the surprised eyes of Huo Feng, The White Wolf smiled and said, "When we get to Baishi city, let's separate from everyone. You don't have to go to the city to find a caravan, I'll take you to Youtian Valley myself."