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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 59

2022-07-09 11:30:40Publish Time: 5,043 views
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Chapter 59: Pride

On the seventh day of September.

Hanyu mountain, which has been ravaged by violent dust for nearly half a year, temporarily calmed down on this day.

Whether it was inside or outside the mountain, there was no wind. The alternating fire in the sword furnace seemed to be much weaker.

Lu Heng's cultivation has lasted for nearly a year.

In the underground temple, the huge white wolf demon's eyes were slightly closed and motionless, and there were faint surges of the aura of thunder between breathing and exhaling.

The golden soul is suspended in the void, and the wisps of golden lightning wound up, reflecting Lu Heng's soul in uncertain light.

For ordinary demon cultivation, the extremely simple [Open the door of heaven] had confused Lu Heng for a long time.

In the inner world of visualization, there are pallor and endless clouds.

On top of this cloud, there was a huge heavenly gate standing in the clouds, as if it had existed there since the world was born, vaguely emitting a heavy and shocking aura that people dared not ignore.

In the sea of clouds, Lu Heng stood with his hands down, silently looking up at the huge door of heaven above.

The heavenly thunder in his body has been refined by him again and again becoming transparent and pure. Even the newly created incarnation of the soul is now refined and reshaped with the Heavenly Thunder. His body can be said to be almost completely cast by the Heavenly Thunder.

Compared to the fragile soul of ordinary cultivators, Lu Heng's soul, which was refined and recast by the heavenly thunder, is strong and abstruse, and he can even resist the enemy's attack with it.

However, even when the cultivation reached such a level, the heavy and huge door of heaven was still standing on the other side of the sky and could not be opened.

Lu Heng knew what he was missing the last step.

However, he could not find the slightest chance he lacked no matter how he cultivated...

Today, he was even more frightened and inexplicably felt a little flustered.

Lu Heng's eyebrows frowned slightly when he woke up from the cultivation. With his current cultivation, he suddenly had this strange feeling, that something was about to happen.

Could it be that Heavenly Thunder Sword is about to be cast?

With a thought, Lu Heng's soul incarnation appeared outside the Wolf God Temple.

Under the gloomy sky, the previously wooded Hanyu mountains were now withered and covered with dust. In addition to the main peak and the primitive jungle behind it, Lu Heng saw a scarred mountain terrain.

In the direction of the sword furnace, the red and blue fires alternated. The fierce fire destroyed everything around and turns the mountains into scorched earth.

Fortunately, the paddy fields on the plains outside the mountains are far away from the sword furnace, and the crops planted in the paddy fields have not been greatly affected. The villagers of Shuisheng village don't have to worry about a poor harvest this year.

The only unlucky ones are the people of the Wind Raiders department.

All the crops they planted in the mountains during spring plowing have turned into scorched soil, and now they have to reclaim wasteland and sow again outside the mountains.

Because of the rampant sand and dust in the mountains, Xiao Ai and White Ape swept dust and gravel in front of the Wolf God Temple several times a day, and the dust and gravel still could not be completely cleaned.

However, today the mountains are inexplicably quiet. The howling wind and dust in the past have also stopped today, and even the sword furnace's fire is much weaker.

Lu Heng guessed that maybe Heavenly Thunder Sword is about to be cast?

He stood in the open space in front of Wolf God Temple, looking at the direction of the sword furnace outside the mountain. After a long silence, he sighed slightly.

Even now, he is still inexplicably jumpy, as if something big is going to happen. In such a state, it is impossible to settle at all.

Moreover, after such a long time of cultivation, Lu Heng had no hope of a breakthrough, and he was no longer persistent.

Under the dark sky light, the man in white sat down in the small wooden pavilion outside the Wolf God Temple. In his hand, there was a white lightning flash.

Ordinary people would fear the Heavenly Thunder, but now Lu Heng was playing with it and kneading it into different shapes.

At one moment, footsteps sounded on the avenue leading up and down, and a White Ape dressed in gray cloth came out like a child, carrying a barrel twice its height.

The barrel was full of water.

When Lu Heng in the pavilion looked at the White Ape, the White Ape also saw Lu Heng in the roadside wooden pavilion.

The White Ape was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly put down the barrel, a little flustered.


It hesitated for a moment, not knowing whether to kneel, but finally knelt down towards Lu Heng, "Ji."

The White Ape respectfully wanted to salute.

However, as soon as it lowered its head, it found that its knees could not bend down. Invisible power limits it and makes it unable to kneel.

Lu Heng in the pavilion shook his head and said, "Since you entered my door, didn't Xiao Ai tell you not to kneel?"

The White Ape quickly shook his head, "Ji! Ji!"

It hurriedly and loudly explained what the little girl had said to it.

After hearing this, Lu Heng couldn't help shaking his head and laughing, "Be proud and don't kneel... Ha... This little girl is a little interesting."

Looking at the White Ape standing respectfully in front of him, Lu Heng asked again, "Since Xiao Ai told you this, why do you have to kneel after seeing me?"

The White Ape scratched his head and began to gesticulate.

Although the little girl told him not to kneel, his first reaction after seeing Lu Heng was to kneel. In the White Ape's simple mind, the Wolf God is nobler than heaven and earth.

Don't kneel to others, but I should kneel to the Wolf God... So the White Ape hesitated and decided to kneel.

Lu Heng sighed after hearing the White Ape's excuse, "I see... But you remember, since you have entered my door, even I'm not worth your kneeling."

With that, Lu Heng looked at the little girl next to the White Ape.

The girl named Xiao Ai was originally cultivating in the Wolf God Temple and didn't know that Lu Heng was coming. But the voice of the White Ape woke Xiao Ai up. She came immediately and saw the scene of Lu Heng admonishing the White Ape.

Now she was standing aside, waiting for Lu Heng's orders.

Lu Heng looked at her, thought for a moment, and said, "People should be proud, but they should not be arrogant. Although the universe and sentient beings are not worth kneeling, they are worth respecting."

"Don't bully the weak because of your own power, and don't flatter others because of their magnificence."

"You are you, the life of heaven and earth, so you should respect heaven and earth, respect all beings."

"If you can do this, you will be my disciple."

Lu Heng said with a smile, "If you don't kneel down to anyone in the world, it sounds cool, but it's actually a little too arrogant. If you go astray and don't respect anything in the world, you may even break away from the right path and become evil."

"And such monsters are not worthy of being my disciples."

Lu Heng's words were understated, without admonition and blame, but the little girl's face turned slightly pale.

She bowed her head respectfully, saluted devoutly, and remembered Lu Heng's words forever in her heart.

The White Ape on one side was a little confused, and still didn't quite understand the meaning of these words. Just seeing the girl salute, he also knew that what the Wolf God said was very important, so he quickly followed Xiao Ai's appearance and saluted respectfully, silently reciting Lu Heng's words.