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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 314

2023-10-09 02:40:00Publish Time: 1,095 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck, anonymous

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Chapter 314: A Foolproof Plan

Lu Heng was completely puzzled by the sudden turn of events, as well as Lian Cangqing's peculiar reaction.

"The Dragon Soul has appeared?"

Lu Heng looked at the Lord of All Demons in surprise and said, "Lord Demon, did you hide a Dragon Soul in the Floating Jade Mountain and lure Lian Cangqing away?"

Shaking his head, the Lord of All Demons said, "The light that rose from the Floating Jade Mountain was not the Dragon Soul, but just a sign of its appearance."

"The exotic treasure that is about to emerge in the Fire Pass Country is related to the Dragon Soul that Lian Cangqing mentioned."

"Once the Three Realms Boundary Formation is set up on the key points of the earth's veins, it sets up a warning system as soon as the formation is complete. If the Dragon Soul is about to appear, the Three Realms Boundary Formation will sense it."

"Not only will there be golden lights of the Five-Clawed Divine Dragon flying out of the three key points, but also a huge brilliance will rise from the Green Hell Cave…"

Under the bamboo pavilion, the Lord of All Demons pointed to the huge brilliance in the distant sky that illuminated the entire demon cave and said,

"With such a manifestation of brilliance, it seems that the appearance of the Dragon Soul is just a matter of these few days… sigh…"

Speaking of this, the Lord of All Demons shook his head helplessly and said, "Although the omen of the emergence of the Dragon Soul caused Lian Cangqing to leave, it saved Wan Rong's life."

"However, Lian Cangqing is bound to participate in the struggle for the Dragon Soul in the future… And with her skills, I fear that the entire Green Hell Cave will not be able to resist… The Three Realms Boundary Formation that I painstakingly set up was originally intended to guide our side to find the location of the Dragon Soul, but I didn't expect it to serve as a trap for us."

"This Lian Cangqing is so difficult to deal with. I am afraid that we have no chance of obtaining the magical treasure."

The Lord of All Demons shook his head with a sigh, his tone filled with disappointment.

Lu Heng smiled slightly and said, "The demon lord need not worry. Although Lian Cangqing is powerful, she is not invincible. If we work together, we will surely be able to contain her arrogance."

The words of Lu Heng made the Lord of All Demons "instantly" overjoyed.

He immediately bowed down and kneeled, lowering his head.

"The Evil Lord is willing to lend a helping hand. The entire Green Hell Cave is grateful and willing to serve the Evil Lord, obey his orders and die for him without hesitation!"

The Lord of All Demons spoke earnestly and was extremely excited.

Seeing the demonic lord in such a state, Xiao Juechen on the side also followed suit and knelt down, saying, "We are willing to serve the Evil Lord as our master!"

In the blink of an eye, Lu Heng became the Lord of all demons in the Green Hell Cave.

However, Lu Heng shook his head with a smile at this "great opportunity delivered to his doorstep". He helped up the Lord of All Demons and said,

"The demonic lord need not be so polite. The appearance of the Dragon Soul in the world also interests me. We just need to work together and fight the enemy with a united front."

"The demonic lord is still in charge of this matter. I am just an outsider who joined midway, and I am not aware of the details of the plan. How can I lead all the demons?"

"That's why the demonic lord is still commanding all the demons. I'll just lend a hand on the side, guard against that Lian Cangqing, and won't interfere in any other affairs."

Lu Heng gave a smile as he gave assurance and revealed his desire to slack off.

It is evident that the Heavenly Demon Lord doesn't care about the leadership of the demons of the Green Hell Cave, all it wants is the Dragon Soul.

In that case, the Lord of All Demons didn't hesitate and said with a smile, "Since the evil lord trusts me so much, it would be impolite for me to decline… Okay! I promise the evil lord that on the day when the Dragon Soul appears, if the evil lord can hold back Lian Cangqing, the Green Hell Cave will do everything in our power to seize the Dragon Soul!"

The Lord of All Demons became impassioned and didn't mention the matter of a blood oath anymore.

It is fortunate enough that the Heavenly Demon Lord is willing to help now, so he cannot possibly mention such a demanding request again.

Anyway, the Heavenly Demon Lord and Lian Cangqing are at odds, and as long as these two encounter the appearance of the Dragon Soul, the Heavenly Demon Lord will surely fight against Lian Cangqing even without the need for a blood oath to urge him on.

After all, even if the Heavenly Demon Lord wants to hide, that aggressive and fierce Lian Cangqing would not let him go.

Therefore, the Lord of All Demons didn't mention the matter of a blood oath anymore, not wanting to offend this important helper.

Lu Heng smiled faintly and said, "The Demon Lord actually forgot to consider one thing. Although Lian Cangqing is terrifying, there is still something even more frightening that needs to be guarded against in the Fire Pass Country… The Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain. Does the Demon Lord have any countermeasures?"

When Lu Heng brought up this matter, the Lord of All Demons laughed and said, "The Demon Lord can rest assured about this. The Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is not as aware of the appearance of the Dragon Soul as Lian Cangqing is, and we in the Green Hell Cave have long since made a complete plan to take away the Dragon Soul."

"On the day when the Dragon Soul appears in this world, we can catch the wizard of the Fire Pass Country off-guard and easily take the Dragon Soul within a quarter of an hour."

"Even though the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain has unparalleled swordsmanship and invincible thunder power, can he be truly clairvoyant? By the time he realizes the chaos in the world of demons, we will have already taken away the Dragon Soul and escaped. Therefore, the Wolf God doesn't need to be feared. However terrifying he may be, it will not affect our overall plan."

The Lord of All Demons is extremely self-confident.

However, Lu Heng shook his head and said, "That may not be the case. Previously, the Demon Lord said that the Dragon Soul would appear in the capital. As far as I know, the Wolf God has an excellent relationship with the Fire Pass Country, and is even closer to Emperor Yan and Lianshan Jing."

"What if the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain happens to be a guest in the capital when the Dragon Soul appears… won't we be butting heads with him directly?"

Lu Heng expressed his concerns saying so.

However, the Lord of All Demons laughed and said, "I too have plans for this, so the evil lord need not worry. Although the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is invincible, but he has a son and a daughter living in this world."

"Nowadays, his daughter is in my Green Hell Cave. When the Dragon Soul appears, I will send someone to take the girl to the west and notify the Wolf God to come and fetch her."

"Faced with news of his daughter, the Wolf God cannot remain indifferent and will surely go to meet her, but he won't do it in the capital."

"This is a plan to lure the wolf out of the mountain. It is simple, but it will definitely work. After all, the Wolf God and the Fire Pass Country still don't know what my true plan for the Green Hell Cave is."

"By pretending to be careless, we will definitely catch them off guard and successfully take away the Dragon Soul!"

The Lord of All Demons' plan is indeed very thorough.

Lu Heng nodded after hearing this and said, "It is indeed a good plan, but the Wolf God's daughter… if the Demon Lord trusts me, he can hand over the Wolf God's daughter to me."

"I have an evil technique in my hand that can be used on close relatives through their bloodline. If the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain really goes to find his daughter, the moment father and daughter meet, the evil technique will be activated and they will both be sent into a different dimension, wandering in chaos."

"Even if the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is extraordinary and can return from a different dimension on his own, it will still take a very long time. By the time he returns, it may have been several years."

"Even if He knows about the Dragon Soul appearing in the world at that time, so much time has passed that He would have no way to trace it and would never be able to find out where we are."

Lu Heng proposed a more secure plan.

After the Lord of All Demons heard it, his eyes lit up.

He said, "This method, Evil Lord, is truly better."

"Come! Xiao Juechen, later on you will take Evil Lord to meet the daughter of The Wolf God."

"With the help of Evil Lord, what does The Green Hell Cave have to fear from failing in this grand endeavor… Hahahaha…"

Beneath the bamboo pavilion, the Lord of All Demons laughed heartily, feeling very happy.

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