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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 278

2023-09-03 01:20:00Publish Time: 1,287 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 278: A Series of Crimes

One by one, the woman in the purple dress coldly listed Lu Heng's various crimes, each sentence deeply piercing into the heart of the young boy.

The horrifying scene in front of his eyes completely crushed the emotions of the young boy.

He stood dumbfounded inside the peach blossom garden, looking at the immensely huge peach tree with thriving growth in front of him, as well as the remains of the infants buried beneath the tree.

The emotions of despair and pain erupted inside him.

He vigorously shook his head and shouted at the woman in the purple dress in front of him.

"You're talking nonsense! These are all fake! They're not real! They're illusions! They're fantasies! They're not real!"

"When my father comes and finds out that you've tarnished his reputation like this, he will definitely have you arrested and face divine punishment, being completely eradicated."

The little boy screamed and cursed hoarsely.

However, his aggressive and cowardly screaming couldn't scare the woman in the purple dress.

Instead, it only made the woman in the purple dress laugh more wildly.

"Divine punishment and complete eradication? Hmph! Even if I were afraid of those, I still wouldn't have exposed the crimes he's committed in front of you!"

The tone of the woman in the purple dress was full of extreme disdain and determination.

Contempt was directed towards Lu Heng.

As for determination, it was regarding her own actions and decisions.

She coldly snorted and said, "While others are afraid of his divine punishment, I am not! While others are hesitant to expose his false righteous facade, I dare to do so!"

"A false righteous man such as him, who pretends to be moral and virtuous, is even more disgusting than those evil cultivators who indiscriminately kill people!"

"At least those evil cultivators harm others openly and shamelessly without disguising themselves. However, your father, a false righteous man, clearly engages in evil deeds while boasting about his own supposed righteousness."

"He talks about slaying demons and eradicating evil, yet he doesn't disassociate himself from those monstrous killers who kill people indiscriminately... Hmph! You say that what I've shown you is all an illusion, that I'm deceiving you."

"But when faced with Gu Zhou and the Water God of Pang River, your father's smiling face is not me forcing him to smile by pressing his head, right?"

"When he entered the Water Palace, it wasn't me who forced him to abandon all of you and sneakily run to the depths of the Water Palace with Gu Zhou, was it?"

"These are all things you saw with your own eyes, not something that I showed you, right?" The woman in the purple dress coldly sneered and pressed on menacingly, "Also, your mother never wanted to tell you about your father's identity. It was only when she was close to death that she finally revealed your father's name, and it was her own choice, right?"

"If your father is really as righteous and stern as you saw him, not tolerating any wrongdoings, and is truly a towering great man, then why didn't your mother tell you his name and surname? And why didn't she take you and your siblings to find him?"

"Not only did she not go to find him, but she also hid far away, hiding in Luwu Mountain thousands of miles away, not daring to let outsiders know her whereabouts."

"Is your mother insane? Her husband was so good to her, but she didn't want him? Instead, she chose to hide with her children and suffer?"

The woman in purple dress's cold and sneering questioning made the little boy turn pale and tremble all over.

But this time, he couldn't even say a word of defiance or doubt.

Because everything that the woman in purple dress said was true.

Mother never told them their father's name, and it was only on her deathbed that she had to reveal their father's name to her children.

Just as the woman in purple dress said, if father was so good, why did mother have to hide?

This question was the doubt that had been weighing on the little boy's mind ever since he saw his father.

If father was so good, why did mother have to keep hiding them from him?

The little boy was at a loss for words and looked hopeless, while the woman in purple was even more pleased and sneered.

"So... young man, you finally see what kind of hypocrite your self-righteous father is, right?"

"Why do you think he had to take you to Luwu Mountain? To verify if you are really his son and then treat you well?"

"Wrong! He is going to Luwu Mountain to find your mother and son's previous place of residence, confirm you are his offspring, confirm your mother is truly dead, and then kill you and your sister to prevent any future problems!"

The woman in purple spoke in a cold and terrifying voice, "Your father, this selfish and hypocritical pseudo-scholar, would never tolerate any vulnerabilities that could be used against him."

"Now, the demon in the Green Hell Cave has gone beyond what he can tolerate by using your sister to threaten him."

"His plan is to verify your identity as siblings, then directly kill you both to eliminate any future dangers, so that no one can blackmail him."

"If your mother hadn't died, he would have killed the woman who gave birth to his children!"

"Compared to him, the demon in the Green Hell Cave only took your sister to negotiate terms, but your father, on the other hand, would rather see both you and your sister dead!"

"Otherwise, if he really cared about your sister's safety, he would have gone straight to the Green Hell Cave and negotiated with the Lord of All Demons to get her back."

"But once he left the mountain, he wandered around aimlessly on the way, wasting time... Do you really believe his nonsense and think that he is waiting for a messenger from Green Hell Cave?"

"If he really wanted to negotiate with the Green Hell Cave, when he met the Four Elders from the Green Hell Cave at the Fierce Demon Feast, he could reveal his identity and ask Xiao Juechen to help him contact the Lord of All Demons."

"But he didn't do that, instead he concealed his identity and pretended to be someone else... Can't you see that?"

"He doesn't want to save your sister at all! He even wishes that the demons in the Green Hell Cave will patiently wait until they get tired and then kill your sister to sever his weaknesses."

"After all, there are many malicious secret arts that target blood relatives in this world. Although your father is ruthless and not bound by you, he is afraid that you will be used to cast evil arts to harm him!"

"For someone as ruthless and ungrateful as him, you and your siblings, as well as your mother, are all hidden dangers that must be eliminated! He will never allow you to live!"

In the darkness, the woman in purple clothes laughed coldly again and again.

Her voice carries a peculiar power that makes people subconsciously want to believe.

Moreover, the words she spoke sounded truly logically tight and flawless.

The little boy was on the brink of collapse.

He sat on the ground with a look of despair and at some point, tears had already filled his face.

"This cannot be...this cannot be..."

The little boy's murmurs sounded so pitiful.

After watching for a while, the woman in purple seemed to have been affected as well and couldn't help but sigh. Her tone became much softer.

"Enough, stop howling. Your father is despicable and disgusting, that's his own matter."

"You can learn from your mother and not get involved in his wrongdoing! Isn't your mother a very good role model?"

"She raised you two siblings all by herself, never relying on your father, and even kept her distance from him. Isn't she also living a dignified life?"

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