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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Kowtow

Inside the bamboo pavilion, Lu Heng had a strange expression, while the Lord of All Demons and Xiao Juechen looked full of surprise.

The Lord of All Demons spoke directly, "So the evil lord knows this female cultivator?"

Lu Heng quickly shook his head and denied, "I don't know her and I don't know what happened outside that made her hate me… Could it be because my previous behavior of not wanting to stay and insisting on leaving angered her?"

This is Lu Heng's speculation.

The Lord of All Demons chuckled and said, "If she hated you simply for that, then this female cultivator's mind is too shallow."

Under the bamboo pavilion, the evil creatures were talking.

In the enormous mirror projection, the eerie woman above the Floating Jade Mountain, Wan Rong, spoke icily.

"The Heavenly Demon Lord is a guest in my cave, you don't have the right to come here and give orders. Since you want to fight me, then just make your move directly."

"Within three moves, we'll see who wins!"

Compared to the brutal and wicked Lian Cangqing, the wife of the Lord of All Demons seems even harder to provoke. She directly threatened to fight without any fear of Lian Cangqing's distant palm technique.

Seeing this situation, Lian Cangqing snorted coldly and said, "To defeat you, two moves are enough!"

After speaking, the red-dressed woman under the moonlight raised her right hand. Under the moonlight, her fair palm gradually became as smooth and flawless as beautiful jade.

Even though they were only watching the projection through the water mirror and not physically present on the Floating Jade Mountain, Lu Heng and his companions could clearly feel the terrifying killing intent emanating from the fair, jade-like palm.

The expression of the Lord of All Demons became slightly solemn.

No matter how relaxed he appeared, he could not truly remain indifferent to his wife's battle against such a formidable enemy.

And above the Floating Jade Mountain, Wan Rong, dressed in purple, also wore a serious expression. The furious evil aura surged violently around her body.

Amidst the howling of the cold wind, the power of evil and wickedness was fully displayed.

The entire Floating Jade Mountain range was nearly completely shrouded by the evil energy. The terrifying power of demonic evil shook the heavens and even overwhelmed the stars in the sky.

However, despite the intense surging of this evil energy, it could not even come close to the red-clothed woman under the moon in the distance.

As all the energy of evil and wickedness surged and spread violently, they all moved away from Lian Cangqing and dared not come anywhere near this woman.

Under the moonlight, Lian Cangqing raised her right hand and gazed towards the demons ahead, saying:

"Are you ready? Don't think that I am bullying those younger than me!"

Wan Rong gave a cold snort, refusing to back down.

Her response caused Lian Cangqing to burst into a loud laugh, and she no longer restrained her own aura.

In an instant, a white jade palm struck out through the air, cold and calm, heading towards the demon ahead.

"Annihilating Blue Hand!"

With a cold and ruthless low shout, the woman in red clothed hand shot out; an evil aura surging forth.

The countenance of Wan Rong, who was enveloped in boundless malevolent energy, suddenly changed.

As the palm landed, the endless aura of evil flowing between the two didn't change at all, with no invisible force emanating from afar.

It seems that this Lian Cangqing really just lightly tapped from a distance.

However, at the moment when the Annihilating Blue Hand fell, her heart suddenly jumped, an incomprehensible sense of horror instantly emerged, as if she was standing on the edge of a cliff and about to perish!

Without any hesitation or contemplation, Purple-clad Wan Rong let out a low cry and instantaneously dispelled the infinite malevolent energy looming over the Floating Jade Mountain.

The pitch-black aura of evil immediately engulfed the figure of the woman in purple clothes.

Transforming into the strongest formation, she protected herself within it.

But in the next second, a sudden scream echoed from within the boundless aura of evil.

"Splurt -"

Amid the splattering of blood, the aura of evil above the Floating Jade Mountain dispersed immediately, revealing the purple-clad woman at its center with an incredulous expression on her face.

Wan Rong was in such a state that half of her body was covered in blood and her expression was one of shock. Half of her shoulder, along with her entire arm, had disappeared, and the bloody flesh trembled violently in the moonlight.

The once stunningly beautiful woman now appeared frightening like a demon or a skeleton, devoid of her former grace and elegance.

"This cannot be possible!"

The Lord of All Demons under the bamboo pavilion suddenly stood up, his expression filled with shock.

During the surge of evil aura just now, there was clearly no force of palm strength that flew into the evil aura formation.

How did Lian Cangqing actually hurt Wan Rong? Could it be that she could really take someone's life from a distance?

The expression of the Lord of All Demons was one of shock and anger.

Outside the Floating Jade Mountain, the woman in the red dress under the moonlight gave a cold smile and, satisfied, watched Wan Rong's angry and embarrassed display, saying.

"My first strike was just a warm-up, the next strike… will take your life!"

After speaking, she took a step forward directly.

With one step, radiance trembled.

At the feet of Lian Cangqing, there appeared a brilliant golden light.

With every step she took on the golden light, she instantly vanished from the sight of the crowd and appeared directly behind the purple-clothed Wan Rong, who stood at the center of the evil storm.

From behind, she reached out and caught Wan Rong's neckline, and in a indifferent tone of voice asked, "Have you recognized the footwork of this half-step to the brink of heaven… The Heavenly Demon Lord?"

"Years ago, you disregarded my martial path, saying that it was nothing compared to your 'Demon Sutra'. Have you seen the peak of this martial path now?"

"However, I am broad-minded, unlike your petty nature. If you crawl out and knock your head in front of everyone, I will overlook the past and spare this woman's life. What do you say? You have half an hour to think about it."

Lu Heng's heart skipped a beat upon hearing Lian Cangqing's indifferent tone.

Demon Sutra…the Heavenly Demon Lord… Is it really just a coincidence? Is it possible that the ancient giant who passed down the Demon Sutra to the Demon Stone was none other than the Heavenly Demon Lord?

Do you have a history with this Lian Cangqing? Is there any animosity between you?

Lu Heng, realizing this, almost had an impulse to swear.

I randomly chose a nickname and it happens to coincide with an ancient powerhouse… This is just too unlucky.

No wonder this Lian Cangqing suddenly targeted him, Lu Heng. It wasn't because Lu Heng's previous behavior in escaping had angered her, but because Lu Heng had left using evil magic recorded in the Demon Sutra, and even named himself with the coincidentally fitting name the Heavenly Demon Lord…

Watching the Lord of All Demons' hesitant expression, Lu Heng couldn't help feeling helpless.

Alas… it seems this matter cannot be resolved peacefully," sighed Lu Heng.

The Lord of All Demons was slightly surprised and asked: 'Does the evil lord plan to take action?'

Lu Heng was about to speak, but suddenly felt the ground in the Green Hell Cave tremble violently.

A dazzling light suddenly rose from the distance, illuminating the entire Green Hell Cave.

At the same moment, the Floating Jade Mountain reflected in the water mirror also underwent a change.

As the cornerstone of the Three Realms Gathering Formation, the Floating Jade Mountain shook violently, emitting a dazzling light, rising up from the mountain and transforming into a roaring five-clawed dragon that flew into the distance, bellowing in anger under the night sky.

Seeing this scene, Lian Cangqing was startled and seemed to sense something.

"The dragon soul appears?!"

She looked incredulously towards the direction where the Five-Clawed Radiant Dragon disappeared, and then casually threw away the hostage in her hand as if throwing away garbage.

She immediately chased after the light.

Only that somewhat disdainful call echoed in the mountains.

"I'll remember your arrogant attitude, and will come back to demand it from you next time!"

After speaking, Lian Cangqing directly emitted a golden light beneath her feet, and she disappeared from Lu Heng's field of vision by stepping on a mystical body technique that approached the edge of the heavens and earth.

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