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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 79

2022-07-24 06:45:00Publish Time: 4,193 views
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Chapter 79: Soul Leaves Without a Shadow

On the mountain path, the wind roared.

Everyone in the caravan looked at Lu Heng in awe, thinking that Lu Heng had wiped out the terrible beast Xiqu.

But Lu Heng knew in his heart that he had done nothing at all.

He was sure that no one peeped at him with magic eyes this time. The Xiqu running in the mountains and forests fell down by itself.

This time, it really has nothing to do with Lu Heng!

Lu Heng looked at Xiao Ai aside. He was about to speak, but he saw that Xiao Ai also looked at him with admiration.

Obviously, even the little girl thought that the beast that rushed over was scared to death by Lu Heng.

Seeing this scene, somehow, Lu Heng suddenly felt a strong sense of powerlessness in his heart.

He wants to tell everyone seriously - this time it really has nothing to do with me!

But obviously, even if Lu Heng really said so, everyone present would not believe it.

He was silent for a few seconds, and then said, "Xiao Ai, let us go and have a look."

After saying that, he walked directly into the forest.

In the forest with rustling leaves, there was a faint smell of blood floating along the wind.

Lu Heng understood that the smell of blood might be the reason why Xiqu suddenly fell.

Probably before meeting everyone, the Xiqu had been seriously injured. This fierce beast ran all the way here, not to attack the people of the caravan, but panicked when running for its life.

It just happened that its injury worsened and it died directly before it ran to Lu Heng.

Because this scene is too coincidental, it looks like Xiqu rushed in front of Lu Heng and was scared to death by Lu Heng…

Lu Heng didn't bother to explain this. Anyway, no one believed what he said. He went directly into the woods to check the cause of death of the strange beast Xiqu.

This fierce beast had been entrenched here for decades, but suddenly died today. There must be an expert behind it.

Lu Heng wants to see what kind of expert killed Xiqu.

Maybe he can have a taste of Xiqu too.

Since Xiqu looks like a cow, does it taste like beef? Lu Heng was curious.

As Lu Heng walked into the woods, the smell of blood in the air became stronger, and Xiao Ai, who followed closely, also smelled it.

The little girl's eyes became sharp, and she subconsciously went to the Wolf God.

Soon, they passed through the dense trees and saw the huge beast lying in the mountains.

Xiqu's massive body is almost like a hill, roughly estimated to be two metres high. Such a huge body, even if the shape is really just a cow, it can give people a great sense of oppression.

Moreover, this Xiqu has a ferocious face and red eyes, which is much more fierce and terrifying than ordinary cows.

Just the blood red eyes with resentment and anger are bigger than Xiao Ai's head.

Although Lu Heng's wolf demon body is larger than that of ordinary wolves, it is nothing compared to this terrible beast.

"Lord Wolf God…"

Xiao Ai suddenly gave a gentle cry, pointing to a terrible crack on the back of the Xiqu.

On the back of this terrible beast, there is a huge wound with deep bones. Dark blood was constantly pouring out of the wound. With the strange black blood pouring out, a strange stench gradually appeared in the air.

Lu Heng looked serious at it.

As the dark blood gushed out, he felt a strong evil spirit.

And between the mouth and nose of the Xiqu, the color of the blood is clearly blood red. But the blood gushing out of the wound on the back of the body was foul-smelling rotting black blood.

Seeing this, Lu Heng knew that it was unlikely that an expert killed Xiqu, but instead some strange evil thing…

"Step back," Lu Heng said, glancing coldly at the woods in front of him, "It's better to do less than more!"

Although Lu Heng's thunder is very powerful, the demons have always had a lot of tricks. If the other party wants to hurt the people of the caravan, even Lu Heng can't protect them all.

And the body of Xiqu became so disgusting that even the blood went bad, and Lu Heng had no appetite.

He directly took Xiao Ai back, intending to stay away from the body of the Xiqu.

But the two had not gone far, and a strange sound suddenly sounded from the huge wound on the back of the Xiqu.

Gulu Gulu Gulu Gulu——

Dark blood bubbles constantly gushed out of the wound, as if something inside wanted to climb out.

A certain gloomy and terrifying smell swirled among the Xiqu's body.

Lu Heng frowned and directly split out with a heavenly thunder.



A terrible Bang exploded among the mountains.

The blazing thunder, carrying the power of disaster and punishment, turned the wilderness and dense forest into a white canvas, and even startled all the peddlers on the road not far away.

After the thunder dispersed, the massive body of Xiqu had turned into a mass of smoke, and even the bones turned into black powder.

But on this huge corpse, a translucent shadow unexpectedly rose.

It was a Xiqu that had shrunk many times, and now it was struggling and screaming desperately in the void. But on its back, wearing a dark chain, which pulled it and tried to drag it into the dark forest.

And the location of the chain is the wound on the back of Xiqu!

Seeing this scene, Xiao Ai widened her eyes in amazement.

"Lord Wolf God!" She said incredulously, "This… This is the soul?"

Lu Heng nodded with gloomy eyes.

It was obviously the soul of Xiqu that was locked by black chains and struggling desperately in midair.

This was the first time he had seen a ghost's soul.

In this world, there is no netherworld. After death, the soul will dissipate between heaven and earth.

But it is obvious that the soul of the Xiqu is not going to dissipate, but is caught by some terrible evil thing.

The dark chain crashed, dragging the struggling soul of Xiqu into the dark forest.

At the last moment, Lu Heng clearly saw that the translucent soul of Xiqu was gradually infected with strange darkness, emitting the eerie aura of evil things.

Finally, in the gaze of Lu Heng and Xiao Ai, the soul of Xiqu was dragged into the depths of the forest by the black chain and completely disappeared from their vision.

And Xiao Ai finally understood that the Xiqu was not killed by the Wolf God but by an unknown demon…

"Lord Wolf God…" the little girl looked at Lu Heng. "Are we going to chase after it?"

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "This has nothing to do with us. It's important to send Xin Sheng and the others down the mountain first. If the demon doesn't come to us, we'll ignore it."

With that, Lu Heng took Xiao Ai out of this gloomy and strange forest.

Before leaving, he took a deep look at the direction of the disappearance of the black chain.

He didn't tell Xiao Ai that the evil spirit emanating from the black chain seemed to come from the same source as the Demon Seed in the Shuisheng village

It seems that he has a lot of karma with the Green Hell Cave.