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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: Assembly of Demonic Forces

Lu Heng's self-deprecating chuckle confirmed the little boy's suspicion, making him widen his eyes in surprise.

"This...there are evil demons in this village?" The little boy could hardly believe the fact, "And also a congregation of evil demons? This..."

He was completely dumbfounded.

As they journeyed eastward, even though the surroundings were desolate with bones littered in the field and no cock crowing for miles, they didn't encounter any evil demons.

What exactly caused this, anyone can tell.

However, now father says there are evil demons in this village, and they are even gathering... don't the evil demons know that the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain will pass through this place?

To put it another way, even if the evil demons didn't know that the Wolf God was coming, the group of people still came in pomp and circumstance from the entrance of the village, and even stayed in the village for a long time, cooking and preparing food without the slightest attempt to conceal their trace.

With such a showy display, did the group of evil demons never try to escape when they saw it?

And now they even want to gather together?

Don't these evil demons recognize Hanyu Mountain's Wolf God?!

At this moment, Shen Wuyou had doubts, either these evil demons had gone mad or the whole world had gone mad.

When did it become acceptable for evil demons to openly gather wherever the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is?

Not only was young Wuyou shocked by this situation, but even Xiao Ai found herself surprised.

Lu Heng gently pushed open the doors of the dilapidated temple, revealing the village shrouded in darkness before everyone's eyes.

Gloomy, lifeless, silent... Despite a sense of chilly atmosphere circulating in the air, the village in front of them was still and silent, with no sign of any living creature in sight.

There was not much difference compared to when they came in.

Xiao Ai frowned and asked, "The Wolf God, are the evil demons hiding in the dark?"

Lu Heng shook his head and said, "It's not in the dark, but in the open. They just gather in a place beyond the reach of ordinary people."

As he spoke, Lu Heng gently waved his sleeve and created ripples in the air.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Let's go and see what the gathering of the demons looks like."

With that, Lu Heng took a step directly into the ripples in the air and disappeared in an instant in front of everyone.

Xiao Ai followed closely behind Gu Yan, and the little boy hurriedly followed suit with quick steps.

After passing through the rippling air, everyone only felt a slight redness in their eyes, and then their vision returned to normal.

What appeared before them was still the desolate and run-down village, but now it was much more lively.

The blood-red moon hangs high in the sky.

A faint smell of blood diffused in the air, casting a strange dark red hue over the entire desolate village.

Yet in this village that should have been barren, all kinds of peculiar figures had now gathered, wandering around the village and making it as lively as a marketplace, contrasting sharply with its abandoned appearance.

The ugly monster, completely covered in black and blue bruises, wriggled on the ground like a bloated worm.

Dressed in revealing clothing that barely covered the essential areas, the seductive women walked together, playfully chatting with the tall demon.

A strange evil cultivator, with a short stature and arms long enough to drag on the ground, had ten sharp fingernails emitting a fearful green light.

There were also many demons with residual animal features that looked fierce and terrifying...

Unlike righteous demon cultivators, demons tend to shed their animal form and ferocity when they transform themselves, while seeking self-transcendence.

However, once demons become possessed by evil, they become even more obsessed with beastly ferocity, and even with their exceptional cultivation, they often take on a grisly half-demon appearance when dealing with humans.

Standing at the entrance of the dilapidated temple, the little boy's face turned slightly pale as he watched the terrifying scene of demons dancing wildly before him.

"Dad... Dad," he whispered fearfully. "Are we just going to walk in like this, so openly and boldly?"

Lu Heng smiled and said, "No need to be afraid. I've cast an illusion. As far as these demon eyes can see, we are evil creatures that exude a wicked aura, even more frightening than they are."

What Lu Heng said was not an exaggeration.

As some demons passed by the run-down temple and caught sight of the three people and a bird standing at the entrance, they paused curiously before quickly turning their heads down and hurrying away in a panic.

Their fearful behavior was clearly due to encountering a more powerful evil creature and being afraid of getting into trouble.

Xiao Ai extended her hand, wanting to conjure a water mirror to examine her current appearance. However, as soon as she raised her hand, she hesitated.

The evil demons in this desolate village were all ferocious and ugly; even Xiao Ai herself wasn't looking too good...

So, she gave up on the idea and decided not to look at her current appearance.

Lu Heng led everyone forward and merged into the ranks of the demons.

The evil demons in this small village appeared to be all heading in the same direction, as if there was some sort of important gathering taking place.

Being amidst demonic creatures, the little boy was sneaking glances around in fear, but he ended up discovering even more peculiar things.

Although there were many demons in this desolate village, among them were those who had fallen from being human cultivators, and some strange and fierce beasts that were born that way.

For example, those several glamorous and provocative, scantily clad women are neither human nor demon, but Yin spirits. Their origins are from evil beings of the demonic path.

When the little boy was sneakily observing, it appeared to have caught the attention of those Yin spirits. They actually turned around and gave a strange smile.

Shen Wuyou was so frightened that he immediately looked away, his heart thumping loudly.

If his father wasn't by his side, he would have been so scared that he would have wanted to run away.

While Lu Heng was amongst demons and evil beings, walking with this group of evil demons, he saw even more interesting things.

The demons and evil beings that came to this deserted village seemed to have some injuries to varying degrees.

However, the injuries varied in severity. For the severe cases, they were on the brink of death, struggling even to walk, and some even returned to their original animal form and could only move in that form.

The less severe injuries were merely broken limbs or bones or wounds that would take a short time to heal.

In the air, there was a strong demonic energy that had gathered and dispersed. The evil energy was like a thick fog that rose to the sky. If it weren't for the dark red barrier blocking it, the weirdness of this place would have long since attracted the wizards of The Fire Pass Country, who would have slaughtered everything.

As the demonic beings moved, their whispered complaints and grievances reached Lu Heng's ears.

"Hmph... this time, I will make the ill-starred pay the price..."

"This is an outrageous insult!"

"Xiao Juechen, one of the Four Elders, also the master, is said to be coming tonight. If we work together, we are not afraid of any ill-starred. Let's kill him!"

"That's right! This time we must kill him!"

Within the demonic beings, angry whispers and dialogues seemed to be pointing towards an ill-starred one that frightened the demon spirits.

However, Lu Heng can be certain that this ill-starred one definitely doesn't refer to him, Lu Heng.

After all, since Lu Heng came down the mountain, he has not encountered even one demonic being.

And the demonic beings gathered here seem to have come together to surround and kill a cultivator who has always been at odds with them?

This is getting interesting...

Apart from the wizards led by Lianshan Jing, are there cultivators hunting down demonic beings in Fire Pass Country as well?

Could it be that the person is Jiu Mie...?

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