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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 151

2022-10-31 16:46:05Publish Time: 3,107 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 151: Old Woman, Don't Pretend to Be a Virgin

Legends and stories from ancient times have always been the things that people enjoy talking about.

Lian Caiyi was curious about them too. In the past, she was also curious about such rumors.

But now she has experienced the struggle of cultivators from ancient times, and she only has one idea in her heart… Why am I the one who meets all these things?!

Although meeting an interesting little man, which made her happy, the little man was accompanied by an old monster.

It was a strong demon cultivator from ancient times, and a close friend of the legendary Zhu Jiuyou...

It's really interesting to hear people mention those secret ancient rumors, but it's not interesting to be in them.

Lian Caiyi looked pale and nervous.

She was not only worried about her own life and death, but also could not turn a blind eye to the whereabouts of the ship of cultivators' souls. However, she didn't dare to say anything for fear of offending the white wolf in front of her.

She not only cares about morality, but also worries about her own survival… The dilemma made her uncomfortable.

Huo Feng was curious to see her so uncomfortable.

"Girl," Huo Feng took the initiative to ask. "Why are you so upset? If the winds of the sea make you uncomfortable, you can rest at the cabin. Drinking some hot water might be even better."

Huo Feng's casual inquiry made Lian Caiyi stunned, and then her expression turned annoyed.

This guy…

She looked back at Huo Feng and saw that he was serious.

At that moment, she could not even tell whether the guy was joking or serious.

After hesitating for a moment, Lian Caiyi smiled weakly and said, "Thank you for your concern. There is no need to rest. One of the floating corpses in the sea was my friend. I want to… at least, watch her soul leave."

Lian Caiyi's soft and mournful whisper tried to use the least irritating tone to talk about You Yue's soul.

However, Lu Heng didn't speak, so Huo Feng just waved his hand and said.

"Then you don't need to wait here," said Huo Feng. "Your sworn enemy's soul will give service to the Wolf God. She can't leave for a short time. You'd better go in and have a rest. There is no need to stay here."

After Huo Feng said this, Lian Caiyi's face was pale again, and her smile was reluctant.

You Yue's soul was going to serve the wolf god… does this mean that the wolf god will use her soul to cultivate some evil cultivation methods?!

What's more, the words of Huo Feng were obviously impatient. She could feel it.

After a little hesitation, she finally saluted them and said, "Thank you. I will go to have a rest…"

With that, the woman hurried away and dared not stay on the deck.

Lu Heng at the bow of the boat watched the woman leave behind, and now he vaguely guessed what the other side was worried about.

Suddenly, he felt funny and helpless.

"Although this woman is mischievous, she is not a bad person. Why would Brother Huo scare her?" Lu Heng said.

Under the moonlight, Huo Feng also watched the woman's back, sighed, and said.

"Although she is not a bad person, my intuition tells me that this woman will be a big trouble. So it's better to let her go a little farther… It's better to scare her away immediately, and it's better to separate her from us."

Huo Feng's words made Lu Heng shake his head.

"This woman is quite beautiful, and seems to have some interest in Brother Huo… Are you not interested at all?" Lu Heng asked with a smile.

Without hesitation, Huo Feng said, "In the past, I would have had some thoughts about her, but now… I won't."

"In the past six months with the Wolf God, I have seen many strange things that ordinary people can hardly see in their lives."

"Compared with the breathtaking scenery that the Wolf God took me to see, this woman's appearance is beautiful, but it is nothing in my heart."

"What's more, I hate old women who act like young girls." Huo Feng couldn't help smiling when talking about this. "She and the palace master are friends. I'm afraid that her age is enough to be my grandmother."

"As soon as I think that the young girl in front of me is actually as old as my grandmother… I can't accept it."

This sentence that Huo Feng said with a smile made Lu Heng laugh.

He shook his head and said with a smile, "If Brother Huo's words spread, I'm afraid that the female cultivators in the whole world will come to kill you… hahaha…"

The two men laughed at the joke, and the laughter spread far away.

Even if Lian Caiyi in the cabin didn't deliberately eavesdrop, she clearly heard the conversation between them.

Because the two men in the bow didn't avoid her at all. Such a distance is almost equivalent to talking to her face.


This word makes Lian Caiyi's face twist as if she had just eaten a dead mouse.


If it wasn't because she was afraid (even if she didn't want to say it) to provoke the wolf god beside Huo Feng, she would rush out fiercely for an explanation for what he meant by "grandmother."

——But now she could only think about it.

Lian Caiyi sat in the cabin with her teeth clenched, angry and resentful, but she didn't even dare to make a sound.

Listening to the conversation between the two people, the situation seemed to be different from what she guessed.

It seems that the white wolf god is not evil.

But even if the White Wolf God is a good demon, not an evil demon, she dares not be presumptuous in front of him.

After all, the white wolf god's strength is real.

Who dares to be bold in the face of such a strong existence?

But the teenager of the Yun Sect…

Huo Feng…Huo Feng…


Huo Feng, right? I remember your name.

Can you stay with the Wolf God for a lifetime?

When you leave the Wolf God, I will have a good talk with you!

Didn't you say that you would vomit when you see an old woman pretending to be a young woman?


Stupid little man, you don't know your "grandmother's real charm".

Sooner or later, I will show you what a real "grandmother" is!

In the cabin, Lian Caiyi clenched her teeth.