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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 162

2022-12-08 22:05:00Publish Time: 2,508 views
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Chapter 162: The Legend of Moluo (1)

Lu Heng didn't say anything. Until the blood-red light column on one side had begun to fade, as if it would disappear at any time.

He finally sighed and arched his hand at the huge forest of steles in front of him.

"Thank you very much."

After that, he took the "Demon Sutra" and "Divine Skill" into the blood-red light column.

Although he still has a lot of questions in mind, they probably won't answer him.

Although there were two lights flying out of the forest of steles, each of them gave him a method of cultivation, but there was no response after that.

Lu Heng also knew that the reason why he got these two cultivation methods was only because of the chain reaction caused by the yellowing ancient scroll that Gongshu Jie had given him.

Otherwise, if he entered alone, he would not have such an opportunity.

Therefore, he left quickly without hesitation.

What's more, Lu Heng just entered here by mistake. His real purpose is to rescue Huo Feng!

Now three days have passed, and he doesn't know what happened to Brother Huo outside. Erba God Man seems to be an evil being. Brother Huo might have fallen into their hands and something may have happened to him.

Lu Heng was worried and didn't want to stay here any longer, even though there seemed to be a big secret hidden there.

But for Lu Heng, saving Huo Feng is the most important.

As for those two excellent cultivation methods, although the cultivation methods recorded on them are really fascinating, Lu Heng doesn't intend to really cultivate them.

However, these two books can be used as reference for Lu Heng, and may help him to deduce his own cultivation methods more quickly.

Of course, these will not be studied until Huo Feng is rescued.

Taking the "Demon Sutra" and "Divine Skill", Lu Heng stepped into the blood-red light column without any nostalgia.

The blood-red world, the huge and mysterious Forest of Steles, and the giant statue of Nuwa, which is thousands of feet high... These mysterious things disappeared from Lu Heng's vision.

He was standing in the middle of a sea of flowers on the other side of the river. In the middle of the sea of flowers in front of him, there was a statue of Nuwa with a human body and a snake tail. But the statue was only a hundred feet tall.

Although it is huge, compared with the huge stone statue in the Steles Forest, it is far lower.

And at the periphery of this flower sea, there were a group of soldiers in black armor standing densely.

Lu Heng almost thought he was back on the ancient battlefield. But the bodies under the broken armor were not clay sculptures, but pale and emaciated human bodies.

They looked like vampires.

Lu Heng was a little surprised.

Because he saw the monster Boyi and the chariot representing the Lord of the Immortal Kingdom not far away...

He doesn't know how long these people have been here, but they are guarding outside?

Lu Heng thought for a moment, arched his hand at Luo Yujun in the chariot, and said, "I'm Lu Heng from Hanyu Mountain."

In full view of the public, Lu Heng who suddenly appeared from the other side of the sea of flowers said.

Next to his soul body, the huge wolf demon lowered its eyebrows and eyes, but it was more fierce.

On the dark grassland of optical fiber, there was a strange silence.

The soldiers, Luo Yujun in the chariot, and even the monster Boyi... At this time, everyone who saw this scene lost their words for a short time.

All the people were shocked to see Lu Heng's appearance.

He unexpectedly... came out?!

Luo Yujun could hardly believe his eyes.

This mysterious ancient battlefield is the birthplace of the Immortal Kingdom. Luo Yujun knew more about the danger of the ancient battlefield than anyone else.

In addition once every hundred years, the ancient battlefield will be temporarily quiet, those wandering ancient war generals will disappear, and outsiders can find an exit to leave.

In other times, the ancient battlefield was a death land that one could only enter but could not leave.

Once you enter by mistake, you are dead.

Before the establishment of the Immortal Kingdom, this place was already a forbidden area for all cultivators.

After the establishment of the Immortal Kingdom, Luo Yujun hid this ancient battlefield and prohibited outsiders from entering the border of the Immortal Kingdom so that the outside world almost forgot about this strange flower sea.

However, among those old monsters who have been cultivating for countless years, the evil name of this flower sea has always been famous.

Once every hundred years, Luo Yujun will enter the dangerous ancient battlefield alone. Avoiding the evil wind that blows out the soul and destroys all the evil storms, he struggled to find the Dark Sky Black Armor left on the ancient battlefield to arm his own people.

Few people know more about the danger of this ancient battlefield than Luo Yujun.

But now, it is not the quiet period of the ancient battlefield once in a century... It is absolutely impossible for anyone to come back alive after entering.

But now?!

Luo Yujun stared at Lu Heng in white in front of him and felt the indescribable shock.

And, a little shiver.

Did he actually come out?

And not only did he come out, but it also seems that he didn't get hurt at all.

Even the dangerous and unpredictable ancient battlefield didn't cause any disaster. It is reasonable to say that if someone intrudes into it by mistake and fights with those ancient war generals, it will certainly lead to a deadly riot.

The higher the cultivation level of the intruder, the more terrible the deadly riot will be.

So Luo Yujun summoned his troops here to suppress the impending deadly riot.

But now everything in the flower sea is calm, there is no riot in the ancient battlefield, and it seems that nothing has happened. This cultivator has come out...

At this moment, Luo Yujun finally remembered what Erba God Man had said when they ran away.

"Do you think we are afraid of you? We are just afraid of the old monster behind you!"

At that time, he didn't think Erba God Man was terrible, so he didn't pay attention to this sentence.

After all, he also knew that this wolf god must be a senior with a high cultivation base.

However, after witnessing the existence of Moluo Evil Spirit, Luo Yujun realized that even if he took all the troops with him, he could not stop the legendary Moluo Evil Spirit.

Erba God Man does have the capital to be arrogant.

But even Erba God Man with the Moluo Sword didn't dare to provoke the wolf god...

Now this wolf god had broken into the ancient battlefield by mistake, and he could walk out unharmed. He looked like he just walked back from his back garden...

Luo Yujun swallowed saliva and found that his estimate of the wolf god may be too low.

This is no ordinary senior master!

This is clearly an old monster from ancient times!