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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 208

2023-06-25 02:20:00Publish Time: 6,612 views
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Chapter 208: Starry Inheritance

At the moment the giant white wolf approached the star, it seemed to be solidified and directly frozen in the void, maintaining its flying posture, even its fur was solidified and didn't fall off.

This extremely eerie scene made Xiao Ai anxious in an instant.

"Wolf God!"

As she shouted loudly, she looked suddenly at Yu Huaifeng beside her, "You are scheming against the Wolf God!"

As soon as the voice fell, the dark blue ancient sword behind the little girl emitted a clear sword sound.


At the moment when the sound of swords rang out, the terrifying sword intent instantly swayed in the sea of stars, and in an instant, it shattered thousands of stars around it.

Amidst the crackling sounds, Xiao Ai in the sparkling starry sky turned black in an instant. Only the ordinary star in front of the Wolf God was not affected by the sword aura and still silently revolved around the center of the galaxy.

However, when Yu Huaifeng was affected by the sword aura, he was chilled all over, and a sense of horror of an impending disaster arose from the depths of his soul.

--Clearly, the little girl in front of him was incomparable to his own cultivation base.

In the midst of the starry sea, Yu Huaifeng swiftly fled a thousand feet away in the blink of an eye, feeling both anxious and helpless as he loudly protested.

"This is where the Wolf God actively came! How could we set traps and ambush the Wolf God? Miss Xiao Ai, please calm down!"

How can the little girl beside the Wolf God be so terrifying?

Although the sword has not left its sheath, it instantly shattered thousands of surrounding stars… You must know, these stars are extremely solid cages.

Since the construction of the Extreme Hell Prison, many demonic giants have been imprisoned within the stars, yet no one has ever been able to destroy them.

But now, the stars that have not been destroyed for tens of thousands of years were shattered in the blink of an eye…

Yu Huaifeng couldn't believe his eyes as he looked at the little girl carrying the bronze ancient sword, once again refreshing his perception of her.

Even a low-cultivated maid who stood beside the Wolf God made a terrifying move… One could only imagine what dreadful scene would unfold if the Wolf God himself were to take action.

However, what was most fearsome was not the little girl before them, but the Wolf God's body completely frozen in the void - a bizarre sight that shook Yu Huaifeng more than the little wolf girl's sword shattered countless false stars.

Could it be that there really were some secrets left by the ancestors within the Extreme Hell Prison?

Even an existence like the Wolf God was affected?

Yu Huaifeng urgently persuaded the little wolf girl in the Star Sea, saying, "Miss Xiao Ai, calm down. I will immediately summon the prison warden to come and investigate the situation. The Extreme Hell Prison was left by our ancestors, and its various wonders are not fully known to us either!"

"The Wolf God might have accidentally triggered some kind of magic array, we should quickly understand the situation instead of rushing into a confrontation!"

Yu Huaifeng's voice fell, and Xiao Ai looked at him coldly. She was about to speak when a tired voice suddenly sounded from behind.

"It's okay, Xiao Ai. I'm fine. Please don't get too agitated."

A figure in white appeared silently behind the silver-haired girl with animal ears. He gently patted her shoulder, calming her emotions, and sheathed the Heavenly Thunder Sword that had already been unsheathed by an inch.

Facing Xiao Ai's astonished eyes, Lu Heng in white smiled slightly and said, "Although I am moved by your concern, you can't move the Heavenly Thunder Sword. Just now, your impulsive action has caused the explosion of thousands of stars, and we might have to spend hundreds of years as laborers in the Mermaid Kingdom to compensate for that."

Xiao Ai was slightly taken aback by Lu Heng's joke, feeling a bit nervous. "Hundreds of years?"

Meanwhile, not far away, Yu Huaifeng was sweating profusely and quickly said with a forced smile, "The Wolf God is just kidding. There are too many stars in the sky, and a thousand or two exploding won't make a difference…no need to compensate."

What a joke! If it weren't for the intervention of the Wolf God who persuaded the hot-tempered she-wolf in time and stopped her from causing the destruction of the entire galaxy, the result might have been catastrophic.

Moreover, the scene of the Wolf God's sudden solidification was too scary. If it weren't for Yu Huaifeng's confirmation that he didn't trap the Wolf God, he would have thought that the Wolf God had been harmed after seeing that scene just now.

However, the fact that the Wolf God returned to normal so quickly may indicate that he had already freed himself from that strange magic formation.

Seeing the Wolf God return and the sword on the little girl's back sheathed, Yu Huaifeng carefully approached and asked, "What was happening with the Wolf God just now…?"

Yu Huaifeng looked at the slowly rotating star behind Lu Heng, hesitant to speak.

Lu Heng sighed and also looked back at the star, saying, "This is a divine thought left behind by the great deity who founded this star field with one hand. If someone who is fated to do so enters this star field, they will inherit the mantle of that great deity."

"Although I am not a destined one, I am somewhat…involved with that deity. So, coming here triggered the deity's divine consciousness left behind."

Lu Heng intended to say there might be some blood relation, but considering it would be too boastful. Moreover, he is currently a wolf demon in flesh, and only his soul belongs to himself, so he changed his words.

Lu Heng explained, "But, I am not a destined one. I couldn't obtain this starry sea, so I came back."

Lu Heng chuckled, "Master Yu, you can go back to the kingdom and select some trustworthy mermaids to come here. Maybe the destined one is in your kingdom. If the destined one is truly in the Mermaid Kingdom, then you can truly control this starry sea instead of using it as a prison for prisoners."

Lu Heng's half-joking, half-serious remark caused Yu Huaifeng to slightly startle, and he quickly bowed down to pay his respects.

"I humbly request the Wolf God to enlighten us in detail."

However, Lu Heng sighed and said, "I have nothing to teach. The divine consciousness of that great deity only glanced at me and then left with a flick of his sleeve, saying that I was not the destined one he was waiting for."

"As for who this great deity is, perhaps you will know when you find the destined one."

"And as for the true divine power of this starry sea, I am unaware. But one thing is certain, it is definitely not used simply to imprison criminals."

"That deity was a highly esteemed being from ancient times. His actions will not be mere trivialities."

Lu Heng sincerely explained, without any falsehood in his words. He indeed only saw a vague figure inside that star's interior.

When Lu Heng appeared, the figure sighed and said, "The Xuanyuan bloodline…it's fortunate that the Xuanyuan bloodline still exists in the world."

"Unfortunately, you are not the one I am waiting for…go back, there is nothing here that can give you what you seek."

After speaking, the blurry figure disappeared directly.

Meanwhile, Lu Heng returned to the Star Sea and saw Xiao Ai, who was about to draw the Heavenly Thunder Sword in anger. He quickly intervened.

This starry sea was left by the great deity Fu Xi. If you blow up the entire place with one sword, what will you do if his relatives and friends come looking for trouble?

From all the situations, it seems like the goddess Nüwa hasn't perished yet…

PS: Volume 5 (Chapter 233 - Chapter 296) has been published on Amazon. (