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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 157 Part 2

2022-11-27 16:07:33Publish Time: 2,816 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Luchyz-Hozzay, anonymous, Jing-Teck, Kurth, Anita-Krempl

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Chapter 157: Moluo Evil Spirit (2)

In the night sky, the sixteen lights fled quickly, and the insults were heard all over the land.

At the back, the chariot monster followed closely, biting the sixteen lights. In the chariot, Luo Yujun listened to the shouting and cursing outside, and his face was sour.

He looked at the sixteen lights in front of him and said coldly.

"Monsters are just monsters. You never know what respect is. Since you don't know how to live, then stay in the Immoral Kingdom tonight!"

In the chariot, Luo Yujun lightly waved his sleeves and said lightly.

"Where is the Black Knights army?"

Luo Yujun's voice fell, and suddenly a dense figure of knights appeared in the night sky ahead.

Every knight wore black armor and was successful in cultivation. The ancient dark sky and black armor were connected with each other, and were strong like a dark sun rising.

The battle array of knights was directly in front of the sixteen lights.


In the battle array, there was a neat roar.

All the knights raised their bronze halberds and pointed at the sixteen lights in front of them.

This scene changed the face of all the Erba God Man.

"Luo Yujun!"

The boss roared angrily, "I think you really don't want to live tonight!"

The road was blocked in front, and there were pursuers behind.

There were so many black knights in the Immortal Kingdom. They could not easily break through the battle array left in ancient times!

However, behind them, except for Luo Yujun, everyone could see a streak of white lightening approaching from afar.

With the speed of lightning, he was going to catch up soon.

At that time, they will face the pursuit of Luo Yujun and that old monster at the same time… In the light, all kids’ expressions were extremely ugly.

The boss shouted angrily, "Luo Yujun! You forced us!"

The little boy jumped anxiously. He directly opened his hands and shouted.

"Erba formations!"

The voice dropped, and the boss opened his hands and hovered in the air.

And all the lights around him stopped escaping and flew toward the boss.

Sixteen little kids now open their hands and hold the palms of the nearest one.

In the night sky, sixteen little kids held hands with each other and stood in a long row. The evil spirit exploded, and the holy spirits roared and connected.

The eight evil spirits and the eight holy spirits curled around each other, forming a strange circuit vaguely. The dazzling light burst out from among the sixteen kids illuminating the earth.

Luo Yujun's chariot suddenly stopped in the night sky.

Because in the dazzling light, a huge and ferocious arm stretched out.

The huge arms, which were several miles long, were covered with strange blue fluff and dark red strange veins. Like an ancient evil crawling out of a nightmare, it was full of inexplicable evil spirits.

Just an arm! Just an arm! It made Luo Yujun aware of some pressure.

And in that bright huge light, there was an angry roar.


The fierce roar seemed to be filled with hatred for the world. Once he was free from the light, he would kill all living creatures in his sight.

The violent evil spirit was surging, and even overcame the gloomy death spirit in the land of the Immortal Kingdom.

This monster…

Luo Yujun's face changed slightly, and he thought of an ancient rumor.

"Moluo Evil Spirit? Is Moluo Sword with you?!"

Luo Yujun questioned loudly.

In the bright light, the boss sneered.

"That's right! The Moluo Sword is in our hands! Hum! If it wasn't for the suppression of Moluo Sword, you can be arrogant in front of us. We will send you on the road tonight!"

"Do it!"

When the boss's voice fell, there were sixteen shrill screams in the bright light.

In the screams that came and went, it seemed that the Erba God Man all suffered great pain.

After the sixteen shrill screams, there was another angry animal roaring in the bright light. Another terrible and huge arm stretched out from the light.

It was also covered with blue fluff and dark red lines. The moment the second arm stretched out, it waved angrily and hit the nearby snow mountain viciously.

In the deafening noise, the several kilometers high snow mountain was knocked down by a blow. Among countless rocks, the flying snow rushed into the night sky under the influence of the shock wave.

Luo Yujun's face changed and he immediately looked at the sky behind him.

In the dark night sky, a thunder light was approaching rapidly.

If there was a helper, maybe I can retreat tonight!

However, as soon as Luo Yujun thought about it, he saw that the bright thunder light was flying straight toward him.

And in front of the thunder, the plain was blossoming with scarlet flowers on the other side. In the sea of flowers stands a huge stone statue one hundred feet high.

The thunder light unexpectedly flew straight towards the flower sea here, and did not detour to the side? Does he want to fly straight here?

Seeing this scene, Luo Yujun was stunned and shouted subconsciously.

"There can't be…"


There was a strange dull sound, and the lightning, which was extremely fast, disappeared directly into the flower sea. It disappeared in everyone's sight in an instant.

It was leaving the world directly.

In the night sky, Luo Yujun's face was dull. He only shouted half of his words and found that the thunder light had disappeared.

And in the bright light behind him, the sixteen little kids covered with cracks and blood were stunned when they saw this scene.

Then the boss gave a direct order.


The bright light disappeared in an instant.

The huge beast's arms turned into virtual shadows and dispersed in the world.

The sixteen little kids covered in blood once again turned into sixteen lights and fled to the distance.

This time, Luo Yujun didn't chase them.

He stood in the chariot and looked in the direction of the sea of flowers in disbelief.

Senior… Don't you know this sea of flowers?

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