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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 84

2022-07-27 23:50:00Publish Time: 4,330 views
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Chapter 84: Meeting an Old Friend in Another Country

A group of businessmen were rushing up the road in the hot afternoon light.

At this time, it is past the beginning of summer, and the mountains are getting hotter and hotter.

The ground trembled slightly with each step of the huge beasts.

Under the scorching sun, the businessmen who followed the beasts were sweating all over and some could not bear the heat.

But when they saw the Baishi city boundary monument in front of them, they still made a cheering sound.

"Hahaha… We’re almost in Baishi."

"When I enter the city, I need to take a cold bath first! Then I can have a good sleep!"

"I'm afraid you're not going to sleep alone… Hahahaha…"

In the caravan, a burst of cheerful laughter broke out.

However, although Lu Heng didn't follow them, the men didn't dare to talk about some topics that were too erotic. But when they squeezed their eyebrows and winked at each other, they couldn't help but snicker.

Not far in front of them, by the side of the road, stood a huge stone tablet engraved with the big word "Baishi city".

Under the [Baishi city], there are also dense small characters.

However, behind the boundary monument, there are still desolate roads and uninhabited mountains and forests, and no traces of the city can be seen.

Seeing that Lu Heng was curious about the boundary monument, Huo Feng opened his mouth and explained.

"This is the boundary monument of Baishi city. Stepping into the scope of this boundary monument is the protection of Master Wuzhu of Baishi city."

"Although we are about a day away from Baishi, we will not meet demons in the next section of the road."

Huo Feng said, "Within the boundary monument, there are masters of the Fire God Temple around to prevent evil spirits from invading."

"Of course, beasts are not within the scope of deportation. So there will still be fierce beasts."

"However, within the boundary, the villages are inhabited by hundreds or even thousands of people. So as long as there are no rampant demons, ordinary fierce beasts rarely hurt people."

Lu Heng nodded to show understanding.

After passing the boundary monument, the next road will become much easier to traverse. It can be seen that the roads within the boundary are renovated frequently, and there are fewer potholes.

And the more you go forward, the more people and farmland gradually appear on both sides of the road. There are more people on the galloping Road, which is no longer the same as before.

On the night of this day, the post house where the caravan people stayed was no longer a desolate and empty post house. Instead, someone manages the money collection post, which is similar to the inn known to Lu Heng.

But according to Huo Feng, there is no private posthouse (inn) in this world.

All the post houses are under the jurisdiction of the fire temple, and there will be witches and masters of the fire temple in the post house to prevent evil people from sneaking into the business.

The post office in the city is facing the Fire God Temple, which is only a street away from the Fire God Temple. At such a close distance, the demons with low cultivation cannot hide at all.

As for the demons with a high cultivation base, there is no need to hide in the crowd, and this management method naturally cannot prevent them.

Lu Heng couldn't get into the post house where the caravan stayed tonight because there were cultivators, so he said goodbye to them on the gallop road.

Although demon cultivators are also good and bad, those demon cultivators who don't eat humans can also live in the post.

But Lu Heng is in a special state. If he goes to the post office, the wizard in the post office must open his magic eyes to observe him. And once the wizard opened his magic eyes…

Lu Heng couldn't help sighing when he thought of it.

It's really important for him to develop a method to hide his spirit Qi, but now he still has no clue.

Even if Lu Heng has a headache, he can't help it.

After saying goodbye to the caravans, Lu Heng took Xiao Ai and Huo Feng straight south.

The more you go along this road, the more people there will be that you see. Lu Heng was worried about meeting curious cultivators and causing more trouble on the road, so he planned to walk through the wilderness and stay away from the crowd until he left the range of the boundary Monument and then drove back.

The rugged mountains and forests can't stop Lu Heng and Xiao Ai. And Huo Feng's Bo horse travels thousands of miles a day, so it's not difficult to carry Huo Feng through the wilderness.

Therefore, the three people walked through the wilderness and hid in the mountains.

At nightfall, they directly found a downwind place to camp and set up a bonfire in the mountain.

This familiar scene seems to return to the days when Lu Heng and Xiao Ai just went down the mountain. There was only one girl and one wolf walking silently through the wilderness.

But now there is Huo Feng around…

After stopping to rest, Huo Feng will try to gather spirit Qi in his body. It's just that his Tao heart is broken, and he can't do it even if he tries hard.

But Huo Feng was not discouraged. After feeding the fat bird that kept calling in the cage, the young man laughed and chatted with the Wolf God.

During the conversation these days, Huo Feng found that Lord Wolf God was very interested in worldly affairs, so he took the initiative to share some of his experiences in recent years with Wolf God.

The people of the Yun sect travel around and have a wide experience. After chatting with Huo Feng these days, although there is no clue about the spell of hiding his spirit Qi, Lu Heng did hear a lot of interesting things.

Now if he talks with people again, he probably won't have the embarrassment of making a mistake of common sense.

Lu Heng and others camped in the wilderness.

On the road, the caravan that separated from them rested in the post house outside the city for a night, and then set out early in the morning the next morning, arriving at the post house in Baishi city before dark.

Compared to the post offices outside the city, the post offices in Baishi city are much larger. Many merchants lived in this post house and didn't leave until the goods they carried were sold out and new goods were purchased.

Such a process often lasts for a long time, sometimes even stopping in a city for a month or two. Therefore, the people in the post office were boisterous, lively and noisy.

After arriving, Xin Sheng and others found the steward of the post office. After registering and paying the fees, they drove the pack animals into the corral under the leadership of the steward.

Then they unloaded the goods on the beast's back into the house, agreed on a time to meet tomorrow morning, and then separated briefly.

This city is bustling, and there is a bawdyhouse not far from the post. Now they didn't even eat dinner and they went in the direction of the bawdyhouse with a smile.

But Xin Sheng was old and had no interest in such things, so he didn't go.

He took two old brothers who were also not interested downstairs and went to the lobby for dinner.

At this time, it happened to be the meal point. The hall was full of people, and there was even no vacancy on the second floor.

The only thing that seems empty is a position by the window on the second floor.

In the evening, the cold night wind blew in, but there was only a red haired woman sitting by the window on the second floor.

In the noisy hall, the woman was alone, but there were five or six dishes on the table in front of her, which made people doubt whether she could finish so many dishes alone.

Xin Sheng and others watched for a while and found that the woman was more interested in wine than food. She drank the wine cup by cup, but she didn't eat the dishes. It seemed that she was a heavy drinker.

Xin Sheng and others hesitated for a while, and finally didn't dare to go up to the table.

This woman is so strange and her temperament is also different from that of ordinary people. They are just common merchants and dare not to bother her.

So Xin Sheng sighed and said, "Let's go back to the house and ask the kitchen to send the food directly to the house."

Xin Sheng's words naturally got the agreement of the two old brothers.

But just as they were going downstairs, a familiar voice suddenly sounded behind them.

"Eh? Isn't this brother Xin Sheng? I didn't expect to meet you in this Baishi city. It really is fate."

The familiar laughter made Xin Sheng stop and look back.

In the hall, a bearded businessman had stood up and waved to them with a smile, "Man, if you don't mind, why don't you sit down and eat with me?"

Xin Sheng looked at the bearded man in surprise, thought for a while, and finally remembered the identity of the other party.

A smile also appeared on his face, "Who is it… It's Brother Liu, haha… It's a coincidence that you have also come to Baishi city."

With the two old brothers beside him, Xin Sheng walked towards the bearded man with a smile and said, "I've not seen you for three years since I left Ten Thousand Needle city."

When Xin Sheng and his three men came, the companions around the bearded man also stood up one after another, and everyone saluted each other.

Although the table was full, they still found a waiter to add three stools and barely squeezed into the table.

For businessmen, they travel far and wide, but they can also meet many interesting people, so they are naturally happy to meet old friends in another country.

The atmosphere on the dinner table became more heated and noisy after Xin Sheng and his old brothers joined.

Laughter sounded from time to time, and everyone talked about some things they had encountered after their separation, as well as their plans of travel to Baishi city this trip.

In between the drinks and preparations, the sky gradually darkened.

But everyone didn't mean to break up. Even though the dishes on the table had been finished, the laughter still kept going, and everyone drank till they were red and happy.

With the passage of time, the people eating on the second floor also increased to several groups. In addition to Xin Sheng, they never left the table which also includes the woman in red beside the window.

She monopolized a table by herself, drank wine leisurely, and served a dish or two from time to time. But because of her special temperament, no one dares to disturb her and all avoid meeting her eyes.

During this period, the back kitchen took the initiative to cook for the woman. The Posthouse steward's respectful attitude towards the woman made Xin Sheng and others reconfirm that the red haired woman's identity was indeed distinguished.

Fortunately, they didn't rush up to disturb her…

In the sound of talking and laughing, someone asked Xin Sheng about their current situation.

Later, they talked about the fact that the cultivator invited by Xinsheng is now leaving and they will next find another cultivator to protect them in Baishi city.

And the Wolf God they met in the wilderness.

When talking about this, Xin Sheng and his old brothers were all smiling and worshipping the Wolf God.

And the rest of the people heard that Xin Sheng was lucky to have the wine given by the Wolf God and the wonders of the peach blossom wine, and they were even more envious.

Among the laughter of the crowd, only the red haired woman by the window turned her head in surprise and looked this way.

"Oh?" The red haired woman murmured a little surprised, "Wolf God?"

She smiled, but didn't speak. As she sat by the window, leisurely drinking the wine, she listened to the businessmen nearby talking about the extraordinary of the Wolf God in high spirits.

The word "Fate" is really interesting.

The woman smiled and drank another glass of wine.