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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 252

2023-08-08 01:40:00Publish Time: 3,364 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck, anonymous

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Chapter 252: Who Can't Offend Hanyu Mountain

Within Hanyu Mountain, all is quiet and still.

Inside and outside the house, the Gu eagle remains silent while the white ape trembles in fear.

Even the newly arrived little boy couldn't help but feel a bit frightened.

This... this voice, seems to be the sister who stood beside father last night.

Listening to the conversation of the white apes, it seems they're calling... Xiao Ai?

The little boy is a bit nervous.

And the footsteps quickly approached, a figure with silver beast ears and carrying a dark blue ancient sword appeared in front of the door. In her hand, she carried the Gu eagle as if it were a limp chicken.

Previously, the Gu eagle was in front of the white apes, showing off and causing a commotion. But now, it obediently shrinks its neck and dares not move at all, behaving very well.

Sun Yan quickly spoke up, "He... was causing trouble. I scared him and chased him away."

Without a second thought, Sun Yan flung the pot out.

Xiao Ai looked inside the house, understood the situation roughly, and nodded.

Then she looked at the little boy who was cowering behind the white ape and asked, "Are you alright?"

Although it was a caring tone, when Xiao Ai looked over, the little boy couldn't help but shiver and panic a little under the gaze of those dark golden eyes.

This sister's eyes, they look exactly like Dad's...

He swallowed hard and quickly said, "It's nothing, I'm good. Thank you for your concern, Sister Xiao Ai."

That appearance seems even more nervous than Gu Yan's.

Seeing this, Xiao Ai paused for a moment and said, "You don't have to be afraid of me. I have no prejudice against the monsters who walk the right path. I myself am a half-demon and have no ill intentions towards you. You can relax and don't need to be afraid."

"If someone bullies you in these mountains, just tell me and I'll help you sort it out."

Xiao Ai's words eased the little boy's tension a bit, and he quickly responded with a smile, saying, "Okay, okay, I got it. Thank you for your concern, Sister Xiao Ai."

"Alright, first go have a meal with Sun Yan, later come find me in front of the Wolf God Temple."

After speaking, Xiao Ai picked up the Gu eagle and left.

Inside the room, the little boy and Sun Yan both breathed a sigh of relief as they watched the girl's figure leaving.

With a sigh, they looked at each other and couldn't help but break into a smile.

Sun Yan chuckled and said, "Gu Yan...you're going to have bad luck this time."

Saying this, he took the little boy's hand and walked towards the back, saying, "Let's eat some food..."

Sun Yan brought the little boy to the kitchen and found that the meal had already been prepared. He couldn't help but exclaim in surprise.

"Wow...Sister... Xiao Ai..., cooking by herself...you are blessed with good fortune..."

As he spoke haltingly, Sun Yan served rice and cooked dishes.

And as Sun Yan had said, the meal was indeed delicious, and the little boy ate happily.

After a full meal and a night's rest, the previous experiences of eating and sleeping in the open air and living in fear seemed to be far away.

Now the little boy feels completely relaxed and extremely joyful.

Daddy...he finally saw his daddy.

However, just as this thought emerged, the little boy thought of his sister again, and his smile instantly froze.

When the brother and sister left Mount Luwu, they were very careful, but accidentally met a kind-hearted uncle from the demon clan who showed them the way, so they trusted him.

But later, the Wuzhu of Fire Pass Country saved him and informed him of the situation, he then knew that the kind-hearted uncle from the demon clan was an evil monster from the Green Hell Cave.

These demons didn't guide them out of kindness, they intended to take away the brother and sister and use them as a threat against their father... Although he was rescued, his sister is still in the hands of those demons.

At this thought, the little boy could no longer smile, not even the food in his bowl tasted good anymore.

After a lackluster meal with Sun Yan, the little boy left the kitchen and walked towards the Wolf God Temple with the white ape.

The scene of the bloodline recognition magic ceremony from last night has disappeared without a trace.

The Gu eagle with horns on its forehead was tied with a rope and hung upside down on the eaves, swaying with the mountain breeze. From a distance, it looked like a realistic decorative wind chime.

However, some of the tail feathers on the Gu eagle were missing.

The little girl with silver animal ears sat on the wooden stairs in front of the Wolf God Temple, fixing some golden tail feathers onto a bamboo fan frame with a bland expression, looking like she was making a feather fan.

However, the golden feathers on the fan glimmered slightly in the sunlight, making them look extraordinary and far from ordinary bird feathers.

A faint blue aura circulated within the unfinished feather fan, indicating that it was an in-progress magical treasure.

However, looking at the empty fan frame, it was clear that the day when it would be completely finished was still far away...

Xiao Ai looked back at the Gu eagle hanging upside down above her head and said, "If you make a few more mistakes, this fan will be finished."

With just a soft sentence, the hanging Gu eagle trembled.

It wailed and begged for forgiveness, constantly reviewing itself, and expressing that it would never dare make the same mistake again.

The white ape standing aside also had a slight change in his facial expression when he saw this scene. It seemed to have stirred up fear within him... It appeared that if it made a mistake, it too would receive similar punishment.

Although the fur, scales, and feathers of demon spirits are mostly ordinary, some of them are imbued with spiritual energy and carry part of the demon's cultivation. After a demon spirit transforms into its true form, these special fur, scales and feathers are often refined into magical treasures.

And this Gu eagle's golden tail feathers are obviously imbued with spiritual power...

Seeing this scene, the little boy couldn't help but shudder. Looking at the silver-haired girl with animal ears, his reverence in his heart immediately deepened by several levels.

What a frightening elder sister...

He made a decision in his heart that he could never, ever offend this cold and reticent elder sister in the future.

It seems that the consequences of offending this elder sister Xiao Ai in this Hanyu Mountain are even more frightening than making daddy unhappy...

The little boy was frightened and made a decision in his heart. Xiao Ai on the stairs turned her head to look at them and said, "The Wolf God is waiting for you, so go ahead."

After speaking, Xiao Ai lowered her head and continued to carefully fix the golden tail feathers in her hand with her spiritual energy, so as not to let this magic treasure go wrong or leak out.

The little boy then looked ahead and saw a figure sitting under the bamboo pavilion, just as he expected.

With his white clothes fluttering and a peaceful smile on his face, he gave a favorable impression at first sight, let alone the fact that he was his own father...

Seeing this scene, the little boy was excited and quickly thanked Xiao Ai and Sun Yan before walking briskly towards the bamboo pavilion.

"Dad," the little boy knelt down respectfully and kowtowed under the bamboo pavilion.

Lu Heng gave him a glance and shook his head. "Get up. There is no custom of kowtow in Hanyu Mountain. You don't have to kneel to me... Well, you don't have to in the future either."

Lu Heng said, "This is the first thing you should remember after entering the mountain... Have you remembered it?"

The little boy was a bit confused, since that was not in accordance with propriety, but he still stood up and obediently nodded.

"Mhmm, I have remembered."

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