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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 166

2022-12-16 00:25:00Publish Time: 2,507 views
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Chapter 166: The Charm of the Demon Woman

The words of Lian Caiyi surprised Huo Feng.

He looked at the closed valley in front of him, which reminded him of his current situation.

Suddenly, he felt some anxiety and inexplicable confusion.

"But why did Erba God Man imprison us here?" Huo Feng was full of bewilderment, "Why did they stare at me? Is there anything on me worth coveting?"

The conversation with Erba God Man before he was arrested made Huo Feng understand that the so-called Erba God Man came for him.

Lian Caiyi was only incidental.

However, Huo Feng could not think of anything worthy of the legendary Erba God Man's kidnapping… Are they going to use him as a hostage to ask the Wolf God for something?

Huo Feng was confused, and Lian Caiyi continued to explain.

"The so-called Erba God Man are sixteen old monsters that survived in ancient times."

"They have the same mind. Before we were thrown in, they said that they would let me be the sacrifice of the Moluo Sword, and you would be the sword master of the Moluo Sword to help them escape from the cage… Ah…"

Lian Caiyi sneered and shook her head, saying, "It is quite obvious that the sixteen little monsters found the Moluo Sword mentioned in the legends, they probably tried to use the magic sword forcibly and ended up cursed by the sword."

"And now they found you, they probably want to use you to remove the curse… because you happen to be the legendary [Hidden Sword], who is said to have the invincible Tao heart that is rarely seen in ten thousand years."

Lian Caiyi's statement shocked Huo Feng.

"Huh? Hidden Sword? Me?"

He thought that Lian Caiyi was joking, "Master Caiyi, please don't tease me at a time like this."

However, after Huo Feng finished speaking, he saw Lian Caiyi's serious expression.

The two people looked at each other silently for a while, and Huo Feng's voice was a little weak, "… Is it true?"

Lian Caiyi nodded calmly.

And the black cloud of evil Qi suddenly opened above their heads.

Eight lovely little girls lied on the top and said to the two people below.

"Hey, boy, are you willing to save your lover?"

Huo Feng looked up in amazement at the eight little girls above his head, and didn't know who they were.

Lian Caiyi on the other side sneered, "Erba God Man are 16 old monsters with eight males and eight females. These eight little girls are the remaining eight Erba God Man."

Huo Feng nodded in understanding, then looked up at the eight little girls and asked, "What can I do to let you leave Master Caiyi alone?"

One of the little girls smiled and said, "It's very simple. You must become the master of the Moluo Sword and we will let the female Demon go."

Another little girl also nodded, "Yes, yes. As long as you are willing to be the master of the Moluo Sword, we can let you see the Demon Woman leave safely and swear to ensure that we won't go to trouble her again. We can also cancel the gratitude and resentment between her master and us."

Before the other little girls spoke, Lian Caiyi interrupted them coldly.

"Shut up! When the wolf god finds this place, you will die without a place to bury yourself!"

Lian Caiyi's bad words made the eight little girls go silent.

Later, one of the little girls said coldly, "Hump! since you don't know how to show humility, you will stay here for a few more days. The Moluo Sword is at the bottom of the valley. This Demon Woman's energy will be absorbed by the Moluo Sword constantly until she has no more energy left, then she will die… Hump! Boy, if you love her, you can beg for mercy, and we will come again."

After that, the eight little girls flew away directly. The sky over the valley was again covered by evil clouds.

The closed valley fell into darkness again.

Huo Feng was speechless, "Master Caiyi…"

He said, "Even if this request is somewhat unreasonable, we can talk about it slowly."

Lian Caiyi shook her head and said, "These monsters are full of nonsense. They are all fake… Even if you accept their request, they will not let me go."

Huo Feng was curious, "What hatred is so deep?"

Lian Caiyi smiled at Huo Feng, "My master, Gu Yue, had charmed those eight little boys and absorbed a lot of their magic power."

"Didn't you notice? Only the females dare to show up because those eight male babies dare not approach me at all, for fear that they will be captivated by me just like how they fell for my master."

Lian Caiyi's charming smile made Huo Feng's heart jump. At that moment, he almost felt out of breath…

Is that the charm of Demon Woman?

It's horrible.

After he hurriedly lowered his head, averted his eyes, and tried to calm down, Huo Feng realized the meaning of Lian Caiyi's words.

Immediately he raised his head in shock and looked at Lian Caiyi in disbelief.

Charmed the eight boys… Absorbed their magic power…

The legend of Demon Woman is terrible enough. However, the actual situation seems more terrible than the legend?

Huo Feng was frightened and didn't know what to say for a moment.

If he ran into a Demon Woman outside, he would turn around and run without saying a word.

However, he is currently trapped in the same place as Lian Caiyi, even if he wants to run, he can't run…

Huo Feng swallowed his saliva and suddenly felt like he was at the edge of a cliff.

After leaving the Wolf God, it seems that the world suddenly becomes too dangerous…

At the same time, above the evil valley, on a cliff in the mountain, eight lovely little girls scattered in the forest, sighing and waiting for the cry of mercy from below.

One of the little girls thought for a long time, but could not help saying.

"Is this plan really feasible? Will that boy really be willing to die to save the Demon Woman?"

Another little girl sneered and said, "Isn't that nonsense? Even our eight brothers can't resist the charm of the Demon Woman…"

"Yes, in order to survive, that Demon Woman will surely charm the boy to save her."

The girls believed in it.

However, the little girl who started to question shook her head and said, "I don't think so."

She lowered her head and looked down at the valley covered by evil, saying, "This Demon Woman seems a little different from Gu Yue…"