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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 114

2022-09-06 02:10:00Publish Time: 3,656 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous, Anita-Krempl, Glariosa-rt

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Chapter 114: Summoning Souls (2)

After leaving the courtyard, the two figures flew straight into the night sky and faded away from the city.

As for the body of Lu Heng, the huge white wolf still lay in the room to rest.

Lu Heng's soul came out of the city.

Lu Heng didn't tell Helan Zhen about his plan for this trip. He just invited Helan Zhen to accompany him to watch the funeral of the old master of the Wu clan outside the city tonight.

After all, Lu Heng didn't know whether he could really lead the soul of the old master of the Wu clan into the underworld.

Wouldn't it be very embarrassing if he boasted in advance and couldn't do it?

In the night sky of the city, the departure of two shadows, one white and one black, didn't attract any passerby's attention.

Although the wizard on duty in the city noticed the passing of these two shadows, accompanied by Helan Zhen, the wizard dared not come inquire.

Otherwise, according to the Convention, if there is a cultivator flying over the city, the wizard on duty will interrogate and stop any unauthorized attempts of crossing.

This is also an important reason why Lu Heng invited Helan Zhen to travel with him.

His soul is difficult to walk in the city. If he wants to travel, he can only fly. With Helan Zhen accompanying him, a lot of trouble was solved.

Soon, the two people flew out of Fushan City, which was surrounded by tall and magnificent walls, and came to the river outside the city.

On the wharf in the distance, lights were shining brightly. Even when it was close to midnight, there were porters and boatmen coming and going.

Lu Heng and Helan Zhen stood in the night sky, above the magical scenery beneath them.

At their feet, huge firewood piles have been piled up. The mournful white flag was waving throughout the night.

The river is not far away, the sound of water is choppy and the wind is fierce.

Lu Heng spoke with a confident smile, "Please wait for me a moment, Wuzhu Helan."

Helan Zhen nodded, and they sat down under the night sky, waiting for the Wu clan team that was leaving the city to arrive.

The people of the Wu clan didn't let them wait. Soon, amongst the midst of a noisy suona sound, the Wu clan in mourning came here surrounding the coffin of the old man of the Wu clan.

The little girl with silver hair and animal ears carried a bronze ancient sword and silently followed the team.

Next to the coffin, the second master of the Wu clan, Wu Zhiyuan held his father's coffin and wailed as he walked.

"Wow! Father, you just left… Why didn't you wait for your son to come back and look at you again…"

The grandiose wailing sound made Wu Zhiqian, who was also holding the spirit tablet not too far away, looked gloomy.

Previously, he also wanted to cry, but Wu Zhiyuan's crying was so lackluster and disgusting that he could not cry anymore.

So he felt gloomy.

While Wu Zhiyuan was crying and walking.

When they came to the river with the coffin, all of Wu Clan people knelt down and kowtowed to the old man's coffin.

Then, a servant carried the old man's coffin onto the firewood stack.

Below, white streamers fluttered, and the children of the family knelt in rows after rows.

Both Wu Zhiyuan and Wu Zhiqian knelt in the first row, but they were on one side, far away from each other.

Wu Zhiyuan still held the spirit tablet and wailed.

At this time, a thin middle-aged man came to him, who was Wu Zhiyuan's confidant. Named Zhang Er, he worked for Wu Zhiyuan with his brother Zhang Da.

Zhang Er said in a low voice, "Young master, I've investigated her identity. She's Lu Ai, a demon cultivator with silver hair and beast ears. She is attending the old man's funeral on behalf of her master."

"She suddenly appeared today and is not your brother's friend. You don't need to worry about her helping him."

Wu Zhiyuan nodded and whispered, "So it is…"

Then he raised his head and cried bitterly for two more times. Only then did he muttered in a low voice, "But to be on the safe side, I'd better invite grandma to come. Only when grandma sits down can we be safe."

Zhang Er said with a smile, "My brother has already invited her. It won't be long before Grandma arrives. You can rest assured."

Wu Zhiyuan smiled in a low voice and howled loudly. "Father! I don't want to leave you! Open your eyes and see!"

Zhang Er could not help, but twitch at the corner of his mouth when he listened to the grandiose wailing and could not help but whisper a warning.

"Young master, your crying sounds too fake…"

Wu Zhiyuan grinned and howled loudly. "Dad! Open your eyes and look at your son!"

After howling, he lowered his head, almost couldn't hold back his smile, and his whole body was shaking.

"Pu… Haha…" Wu Zhiyuan smiled slightly and said with a chuckle, "I can't help but want to laugh loudly. How can I cry?"

With that, he began to howl at the top of his voice.

"Dad! You left so suddenly, I'm so sad!"

At this time, the wizard who was invited to the funeral from the Fire God Temple had completed all the ceremonies and directly lit the fire.

Not long after, the firewood piled on the riverside suddenly burst into flames, and began to burn the corpse lying quietly in the coffin.

The smell of scorch wafted along the river wind.

Lu Heng stood up in the night sky and summoned the Requiem Seal. He was ready to take the soul of the old master of the Wu clan away from his body.

However, when Lu Heng and Helan Zhen stood up, there was a flash of human shadow in the river on the other side, which also appeared in the night sky.

Lu Heng was surprised to see the other party.

"Hum? The Pangjiang River God?"

This one appeared in the river, dressed in a divine robe, with a solemn face. She was Gu Zhou, the River God of Pangjiang.

While Lu Heng called her, Gu Zhou saw two figures in the night sky and was surprised.

She quickly leaned over and deeply saluted Lu Heng, "Gu Zhou is waiting for your order."

Then she stood up straight and nodded at Helan Zhen. "Wuzhu Helan, nice to meet you."

Helan Zhen also nodded, which was a return. She was as silent as ever.

However, Gu Zhou didn't care and she seemed used to it.

She smiled and said to Lu Heng, "I didn't expect to meet you here… Did you come to watch the Wu clan's funeral?"

"Well, I have a relationship with the dead old master's father, so I came and took a look," Lu Heng said lightly. "But why are you here?"

Gu Zhou looked at the burning flame below and said, "I'm here to take the soul of the old master of the Wu clan into the water mansion."

Seeing Lu Heng's surprise, Gu Zhou explained with a smile.

"After human souls leave their bodies, they will gradually dissipate from heaven and earth. But before they dissipate, these souls are often chaotic and helpless. They are exposed to the wind and sun like lonely spirits and wild ghosts. Finally, their pain dissipates in an extremely miserable way."

"Therefore, when my husband was alive, he taught me the art of guiding the souls. As long as the deceased on both sides of the Pangjiang River worship me, I will let the river demons lead their souls to my water mansion after their death, so their souls won't feel too painful before dissipating. It is also a good deed."

"As for real good people, like the old master of the Wu clan who once offered a lot of incense and also did good deeds, I would come to take them to my water mansion in person to show my respect."

Gu Zhou smiled and said, "I didn't expect to meet you tonight. It's my pleasure."

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