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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 57

2022-07-08 01:59:09Publish Time: 4,724 views
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Chapter 57: Under the Wolf God Door, Don't Kneel Down to Heaven and Earth

Under the setting sun, the White Ape held the cold old monkey's body and left anguished.

In front of Wolf God Temple, Lu Heng watched the White Ape leave and sighed slightly.

Behind him, Xiao Ai hesitated for a moment and whispered, "Lord Wolf God…"

"Huh?" Lu Heng looked back at her and saw the little girl's self reproach on her face.

"It was my dereliction of duty that made this White Ape disturb your cultivation. I should have kicked it out from the beginning…"

The little girl's extremely sorry self-examination stunned Lu Heng for a moment, and then he laughed loudly.

"The White Ape is your benefactor who saved you. How could you treat it like this… No, No."

Lu Heng shook his head and laughed, "But after this big change, this White Ape should also learn to take heart. In the future, before the Wolf God Temple, you can be stricter."

With that, Lu Heng looked towards the Wind Raiders Department camp outside the mountain.

There, he could see the blazing fire reddening half the sky.

At this time, spring is about to end, and summer is coming. It has been more than five months since the two priests of the Li tribe closed their doors to cast the sword.

The foundry of Heavenly Thunder Sword seems to have reached the key point, which Lu Heng in the underground temple can occasionally feel some Qi of thunder and anger from the sword furnace outside the mountain.

To cast this sword, most of Lu Heng's Thunder Sands were taken away. Based on such a large number of Thunder Sands, he expected that they can be cast into the weapons he wants.

And when Lu Heng thinks about it carefully, this time his cultivation also lasted for a long time.

Since this year, there has been no Heavenly Thunder cleaving the Hanyu mountain. Although thunderstorms fall every month, there are no more thunders.

Although there is no bottleneck in the Heavenly Thunder cultivation. But the perception of mind cannot be tricked.

Perhaps it is also because Lu Heng's foundation of Tao is the Heavenly Thunder, which is too special. His process of [Opening the door of heaven] is obviously much more difficult than ordinary demon cultivation.

When ordinary demons reach this level, they only need enough Demon power accumulated in their bodies, and they will naturally evolve.

However, Lu Heng has stayed at this stage for nearly half a year. He even discovered such a special magic power like soul incarnation in his cultivation, but knocking on the [Door of Heaven] seemed to be far away.

Somehow, he had a vague feeling. It seemed that his opportunity to touch the great "Tao" was not in the Hanyu mountain, but outside the mountain…

Lu Heng stood silent for a long time in front of the Wolf God Temple.

Until the beginning of the moon and the fall of night, he sighed gently and disappeared from the Wolf God Temple.

The Heaven Thunder Sword was being cast, and he couldn't leave at this time.

What's more, in this mountain, the White Ape still needs to be taught. If the White Ape can really devote himself to cultivate because of this great change, Lu Heng should also leave time for Xiao Ai to supervise the White Ape's penance.

In Lu Heng's heart, he still liked the intelligent White Ape.

He has an expectation for the White Ape.

Therefore, after returning to the underground for cultivation, Lu Heng couldn't settle down and distracted himself by observing the situation outside.

It was not until he observed that the White Ape had really changed that he relaxed and settled down.

And after that day, the White Ape, which originally liked to play, did have a huge change.

It returned to the mountains with the corpse of the old monkey, found the monkeys, gave the body of the old monkey to the monkeys, and then it left.

Since then, it has never returned to the mountains to look for other monkeys, completely disconnected from the monkeys.

Under the starry night, it came to Wolf God Temple alone and knocked its head several times outside Xiao Ai's door. The kowtow woke Xiao Ai from her deep sleep.

The little girl pushed the door open and saw a White Ape kneeling in the moonlight with a bruised forehead.

"Ji! Ji!" The White Ape shouted loudly. Never before has he been so pious and respectful.

Xiao Ai naturally didn't embarrass it.

In the moonlight, the young girl said to the kneeling White Ape, "In that case, you can cultivate with me in the future. Don't blame me for being harsh."

White Ape was extremely happy and wanted to kowtow again, but Xiao Ai stopped him.

"You can't kneel down under the Wolf God's door," Xiao Ai said indifferently, "That is, if you enter the Wolf God's door, it should be with pride and arrogance."

"From now on, you are not allowed to kneel down to anyone. Even this world is not worth kneeling down. Only by straightening your waist and strengthening your heart, can you not insult the reputation of Wolf God."

Xiao Ai's words made the White Ape a little confused. He didn't quite understand the meaning of the words. But he nodded hard and remembered these words deeply in his heart.

Since then, the White Ape has stayed in Wolf God Temple and cultivated with Xiao Ai.

The room where the White Ape lived before was cleaned again.

The White Ape has now learned to concentrate and could sit for almost half an hour before his mind begun wandering around.

While cultivating, Xiao Ai around him naturally supervised it.

However, Xiao Ai was no longer as strict as she was at first.

Because the White Ape understood the importance of cultivating. Even if Xiao Ai didn't say it, he also knew that he should concentrate on it. However, he is still a monkey after all. Even if it tried to restrain itself, it's too difficult.

After meditating, Xiao Ai arranged a daily plan for the White Ape.

Carrying water down the mountain, chopping firewood in the back mountain, cleaning the fallen leaves in front of the court every day, and wiping the dust in the temple… These chores were carefully divided into many pieces by Xiao Ai one by one. She asked the White Ape to do some chores every time he cultivated for a period of time.

Not only let it stop to have a rest when it feels boring, but also let it do these chores to relax. Don't be tired because of idle rest.

Since then, the White Ape has repeated this life.

He cultivated in the mountains with the girl every day. In his spare time of cultivation, he finished the chores assigned to him by Xiao Ai.

Such a life has lasted for ten days. The White Ape has always been devout and serious.

So Xiao Ai went down the mountain on the day of going to the market, went to the market of the Wind Raiders department and the Shuisheng village, changed cloth, and made two sets of clothes for the White Ape.

The White Ape was very excited to wear human clothes for the first time. It jumped around in the Wolf God Temple in its new gray robe and cheered loudly.

When Qian came to the Wolf God Temple, she saw a child in gray cloth sweeping the floor in front, and she was immediately startled.

Until the White Ape turned around, Qian saw the White Ape's face and breathed a sigh of relief.

"I was scared to death."

She said, "I thought Lord Wolf God had a new disciple."

Xiao Ai came out of the temple and explained, "Since this White Ape began to cultivate, I made two sets of clothes for it. But now it seems that it is a monkey dressed in human clothes, and it is a little nondescript…"

Xiao Ai shook her head and said, "Maybe he shouldn't wear it."

This sentence scared the White Ape back quickly and covered his new clothes hard, for fear that the girl would really ask him to take it off.

Qian saw the funny appearance of the White Ape and burst out laughing.

"This monkey is getting more and more interesting… But Xiao Ai, since you've made clothes for it, why don't you give it a name?"

Qian suggested, "Calling it White Ape, White Ape every day, how unbecoming is that? Give it a powerful name, and it will be more convenient to call it later… Right?"