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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 288

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: Jing-Teck, anonymous

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Chapter 288: Chaos and Tranquility

Below the black lake, the demons gathered and arranged their seats.

While in the wilderness outside the Black Lake, it was a scene of unimaginable chaos.

Many evil demons from outside the country came to the Fire Pass Country with the intention of taking advantage of chaos and killing people to cultivate their powers. They came secretly and wreaked havoc within the borders of the country.

However, yesterday's sword scared off all the demons.

Before coming here, they indeed heard that there is a formidable figure within the Fire Pass Country, known as the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, who is notorious for his hatred towards evil and his supreme cultivation.

After arriving in the Fire Pass Country, they learned more about the unparalleled sword techniques of the Wolf God, and how his cultivation of heavenly thunder makes him the nemesis of evil demons.

However, if it's just a legend, it doesn't have much sense of reality.

Even if the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain is incredibly powerful, can he really go door to door, killing all the evil demons one by one?

There are countless righteous cultivators with high cultivation levels in the world. If you have to retreat every time you hear one is nearby, then there is simply no place for evil cultivators to stay.

Moreover, what about the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain? The renowned Emperor Yan and Lianshan Jing of the Fire Pass Country also have great reputations, don't they?

However, if two righteous cultivators are sitting in control, can a place of gathering demons like the Green Hell Cave still develop and grow? Its legends may be terrifying, but its actual performance is probably nothing special.

The demonic forces in the Green Hell Cave are the first to bear the brunt, but they are still at large. The idle demons hiding in the shadows have even less to fear.

-Before yesterday, the evil demons had more or less similar thoughts.

However, the sword strike from yesterday was like a bolt from the blue, shocking and awakening all the evil demons.

When the blood-red sword light shattered the clouds and sliced through the sky, spanning three thousand miles and covering fifteen cities, countless evil demons cowered in fear and wailed in despair wherever the sword light passed.

At that moment, the evil demons finally experienced the fear and trembling that comes from the depths of the soul.

And what it means to be "unmatched in the world"!

Why can the demons of the Green Hell Cave still develop and grow right under the nose of the terrifying Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain?

All the evil demons were bewildered and unable to comprehend.

Subsequently, a senior in the demonic path revealed deeper reasons.

So it turns out that the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain possesses a Demon Destroyer List in his hands, which meticulously records all the evil demons to be killed.

And the evil demons of the Green Hell Cave, all have their names explicitly written on the Demon Destroyer List!

As soon as the time is right, the Wolf God will round up and wipe out these evil demons in one fell swoop.

At this moment, the evil demons realized that the reason why the Green Hell Cave was able to grow and expand under the nose of the Wolf God was that he had deliberately indulged it before.

He deliberately allowed the Green Hell Cave to grow, waiting for the Lord of All Demons to gather enough evil demons under his command before making a move to wipe them all out in one fell swoop!

Such ruthless tactics directly scared the demons who knew this news, making their hair stand on end and giving them the chills.

As soon as this news spread, all the fleeing demons headed outside the borders of the Fire Pass Country in order to leave this dangerous country before their names could appear on the Demon Destroyer List. They didn't dare to stop and delay for even a moment.

As for the demons of the Green Hell Cave, they were all wailing in despair.

After the Wolf God's sword appeared in the world, they wanted to escape. However, the existence of the Demon Destroyer List completely blocked any escape route they had.

Now they had to stay in the Green Hell Cave, under the protection of the Lord of All Demons, trying to conceal themselves and survive.

Once they leave the Green Hell Cave and flee the Fire Pass Country, and are no longer under the protection of the Demon Lord, they will be easily found and killed one by one by the Demon Destroyer List of the Wolf God.

After witnessing the power of the Wolf God's sword from yesterday's thousand-mile demon extermination, no one dares to say that the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain will ignore even the smallest demons and evil beings anymore.

Because yesterday, over a dozen evil demons died under the sword of the Wolf God, all of whom had low cultivation! They were just idle evil cultivators on the demonic path.

Even for such small fish-like existences, the Wolf God doesn't hesitate to wield his sword and directly slay them from a distance of over three thousand miles. Do you think the higher cultivation of those demonic cultivators can save them?

For a while, all demons on the demonic path were panicked. Regardless of their cultivation level or strength, they all fled the Fire Pass Country in a hurry, and dared not stay within its borders anymore.

As the evil demons fled, they naturally couldn't avoid crossing paths and fighting with the wizards of the Fire Pass Country.

For a time, smoke rose all over the Fire Pass Country, as the fighting never stopped. A large number of evil demons perished in the mountains, forests, and wilderness and those who couldn't escape the Fire Pass Country died at the hands of the wizards.

However, the high-intensity combat also caused a significant increase in the number of casualties among the wizards.

Inside the Water Palace of Pang River, two large ships arrived consecutively within three days, each carrying numerous black jars in their cabins…

Despite the endless fighting and chaos outside, the water palace beneath the Pang River remained peaceful as usual.

Clad in a white robe, Lu Heng sat in the courtyard, perusing some secret spellbooks preserved within the Water Palace of Pang River. He seemed to be completely indifferent to the external conflicts.

Xiao Ai stood not far away, carrying the dark green Heavenly Thunder Sword on her back. She lowered her eyebrows and silently cultivated her skills.

With the help of the Peach Fruits from the mountain and the ability to constantly cultivate day and night, the little girl had already surpassed Lu Heng in terms of realm.

However, Lu Heng's cultivation method was different from ordinary people. He didn't follow the path of refining the five elements in his chest and transforming them into the three flowers on top of his head.

After he opened the Heaven Door, he continued his cultivation, gradually dispelling the mist in the Heavenly Palace within the fog and turning the illusory sky and sea into reality.

Although it was still far from dissolving all the clouds and revealing the true face of the entire Heavenly Palace, Lu Heng knew that he had made rapid progress in his cultivation time.

However, Lu Heng didn't have the patience of Xiao Ai, who cultivated every moment of the 24-hour day, as prolonged cultivation could be dull and boring.

Now that he has come out to relax, it's also good to read a book and take a secret break.

After mastering two simple techniques, Lu Heng was about to flip through the next book when he saw the little boy, Shen Wuyou, hesitating outside the door, as if struggling with whether or not to come in.

Lu Heng thought for a moment, put down the book in his hand, and smiled as he spoke.

"Do you need something, Wuyou?"

Lu Heng's initiative call made the little boy's body slightly stiff.

But when Lu Heng called out to him, he had no choice but to enter the courtyard and stand awkwardly in front of Lu Heng, speaking hesitantly.

"Dad… Dad, can I talk to you?"

The little boy's initiative made Lu Heng smile slightly.

Ever since he woke up, this little guy has been intentionally avoiding Lu Heng.

Lu Heng learned from Purple Fish's testimony how she misled and confused the little boy, so he was not surprised by it.

Now that he saw the little boy finally muster up the courage to come forward, he just smiled and said.

"Just say whatever you have to say, Xiao Ai is not an outsider, there's no need to be hesitant around her."

Not far away, Xiao Ai cast a cold glance in this direction, then averted her gaze and continued training.

Obviously, she was not interested in the little boy's conflict.

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