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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 226

2023-07-13 01:10:00Publish Time: 3,681 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous, Jing-Teck, Gameknight

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Chapter 226: The Wolf God Conquers Others with Virtue

Inside the Divine Palace, the atmosphere is strange.

Some stand upright.

Some are kneeling, their hands and feet weak.

But all of them share one thing in common: they all have widened eyes and a look of extreme shock and fear, staring at the white figure in front of them.

Almost thinking that they are having a nightmare.

The God Slaying Heavenly Thunder...

This kind of rare punishment that only exists in ancient books and legends, even if you have not seen it, you would have heard of its reputation!

At this moment, they finally realized the weight of the Wolf God's poetic name.

The imperial edict commands the Heavenly Thunder to punish all evil, while the ancient sword half-drawn keeps the world in check...

Before today, anyone who heard such a poetic name would have only thought it was arrogant.

Even to the point where they felt that Hanyu Mountain's Wolf God appeared gentle and refined, but didn't expect him to be a conceited and arrogant person, truly showing that appearances can be deceiving.

However, at this moment, no one felt that the Wolf God was arrogant anymore.

The crimson heavenly punishment and lightning tribulation deeply branded endless fear and shock in people's hearts.

The poetic name, "the imperial edict commands the Heavenly Thunder to punish all evil, while the ancient sword half-drawn keeps the world in check.," is not only not arrogant, but even a little modest!

Who in the world today can resist such a sword technique?

This is true invincibility at that time!

It is enough to destroy all living creatures!

Compared to the Wolf God, Elder Tao, who boasts of immense strength and skilled magic, is truly unreasonable.

With the Wolf God's sword, if he wants to protect someone in this world, who could possibly object?

However, the Wolf God has always used reason to convince people, only then can you see his cultured nature.

Within the divine palace, Jiu Mie's figure disappeared without a sound, leaving this chaotic place.

But now, nobody paid attention to the disappearance of this old ascetic cultivator.

People were all shocked by the power of that single sword, staring blankly at the ancient sword with a dark blue sheen slowly falling down, and once again being shouldered by the silver-haired girl with animal ears.

Within the divine palace, Elder Tao, who had disappeared for three thousand years before making a comeback, has now completely vanished.

Only a peach wood staff was left standing alone in the ground.

At the moment when the Heavenly Thunder Sword was unsheathed, Lu Heng, in order to avoid any accidental harm, focused all the thunder tribulation on Elder Tao's body.

And so, with a sword strike and amidst the flickering of heavenly thunder, that arrogant old demon was directly vaporized from existence.

However, the damage done to the divine palace was almost non-existent.

It was only to the extent of splitting a few bricks…

Of course, this was due to someone secretly protecting them, and Lu Heng was aware of it.

But even without protection, at most only half of the divine palace would be destroyed… the destructive power of thunder tribulation towards inanimate objects is not particularly strong.

It is a fatal attack aimed at living beings.

So Elder Tao was evaporated by the human world, but his wooden staff was left behind.

Lu Heng reached out his hand, and this peach wood staff flew into his hand.


Upon grabbing the wooden staff, Lu Heng was slightly surprised.

This peach wood staff contained an extremely rich and vast vitality. The feeling was surprisingly similar to that of the peach blossom forest on his mountain.

However, compared to the vitality inside the peach blossom forest, the vitality in this wooden staff was not even close.

It was like the difference between a small mountain stream and a vast river.

Elder Tao has cultivated for several thousand years, so this peach wood staff does have some mysterious qualities.

Lu Heng sighed and turned to look at Yu Hailing, breaking the silence in the divine palace with a smile.

"It seems that no one has come to pay for the floor tiles in the divine palace... Why don't we let this peach wood staff compensate for its owner?"

Lu Heng's words startled Yu Hailing, who was shocked.

The power of that sword scared her just as much.

God Slaying Heavenly Thunder... That's the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder!

The Wolf God not only has the ability to control Heavenly Thunder, but can even control legendary things like the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder.

That ancient sword that has never been unsheathed doesn't look impressive at all, but every time it's unsheathed it unleashes a God Slaying Heavenly Thunder?

At that moment, the first sentence that came to her mind was what she had said to the Chief Minister back then.

"If he looks good, we all look good. If he doesn't look good, we will help him look good!"

Looking back now, Yu Hailing felt her face burning and felt embarrassed.

At the same time, she felt fortunate.

Fortunately, the Wolf God was reasonable and didn't act wildly, giving both sides a way out, and in the end, everyone came to a mutually beneficial compromise.

Otherwise, if they had followed the original plan, it would have been her, representing the Mermaid Kingdom, against the Wolf God in opposition...

Just the mere thought of such a scene made Yu Hailing shudder with fear and feel extremely frightened.

Now, although the Wolf God was smiling, she didn't dare to really take the peach wood staff.

Yu Hailing smiled and said, "You exaggerate, Wolf God. This peach wood staff now belongs to you. As for the repair compensation for the divine palace...haha..."

Yu Hailing looked at King Zhenbei, who had a pale face and was standing in the crowd trying to hold on, and said, "I believe that Lord Su Lie would be willing to compensate, after all, Elder Tao is on their side. Elder Tao previously said that he was willing to fully compensate, and I believe that Lord Su Lie would keep his promise."

Yu Hailing's words made Su Lie, who had a pale face and was filled with fear, suddenly tremble, and then he glared at her with a mixture of shock and anger.

"The lord of the Mermaid Kingdom, you..."

However, as Su Lie was halfway through his sentence, he saw the Wolf God in white next to him, and his arrogance suddenly faltered. He swallowed the second half of his sentence in his belly.

Su Lie said, "Don't worry, I will fully compensate for the loss of the Mermaid Kingdom today!"

After speaking, Su Lie directly dragged his young son Su Lin, who was still kneeling on the ground, and walked outside. His face was pale and his legs were slightly weak.

Towards this, Yu Hailing narrowed her eyes and smiled at the backs of the Su family, "My lord, you are so magnanimous! Someone will come to discuss this matter with you later. I hope that today's incident will not affect my lord's mood. I wish my lord a happy time at the Treasure Conference~"

Yu Hailing's voice came with a smile, which made Su Lie, who had left with a stiff neck, blush and pale alternately.

However, nowadays he didn't even have the courage to turn back and say a harsh word.

He even wished to disappear from the Wolf God's sight right away, preferably being completely forgotten by the Wolf God.

Losing a child is heartbreaking, but at least it's better than losing the entire family!

King Zhenbei left swiftly, but his steps were trembling a bit as he walked.

However, those who originally stood by King Zhenbei, moving with him, were now keeping silent.

They huddled in corners, scared and afraid, fearing that the Wolf God would come to settle accounts with them.

However, Lu Heng just glanced at them, smiled faintly, and ignored the group of people.

He arched his hand to the famous South Sea figures present and said, "Now that the troublemaker is gone, we should follow the previous public trial and dispose of it. The Moluo Sword Master will be handed over to Lu Heng for handling."

"Lu Heng guarantees that I will definitely take custody of this Moluo Evil Spirit. Until the day it is executed, Huo Feng will not appear."

"If the Moluo Evil Spirit escapes halfway, all consequences will be borne solely by me!"

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