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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 224

2023-07-11 01:30:00Publish Time: 2,289 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 224: Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light

Within the divine palace, the atmosphere is tense.

Above the high altitude, the fierce winds gust and rage.

The dark blue ancient sword that pierced through the sky and soared into the air, instantly captivated the attention of everyone present.

The sword has not been drawn, yet the scabbard made of Fusang tree is a rare masterpiece in the world.

All eyes turned to the Hanyu mountain Wolf God in his white garb, their hearts filled with speculation.

The Wolf God is known to have the decree of Heavenly Thunder to vanquish all evil, with his ancient sword that dominates the world… Such an arrogant tone implies that this dim blue ancient sword must be his strongest skill.

Therefore, at the sight of the green sword ascending, people were mildly stirred, sharing a common sentiment.

Finally, are we able to witness the legendary Wolf God make a move?

Moreover, the opponent also has a notorious reputation for being wild, he is Elder Tao who shone brilliantly three thousand years ago.

Such a top-level showdown, how can it not be exciting?

However, upon the throne, Yu Hailing couldn't sit still when she saw the dark-green ancient sword soaring up into the sky.

"Chief Minister…"

Yu Hailing hurriedly asked, "Was it this sword that shattered thousands of stars with just a hint of its breath?"

Yu Huaifeng nodded in response.

This answer made Yu Hailing lose her composure.

She immediately stood up and, regardless of the reactions of those present, loudly exclaimed.

"This is the sacred palace of mermaids! How dare you turn it into a place for your petty fights? If you want to fight… take it outside!"

Yu Hailing's sudden speech caused a slight pause in the atmosphere inside the venue.

Lu Heng, who was already ready to draw his sword, as well as Elder Tao, who was holding a peach wood staff, both looked over. On the throne, the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom, with raised eyebrows and a stern expression, was clearly very angry.

Regarding this, Elder Tao sneered and said, "Do you think it's appropriate for a little girl like you to point fingers at me when I, Elder Tao, am in charge? If you are worried about damaging your palace, let me kill this arrogant old wolf first. Then I, Elder Tao, will take full responsibility for your losses!"

After speaking, regardless of how the Lord of the Mermaid Kingdom would respond, Elder Tao slammed his peach wood staff and shouted loudly.

"Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light!"


With a muffled thud, the heavy wooden staff landed forcefully on the floor of the mermaid shrine.

The yin fire brick, which requires 3,000 days and nights of solidification with water from the extremely cold source after being extracted from deep within the lava, instantly shattered and crumbled into countless pieces.

Centered around the point where the peach-wood staff struck the ground, all of the floor tiles within a radius of one hundred feet shattered and cracked.

The dense spiderweb cracks, as clean and neat as the Mermaid Kingdom Lord's broken heart.

Yu Hailing's eyes narrowed in an instant.

However, at this moment, no one cared about how the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom is suffering in her heart.

Even the Chief Minister by the lord's side could only be astonished as they watched the elderly figure amidst the drifting peach blossoms, feeling the awe-inspiring spectacle.

The old man with snow-white hair and a youthful appearance, upon a single tap of his wooden cane, seemed to conjure a multitude of intricate and overlapping shadows that enveloped his slender figure.

However, upon closer inspection, there was only one elderly man standing there the entire time, and not many figures appeared.

However, the old man's momentum reached its peak at this moment.

Although not particularly tall, the elderly person at this moment was as imposing as a giant and towering like the heavens, causing everyone to instinctively take a step back and feel a sense of insignificance.

Lu Heng's eyebrows furrowed slightly as Jiu Mie behind him recognized the legendary divine art.

"Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light? Beware, my friend!"

Jiu Mie reminded, "This is an ancient secret divine technique. When the technique is unleashed, one person is equivalent to ten thousand armies, and ten thousand armies are but one person. The power of a strike, gathering the shadows of ten thousand paths, is capable of destroying the heavens and the earth!"

The expression of Jiu Mie appeared relatively calm, albeit with a hint of gravity.

And everyone else in the temple was baffled by what they saw.

Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light… Can it be true that someone actually mastered this ancient divine art that only exists in legends?

Li Po's face became slightly unpleasant, and he said, "No wonder Elder Tao disappeared mysteriously 3,000 years ago… It must have been because he accidentally obtained the secret technique of Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light, and then hid himself to cultivate it, fearing that others would steal his technique. Now that he has successfully cultivated it, he dares to show himself!"

Li Po's words made the old man among the ten thousand blooming peach blossoms burst into laughter.

Beside the old person, peach blossoms are drifting and the fragrance of flowers is permeating.

He laughed proudly and said, "Youngster, you speak nonsense! Even if I acquired the Secret Technique of Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light, as a venerable demon, I would not fear others' attempts to steal it!"

"Three thousand years ago, I had already traveled far and wide, crossing swords with the mightiest of men of that time."

"Even the legendary ancient demon Yin Dragon, who is rumored to be invincible, fought with me for only three moves and it was a tie… Do you think I would be afraid of someone stealing my books? Hahaha… What a joke!"

"Oh, I am just simply tired of the chaos in this world and have no interest in getting involved in fame and fortune anymore."

"This time, if not for my beloved disciple being harmed by someone, I wouldn't have come out of seclusion…Hmph! For three thousand years, I have been diligently cultivating in the mountain, yet I never expected that there would be some fake scholars in this world who seek fame and act high and mighty."

Elder Tao looked at Lu Heng and said, "Old wolf Lu, since your friend can recognize the Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light, you should know that you have no chance of winning."

"If you retreat upon realizing the difficulty, I will spare your life. Otherwise, with one strike, I will make sure your soul disperses! There will be no chance to be reborn!"

The enraged shout of Elder Tao resounded over the Extreme Hell Island like thunder in the sky.

The countless cultivators on the island all looked up in astonishment and amazement at the top of the towering stone pillar.

At the top of that thousand-foot high city pillar, it seems like there stands a colossal god towering tens of thousands of feet high. Dominant and fierce, standing tall against the sky.

Like a fierce deity from ancient myths, with one step, it would shatter the heavens and the earth.

The cultivators on the island were suddenly thrown into turmoil.

The terrifying aura that shook the heavens and the earth, like a colossal mountain pressing down on the hearts of the people, as if it could crush them at any moment.

However, this is not yet directed towards everyone.

One cannot imagine the immense pressure faced when confronting such immense power.

Even some of the extraordinary cultivators in the eyes of ordinary people, when faced with such terrifying power, may directly shatter their righteous hearts and render them unable to stand in battle.

The frantic murmurs incessantly erupted on the island.

"What happened?"

"Did a fight break out inside the divine palace?"

"What a terrifying aura… Who could it be?"

"I heard that the master of Su Lin from Youxiong Country has angrily taken action to avenge his disciple!"

"Hiss… The unbeatable figure of legend in the world? Isn't he the one facing him now…"

"Correct! It is indeed the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain!"

"Too frightening… Is this the battle between peak cultivators… With just one strike, will the entire Extreme Hell Island be sunk?"

On the Extreme Hell Island, there were discussions abound.

Let alone ordinary cultivators whose hearts are frightened, even the mermaids on the island, now as they look up at the top of the towering stone pillar and feel the frightening momentum that shakes the heavens and the earth, their hearts can't help but turn cold.

The only ones who don't fear this are the four eerie shadows that silently emerge from all sides of the Extreme Hell Island.

"Myriad Reflections of Dazzling Light?"