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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 190 Part 2

2023-06-05 01:40:00Publish Time: 2,098 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 190: Gathering of Heroes (2)

"But his departure was so sudden that even the Fan Jie Mountain didn't notice… Was it Yu Linglong who helped him?"

Yu Hailing's inquiry made the Minister of the Ministry of Personnel slightly embarrassed and he had to say, "Your Majesty, it is currently uncertain whether Pavilion Master Yu is helping him. But in the Warm Fragrance Pavilion, there is indeed no trace of Pavilion Master Yu…"

The subtle response from the Minister made Yu Hailing sneer.

"As expected… this woman dared to bring even the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain into our country, an opportunist who prioritizes her own interests. She seems to truly lack a sense of priority."

Faced with the derision and mocking of the lord, the Minister's face was awkward, and he dared not respond. Instead, he tried to persuade him.

"Perhaps there is another reason for this," whispered the Minister, "although she has always been capricious, she also knows right from wrong, and her heart must be inclined towards us, the Mermaid Kingdom. Maybe it is the Wolf God is forcing her…"

The Minister's quiet narration made Yu Hailing shake her head.

"Forced? Humph! If it's true that she's being coerced, that would be convenient. It's definitely this woman being too clever for her own good. She probably thought that with the Wolf God's temperament, there would be no conflict with the Mermaid Kingdom, so she took it upon herself to lead the way…hmm…"

"I have long declared that no matter what, this Moluo Sword Master must die. I am warning her not to bring that wolf into our kingdom, otherwise, there will be a conflict between the Mermaid Kingdom and the Wolf God," sneered Yu Hailing.

"But I didn't expect this woman to be so foolish as to bring the Wolf God into our kingdom."

Yu Hailing looked towards the north, as if she had seen the sight of a Speedfish carrying a white wolf hidden in the seawater and quickly swimming towards here.

After a moment of silence, Yu Hailing subdued the mockery and anger on her face, and regained her former solemnity and dignity.

She said to the Minister, "Since the Wolf God has entered the sea, let us prepare for battle. The Wolf God is powerful, but the Mermaid Kingdom is not to be trifled with."

"The Moluo Evil Sword is of great importance and must not be disregarded. The Moluo Sword Master shall surely perish this time."

"If the Wolf God is willing to be reasonable, then we can behave courteously towards each other. But if he refuses, then we shall make him behave that way!"

At this point, Yu Hailing's face was very cold.

"30,000 years ago, we had already destroyed an ancient mythical beast. It's no big deal to destroy another one now."

"Prepare everything according to plan… I am going to the ancestral shrine."

With those words, Yu Hailing waved her sleeve and headed directly towards the direction of the ancestral shrine.

The Minister stood in place, watching the back of the lord leave, unable to help but let out a sigh, feeling quite helpless.

The Moluo Evil Sword is an object that must be eradicated for the Mermaid Kingdom. It is said that this sword is related to the South Sea Deep Trench. Just the presence of evil energy within the country has already caused the Blackwater to mutate.

If the Moluo Sword were to completely unleash its demonic power, no one knows what would happen in the South Sea Deep Trench.

Therefore, any possibility that could lead to the Moluo Evil Sword's rebirth must be destroyed. Although the Moluo Sword Master has not been completely controlled, he must also be eliminated.

However, the resolute actions of the Mermaid Kingdom may be unacceptable to outsiders.

Especially the acquaintances of Moluo Sword Master…

Oh… Ninth Prince, why are you so confused?

Feeling the anger of the lord, the chief minister could only sigh helplessly in his heart.

After this incident, the owner of the Warm Fragrance Pavilion, who used to wander leisurely in Fan Jie City, is probably going to have a difficult time.

However, despite feeling countless emotions, the Minister didn't dare to delay and quickly left the court to proceed with the original plan.

Since the Wolf God has entered the sea, the Mermaid Kingdom will probably face an ancient deity next.

A mysterious deity who cultivates heavenly thunder and is not recorded in the ancestral teachings…

In the face of such a being, no one dares to take it lightly.

The Mermaid Kingdom underwent various changes swiftly, due to a series of commands.

Many citizens with lower cultivation were urgently relocated to secure areas and waiting for the situation to be resolved. Many businesses within the capital city have also closed their doors and ceased their operations.

Therefore, the once lively and bustling Mermaid Kingdom during the Treasure Conference has now returned to its former state of quietness.

Those guests who reside in the inn and are waiting to participate in the Treasure Conference are now very curious and start to inquire about the reasons behind the unusual incidents in the city.

However, most people are unaware of what has happened.

The only thing people can be sure of is the unusual behavior of the Mermaids, which must be related to the recent murder case.

Several days ago, the madman Mu Yepeng who died miserably in the Mermaid Kingdom, along with his seven companions and an old general from the Mermaid Kingdom… The death of these eight individuals can be considered a great event.

Especially the six companions who traveled with Mu Yepeng, each one was a noble and highly skilled cultivator, and their ancestors were also all prestigious figures.

It is rumored that one of them was even a noble from the Youxiong Country in the north…

Now that everyone has died and news of their deaths has been sent back, the relatives of the deceased have already rushed to the South Sea.

The Treasure Conference, and also the day when the demon murderer will be executed, will take place five days from now. It is bound to be a grand gathering.

The Mermaid Kingdom has opened the legendary Extreme Hell Island, where the demon is to be executed on the only small island in the South Sea Deep Trench.

By the time arrives, the Treasure Conference will also be held on the Extreme Hell Island.

This mysterious island, which only existed in legends, will now be revealed before everyone's eyes.

Therefore, many people in the city look forward to the Treasure Conference.

Even the strange behavior of the Mermaids has not diminished people's expectations.

And in such a warm atmosphere, the doors of the Mermaid Kingdom were open, and a special group of guests arrived.

In the sea full of swimming fish, the foreign visitors were all dressed in fur and wore cool clothing, both men and women, even calling themselves barbarians.

The burly man at the forefront had a tiger-like back and a bear-like waist. He was tall and mighty, yet his face was filled with world-weariness and his eyebrows and eyes bore a heavy burden of sorrow. His bare upper body was covered with enigmatic black lines, which even made people hesitant to glance at him.

Compared to the noble guests in the Mermaid Kingdom, this group of people seemed so plain. However, none of the cultivators who saw them dared to underestimate them, all showing a solemn expression.

"The Li Tribe's Hanhai Department? Why are they here?"

The cultivators in the capital city recognized the identity of these "savages", and some even recognized the identity of the man at the head.

"Priest Li Po? He's actually leading them? Hasn't the Li Tribe always abstained from the Treasure Conference?"

"Right! Why are they here this time?"

"The priest is present… such grandeur! Could it be that there is a treasure at this Treasure Conference that has attracted this group of Li people who have high standards?"

"Tsk tsk tsk… The Li people have all arrived. This Treasure Conference is going to be lively!"

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