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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 285

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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 285: Unmatched in the World

Above the Pang River, the river water surged.

A big boat was sailing downstream with its sail puffed up by the wind, quickly leaving the green hills on both sides behind.

As the only pure land in the Fire Pass Country where evil demons dare not approach and run amok, ships on the river still come and go endlessly, maintaining the most basic commercial waterway.

However, even the Pang River cannot reproduce its former prosperity in the Fire Pass Country where evil demons are rampant nowadays.

There are fewer boats sailing on the river surface than before the outbreak of demoniacal ravages.

Moreover, the number of guards on merchant ships is several times greater than usual.

However, the big boat before us is evidently different.

On the sparsely populated large boat, it is empty except for the most basic crew members and a dozen or so wizards in black robes.

The leading wizard is wearing a small green and white snake on his earlobes, identifying him as a Wuzhu from a nearby city.

Her name is Helan Zhen.

Within the Fire Pass Country, this person is a celebrity.

The existence of the Green Hell Cave was discovered by the Wuzhu of Fu Shan City with the help of the Wolf God.

In a certain sense, she is the one who unveiled this great battle between wizards and evils.

In the past six years, the Helan Zhen has been the target of vicious attacks arranged by the evil creatures of the Green Hell Cave, who harbor deep-seated hatred towards her.

Every time, Helan Zhen narrowly escapes death.

But perhaps it was not her fate to perish, as every time Helan Zhen pulls through, and after recovering from her injuries, her cultivation reaches new heights.

Over the course of six years, Helan Zhen struggled through several brushes with death, which ultimately resulted in her cultivation surpassing that of her former self from six years ago.

Nowadays, she has already established her illustrious reputation and her name strikes fear into the hearts of demonic creatures even more than Gongshu Jie of Thousand Needles City, who is known for killing demons without batting an eye.

Therefore, in theory, no demonic creature should dare to provoke them during this escort mission.

Even so, Helan Zhen dare not take this lightly.

Inside the cabin, there are one black jar after another, each containing the souls of hundreds of fallen wizards.

They all perished in a great battle not long ago.

Helan Zhen must deliver the souls of these martyrs to the Water Palace of Pang River without any mishap on the way and cannot afford to slack off even for a moment.

Therefore, when the waters of the Pang River started to violently shake, Helan Zhen on the deck suddenly opened her eyes and stood up.

"Be careful!"

Helan Zhen's low shout echoed on the boat, startling all dozen wizards on board, who instinctively took up formation.

A burst of fiery red light quickly enveloped the entire ship, causing several wizards to rush immediately to Helan Zhen's side with worried expressions.

"Wuzhu Helan, what happened?"

Standing at the edge of the deck, Helan Zhen stared fixedly at the waters of the Pang River below and said, "There is a disturbance in the Pang River. Something fearsome is shaking the waters of the river."

Helan Zhen's words left the wizards looking at each other in confusion.

"Well... the Water God of Pang River has exceptional cultivation and is not under the jurisdiction of the lord. I'm afraid that no evil demons would dare to act recklessly here."

"Yes, Wuzhu Helan, did you sense something wrong?"

The wizards asked cautiously, feeling that Wuzhu Helan had become somewhat nervous since her near-death experiences.

Along the way, this kind of scary situation happened several times, but each time nothing happened.

Helan Zhen looked deeply at them, understanding their thoughts, but she didn't explain that there were indeed evil demons lurking around on the previous road.

She looked down at the calm Pang River again, furrowed her brow and sensed for a moment before suddenly smiling.

She said, "Indeed, no evil demon dares to act recklessly in the Pang River."

In the surprised gaze of the wizards, Helan Zhen smiled and pointed to the river ahead, saying, "Look at that."

Following Helan Zhen's pointing direction, all the wizards looked over.

However, on the river surface, the water was turbulent but as always, there was nothing unusual.

The wizards were a little confused... What is Wuzhu Helan asking us to look at?

Seeing the confused expression of the wizards, Helan Zhen didn't explain.

Standing on the deck, Helan Zhen held onto the railing with both hands, looking at the distant river surface with a nostalgic and melancholic expression.

I didn't expect to see the Wolf God again here...

Such a sentiment rose in Helan Zhen's heart.

And the next moment, a blood-red light suddenly pierced through the surface of the Pang River and rose into the sky.


With a muffled sound, at this moment, it resounded in the minds of all living creatures on both sides of the Pang River.

Many wizards on the deck trembled all over and knelt down in an instant.

The blood-red sword light was deeply engraved in their retinas, turning into the deepest fear of their souls, and flew directly towards the northwest direction.

The violent gang winds surged over the Pang River, and all the boats were shaken and creaked.

Strangely, the river water seemed to be sticky, sticking tightly to the wildly shaking boats, and no boats capsized in this extremely violent storm.

"What is that!!!"

From the mouths of the wizards came hoarse and frightened screams.

Almost unable to believe what their eyes were seeing.

The sword light flying towards the northwest seemed to split the heavens and the earth, shatter all things, and at the moment of its appearance, cruelly deprived all the colors between the heavens and the earth.

When all living beings saw that sword, the world in their eyes was reduced to only black and white.

The only thing that still had color was the sword light...

The indescribable fear swept in all directions following the direction of the sword light soaring through the sky.

The terrifying feeling of a crumbling world and the destruction of all things spread throughout the mortal realm.

The blood-red sword light pierced through the sky, shattered the clouds, and flashed without sound but at an astonishing speed.

Under the sword light, the desolate earth, human cities, mountains, forests, beasts, and demon cultivators were all terrified and crouched down in fear at that moment. Every living creature who saw the sword light, regardless of their cultivation level, whether they had opened their spiritual awareness, whether they were good or evil, all had the same blank mind and fear.

The indescribable fear was deeply engraved in the hearts and souls of all living beings in the Fire Pass Country on that day.

Three thousand miles of wind and snow, all the prestige and glory have turned into dust at this moment.

Countless demons and monsters wailed miserably and knelt on the ground, waiting to be executed, without even a hint of resistance.

Hundreds of wizards looked up in confusion in the wilderness and fell to their knees, unable to control themselves due to the deep fear from their souls.

Inside the mountain valley surging with bloody mist, the reclusive great demon howled furiously, attempting to resist. However, its legs refused to obey him, unable to stand up and kneeling on the ground instead. All of its pride and nobility were mercilessly crushed at that moment.

However, the sword light didn't even glance at it. Even though it passed through the mountain valley where it was hidden and sensed its existence, it didn't even want to stop for a moment.

It flew mercilessly and coldly towards the distance, continuing toward the locked target.

Such indifference cruelly shattered the great demon's desire for a heroic final pride.

In front of this sword light that covers the heaven and earth and shakes all beings, there is no distinction between the great demon, the mortals, and the demon cultivators.

At that moment, everyone under the sky knew it clearly.

Whether it was the demonic giants who dominated a region and had notorious reputations or the respected seniors with superb skills in the righteous path, they were all just insignificant mortals in the face of this unparalleled sword momentum.

Not worth mentioning!

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