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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 154 Part 1

2022-11-06 00:30:00Publish Time: 2,975 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 154: The Immortal Kingdom (1)

PS: Translated by yymm51734

Huo Feng's vulgar words made Lian Caiyi a little unbearable.

In her plan, she originally wanted to disturb the boy's heart and take the initiative through such close contact.

However, when Huo Feng woke up and saw her near the pillow, not only did the boy not feel shy and flustered, he even calmly forced her back with such hurtful words.

In this fight, she was defeated.

Lian Caiyi stared at Huo Feng, and she could hardly believe that a boy who should have been young and frivolous could be as shameless as a goof.

He even openly said that he would hit her with his excrement should she try again.

Lian Caiyi felt a strange feeling of both anger and amusement.

She smiled and said, "If you give something else to me, I will be willing to accept it…"

Lian Caiyi smiled charmingly, and her eyes swept around Huo Feng. Later, without waiting for Huo Feng to react, she left with a light smile.

At least on the surface, she didn't fall behind.

But Huo Feng curled his lips and was completely unmoved.

He looked at the sky outside and found that it was already dawn, so he did not want to sleep. He dressed up and went out of the cabin.

On the deck, the little girl with silver hair and beastly ears still stood at the stern, pushing the boat forward with aura.

In the bow of the boat, Lu Heng, dressed in his usual white, was standing with his arms folded and his back to the people on the boat, no one knew what he was thinking.

Huo Feng did not dare to disturb the wolf god, so he walked towards the stern of the boat and came in front of Xiao Ai.

A smile on his face.

"Good morning, Xiao Ai," Huo Feng said, "you've had a hard time, just leave the helm to me next."

The little girl with silver hair and animal ears glanced at him, shaking her head and said no.

She said, "No need, I find that using my aura to push the boat and cultivate at the same time is beneficial to my cultivation. So just leave the boat to me. You have not yet recovered from your serious injuries, so rest more later."

After saying this, Xiao Ai closed her eyes and paid no more attention to Huo Feng.

In the morning light of dawn, Xiao Ai was holding the boat with one hand, a faint aura surrounding her, and while pushing the boat forward early, she was refining the aura in her body.

Such a strange scene made Huo Feng's mouth twitch.

It was already scary enough that one could walk and cultivate. Xiao Ai could even use her aura to push the boat and cultivate at the same time?

This is no longer dual use of one mind, this is multiple use of one mind!

Xiao Ai was practising, and he didn't dare to stay and disturb her, so he could only walk back.

However, just as Huo Feng reached the door of the cabin, he saw Lian Caiyi looking at him with a smile on her face as she leaned against the cabin door with her hands held.

The smiling look in her eyes was clearly not good intention.

Seeing this scene, Huo Feng was speechless. He had planned to go back to the cabin to make up sleep, but now gave up resting. He walked straight towards the bow of the ship and came to sit not far behind Lu Heng.

With wolf god by his side, this woman wouldn't dare to pester him, would she?

As he sat down, Huo Feng glanced back and indeed saw Lian Caiyi turn around and walk into the cabin. It was obvious that she really did not dare to come over and disturb them.

But Huo Feng couldn't leave for a while.

The small boat was moving silently in the vast ocean.

Under Xiao Ai's driving, the boat was moving faster and faster, and it was also becoming smoother.

In the end, the sails were even closed. The presence of the sails was a hindrance because of the excessive speed of travel.

One day, two days…… Time seemed to pass more quickly on the sea.

Huo Feng sat behind Lu Heng every day. Even when eating food, he let the little Gu Yan take dry food over, and he just casually eat food with water. Only at the time to defecate did he leave.

In the two days, Lian Caiyi did not come to bother Huo Feng again.

She didn't know if she was really afraid that Huo Feng will pull out something and hit her…

On the deck at the bow of the boat, Lu Heng fell into a days-long contemplation and did not move for a long time.

The encounter with the black knight had made Lu Heng realize one of his weaknesses.

--He lacked the ability to keep people.

When facing an enemy like the black knight who came to him, the only means he had was to destroy the opponent outright, without the ability to trap the opponent and keep him.

If this did not change, the next time he encountered an enemy like the black knight, even if he might know any important information, Lu Heng would not be able to probe it out……

Now that Lu Heng was not in the Fire Pass country, without the help of the wizards to set up a big trap to trap the demons, everything will have to be solved by Lu Heng himself.

Lu Heng had previously read through the book collection of Fushan City and seen many wonderful techniques. If he really want to, it was not impossible to set up a temporary trap to trap the demons.

He just wasn’t satisfied with the power of the trap.

Nowadays, he had a new idea to use the power of heavenly thunder to keep the enemy.

Previously, when he was in Fushan City, Lu Heng had seen a very interesting spell called Wind Thunder Trap. The core of this spell was to draw mortal wind thunder into a cage to trap the target demon.

Even if it is not a heavenly thunderbolt, a mundane wind thunderbolt can still cause great damage to demons.

It is only because that spells that can control wind and thunder are extremely rare in the world.

After all, even mundane wind and thunder are too violent and unstable. The scroll of bamboo slips that Lu Heng had seen in Fushan City was already described as a secret divine manual when placed outside.

However, although the wind thunder trap was powerful, it could not meet Lu Heng's requirements. The retention time was too short.

He wanted to try using the power of heavenly thunder to replace wind thunder and create a Heavenly Thunder Trap with heavenly thunder as its core.

If it can be completed, not only will it be incredibly powerful, but the power of heavenly thunder will also be raging. If the Heavenly Thunder Trap successfully traps demons and evil, it can at least last for a century, so it can already be called a powerful trap.

Although the idea was good, the actual operation was too difficult.

The spell mentioned in the bamboo scroll was fine for attracting wind thunder, but heavenly thunder was very different from mundane thunder, and Lu Heng's first attempt failed straight away.

And every one of his ten subsequent attempts ended in failure.

On top of the boat, Lu Heng let out a long sigh, but he did not let it discourage him.

When one wants to create a new divine spell, even with the finished products of previous generations as reference, it could never be done overnight.

Lu Heng's mind was at peace. It was best if it could be done. If he couldn't, he could practice the Wind Thunder Trap again.

Although the Wind Thunder Trap was of average power, it was enough in most of time.

In such a leisurely practice, the small sea boat sailed through the long sea and had left the sea where the shipwreck had been.

And since that day, Lu Heng had not encountered any storm or demon evil, everything seemed so calm and quiet.