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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 175

2023-02-09 19:15:00Publish Time: 2,770 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 175: Don't Worry.

Lu Heng doesn't know what Erba God Man has imagined him to be, but it likely isn't a benign existence or else the sixteen little monsters wouldn't have been so scared.

It's a pity that he still plans to investigate further and find out the secrets of ancient times.

It looks like he'll have to wait until the next time he sees Zhu Jiuyin then.

Lu Heng sighed in his heart, dispersing the Thunder Prison in the sky and the pitch-black clouds, returning the heavens and earth to their original colors.

Besides, although Lian Caiyi was injured, she was obviously much stronger than before.

Lu Heng was surprised, but smiled and said, "Congratulations, Miss Caiyi, your cultivation base has increased a lot now."

Lian Caiyi didn't hide her emotions and sighed, "My master mysteriously disappeared a thousand years ago, only to be sacrificed by this Erba God Man in the valley. Now that I have entered the valley and gained my master's inheritance, so my cultivation has progressed greatly... Ahhh."

She let out a long sigh and bowed deeply to Lu Heng again, saying:

"Thank you for your thorough guidance, Wolf God. But now that this has happened, I can no longer linger here. Now it is time to fulfill my promise and leave."

"But Caiyi will never forget your kindness. If you're ever given an order, you just need to write a letter to the Luan Xin Ge in the East Sea and Caiyi will be sure to come to serve you."

Lian Caiyi's resolve was so adamant that it surprised Lu Heng.

Especially in Lian Caiyi's words, it seems to imply something else...

After Lian Caiyi said goodbye to Lu Heng, she also said goodbye to Xiao Ai and Gu Yan respectively.

Finally, she turned towards the valley and said coldly, "Mr. Huo, as promised, Caiyi will part ways here. May you have an auspicious future with a beautiful companion by your side. Caiyi shall not disturb your life anymore."

As she spoke, Lian Caiyi turned and walked away.

In the valley, Huo Feng finally couldn't hold back and shouted aloud.

"Hey! Wait a minute!" He shouted behind Lian Caiyi's back, "What happened before..."

At the moment when Huo Feng opened his mouth, Lu Heng clearly saw that Lian Caiyi, who was facing the valley, had a slight smile on her lips.

Although the smile disappeared in the next second.

That beautiful woman, facing away from the valley and Huo Feng, still had a cold expression and didn't even turn her head.

Under the sunshine, she left far away with a sentence, cutting off Huo Feng's words.

"The things you left inside me, I will be able to get rid of them, so don't worry."

After saying that, Lian Caiyi immediately dissolved into the light and disappeared swiftly among the mountains.

Only her loud and cold words echoed incessantly in the mountains, the echoes never-ending.

Don't worry...

In the sky, Lu Heng, Xiao Ai and even Gu Yan... The two people and a bird looked at Huo Feng in the valley with different eyes in an instant.

Xiao Ai softly called out, "Lord Wolf God..."

"Uh... ahem... This... I didn't hear anything," Lu Heng scratched his ear, saying, "The wind was strong just now and I didn't catch what Miss Caiyi said. It probably wasn't anything important, so there's no need to worry about it."

Xiao Ai nodded in understanding.

Although this was done, the silver-haired girl deeply looked at Huo Feng in the valley and the direction in which Lian Caiyi disappeared.

That thoughtful expression looked as if she had learned something.

At the same time, in a pitch-black world, there was a pitch-black pool of water.

Within this pool of water, there was not a sound nor even a ripple, it was absolutely still.

Suddenly, a small bubble arose in the dark pool in one moment.


In the sound, strings of bubbles rose densely.

It seemed that something was about to emerge from this black pool which had been silent for thousands of years.

More and more bubbles came, becoming denser and denser, until eventually, the whole pool was boiling.

Finally, one after another, small white hands reached out from the dark pool, revealing the adorable little boys and girls in the pool of water.

"Ugh... crap... it hurts so much..."

Sixteen little boys and girls crawled out of the deep pool.

Their faces were pale, and had frightened looks. Even after climbing out from the pool of water, they couldn't stop trembling.

The enormous terror of passing through life and death was too much even for them, despite having experienced it several times.

It was not until half an hour had passed that the sixteen small monsters lying on the edge of the pool gradually came to life.

Some of them spoke.

"Motherfuck... This time it's a huge loss of vitality, it can't be restored in a few thousand years..."

Someone scolded, "It's a miracle that we were able to make it back alive! That demon was the one who killed the Emperor... Killed the Emperor! What can we do? We can only escape in this way..."

"Wait... the Moluo Sword is really gone! You guys feel careful, that damn sword didn't come back with us!"

"Oh? Really? I can't believe it! Did that damn sword really get away this time?"

"My god... Last time it shrunk like a turtle, but this time not only did it shrink like a turtle, it even ran away? Isn't this damn sword an ancient magic sword? How come it doesn't even have any guts?!"

There was a lot of swearing by the pool.

They were all denouncing the damn sword that had tangled them for endless years.

But at one moment, there was a faint voice.

"But...the Moluo Sword ran away, isn't that a good thing? We won't be cursed anymore afterwards."

After this sentence was finished, there was a moment of silence at the edge of the pool.

The eldest boy laughed loudly and slapped the little boy who had reminded him. He said, "Yes, you are truly a genius... Hahaha...Yes! This is great news! It's a good thing!"

After the reaction, everyone was excited.

Finally, the damn sword had finally given up sticking to them, and they were so happy that they wanted to dance.

But their happiness didn't last long because someone weakly asked, "But what happened to the Moluo Sword? Where did it go?"

This time, nobody cares.

The eldest boy snorted angrily and said, "Who cares where it went? It can go wherever it wants! Next time if I see that damn sword again, I'll have to take it apart!"

"That's right! Take it apart! Let it know what pain is!"

"Ugh... You said the damn sword ran away out of fear of the demon chasing it? What if the demon finds out we're still alive and comes after us?"

The sudden question silenced the waterside in an instant.

After a pause, the eldest boy gave the little girl a slap with a dark face and said, "Don't talk about it!"

He angrily yelled, "Can't you say something nice? This transmutation technique is a secret technique granted to us by the Emperor, only we are able to use it in the world. How can that demon figure it out?"

The little girl covered her face with a look of grievance, "But... even the Emperor was swarmed by that demon..."



At the edge of the black pond, sixteen little boys and girls were staring at each other.

Their faces showed that they were frightened.

After a brief silence, someone swallowed their saliva and broke the dead silence.

"Hey big brother, shall we find someone for help?"

The eldest boy had a pained expression on his face and glared at them, saying "Who can we turn to for help? Those cultivators from ancient times have either passed away or disappeared, and now there are only a few people who have the power to fight the demon... Should we look for Zhu Jiuyin or the Fire God?"

The eldest boy scolded, "Whoever wants to die, I can give him this glorious and arduous task."

When the eldest boy spoke, everyone laughed awkwardly and fell silent.

Whether it was Zhu Jiuyin or the Fire God, when they saw these sixteen people, they were likely to start fighting without even a chance to talk.

However, to their knowledge, there are only two who can deal with the white wolf demon at present.

As for those who have disappeared... their whereabouts are unknown. where are you even going to look for them?

The situation seems to be at a stalemate.

But after half a second, the Second Sister suddenly mentioned a strange name.

"Do you all still remember the old man Jiu Mie?"

The Second Sister looked at the siblings around her and said, "We fought this old man when he passed through the South Sea last time. His cultivation base was very deep and profound."

"Furthermore, this old man has always been a righteous person with a good temperament. If we go to him, he may be willing to lend a hand to deal with the demon."

The Second Sister's proposal made everyone stunned for a moment, and then they all remembered the old cultivator.

Their faces suddenly showed surprise.

"That's right, this old cultivator is quite powerful; he might be able to stand up to the demon called Lu Yuan."

"Pshaw! What Lu Yuan? Isn't that guy named Fang Heng? Can you even hear correctly?"

"Um... What was the demon's name again?" the eldest boy asked.

When this question came up, everyone was at a loss.

"I was so scared that I almost peed my pants. Who can still remember the name of that wolf demon!"

"Exactly! I was so scared I almost pooped my pants, so how can I listen to that demon introduce himself!"

So none of you heard the name of the wolf demon clearly? The eldest boy looked gloomy at them.

When the question was asked, everyone looked at him and said, "Could you have remembered it?"

"...Umm. No..." The eldest boy shook his head silently.

By the pond, everyone fell silent again.

Until the Second Sister spoke again.

"That's it! It's just a name, so don't worry about remembering it," she said, "Let's go straight to the old ascetic cultivator Jiu Mie and ask him to kill the demon."

"The old ascetic cultivator previously went north to wander the Northlands, most likely within the Fire Pass Country. We should go to the Fire Pass Country and find him, explain the situation to him, and ask him to help kill the wolf demon."

"With his generous spirit, he would definitely not ignore it."

"As for the name of this demon..." the Second Sister said, "It doesn't matter what he's called as long as we can get rid of him!"

At the edge of the pool, the little boys and girls all got excited.

"Oh! It makes sense!"

"Listen to the Second Sister! Listen to the second sister!"

They shouted excitedly as if they had seen the scene of the white wolf demon being eradicated by the old ascetic cultivator Jiu Mie.