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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 303

2023-09-28 02:30:00Publish Time: 8,218 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 303: The Long Night Is Coming

Above the swamp, Lu Heng muttered in a low voice.

Xiao Ai, meanwhile, looked at the wine suspended in the void, and the female corpse floating inside it, and said.

"The Wolf God, how should we dispose of this woman's corpse?"

She looked towards Lu Heng and asked, "Should we destroy it on the spot, or take it with us?"

Xiao Ai's words brought Lu Heng's thoughts back.

He looked at the female corpse floating in the wine and sighed.

"This body has been completely destroyed. Although it still retains the appearance of when she died, the essence inside has already been completely lost."

"Even if we leave it, it's not of much use… but let's just keep it anyway."

Lu Heng said, "Before the seal was broken, the Pregnant Evil Cauldron still kept this female cultivator imprisoned, so when the Heavenly Thunder Sword broke the seal, she could only escape with her soul. But now we have also brought out her physical body…maybe she would like to return to this body?"

"After all, a gold and silver nest is not as good as one's own dog's nest."

Lu Heng said as such, but to tell the truth, he didn't have much confidence.

Because Gu Yin's master's physical body, as a carrier of the soul, was simply too perfect.

Although it has been trained into a living corpse by evil methods, under the care and nourishment of Gu Yin for more than two hundred years, this body has not been damaged at its core, but has rather been constantly nourished.

Plus, with no soul left and almost no resistance when a new soul enters, it is simply the best vessel for taking over.

After getting used to the new body, the woman may not be willing to return to this body that has exhausted its source and is extremely decayed.

Dispelling the liquid that had been suspended in the air, and letting the body that had been soaking in the liquid for who knows how many years fall to the ground, Lu Heng didn't leave.

After thanking the Land God, he let the other party leave.

Although the evil demons underground have been completely eradicated, there are still people that he needs to wait for.

At the edge of the swamp, he chose a small hill with a relatively open view for his cultivation and Lu Heng also waited there for someone.

Soon, another day passed, and Lu Heng finally saw a familiar figure appearing in the wilderness from a distance.

The old monk wearing rough sackcloth, with a thin and withered body, and carrying a tattered cloth package, every step he took in the wilderness was visible from a thousand feet away.

He soon arrived in front of Lu Heng.

However, upon seeing the situation by Lu Heng's side, Jiu Mie was slightly surprised.

"My friend, what is happening to you…"

Jiu Mie looked at the woman's body standing quietly behind Lu Heng, with a strange expression on his face.

"Where did you find this beautiful woman? She is indeed pretty… However, although she is extremely beautiful and can be called the most beautiful in the world, she is still just a corpse."

"As the dignified Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain, how can my friend behave like this… This is beyond words. If you need a companion, there are plenty of good women in the world for you to choose from. Why bother with a corpse?"

"No problem, please ask the old ascetic cultivator for help… The old ascetic cultivator has traveled far and wide, he has also seen many beautiful women and can help my friend keep an eye out and make introductions."

Jiu Mie tried to persuade with a stern tone and a worried look on his face.

Lu Heng, however, had a bright smile on his face, as he was extremely happy.

"Oh… my friend has finally arrived, I've been waiting for you so long."

Lu Heng walked forward and immediately took Jiu Mie's hand, very warmly, "Friend, please have a seat. I have been troubled and in need of your help for this woman, so it is wonderful that you are willing to assist me now."

Lu Heng was so enthusiastic that Jiu Mie couldn't help but be surprised and subconsciously withdrew his hand from Lu Heng's grasp.

I dare not sit.

"Your words, my friend, are truly terrifying…"

Jiu Mie looked Lu Heng up and down, and said, "My friend, please tell me first what has happened. We can sit down after you finish."

Lu Heng laughed heartily and didn't refuse. He quickly recounted the situation of Gu Yin's Master's body being taken and how he came to dig it out from underground.

After listening, Jiu Mie was slightly surprised.

He scrutinized the body of the woman before him once again.

Under the dim sunlight, this woman, wearing a gorgeous divine robe, still looked dignified and elegant, despite the loss of her source and the absence of her divine powers.

The cold and proud temperament between her brows made people not dare to underestimate her, even though she was only a decaying corpse.

Not to mention that after the woman's soul broke free, she would seek trouble with the strongest person in the world…

"Perhaps my friend considers that his swordsmanship is too sharp and he is afraid of injuring Gu Yin's Master, so he cannot take action. Therefore, he wants to invite the old ascetic cultivator to fight this woman," said Jiu Mie.

Lu Heng chuckled and said, "Truly, you are my good friend, understanding my heart! My friend is so enthusiastic, and on behalf of Gu Yin, I thank you, my friend, Lu Heng appreciates your kindness."

Saying this, Lu Heng turned to Xiao Ai and Shen Wuyou beside him and said, "Xiao Ai, Wuyou, please get ready, we can set off for the Floating Jade Mountain now."

However, as soon as Lu Heng finished speaking, Jiu Mie grabbed him and he couldn't help but laugh and cry.

"My friend, are you really at ease with the old ascetic cultivator? Aren't you afraid that the woman will kill the old ascetic cultivator with just two palms? After she borrows a corpse to revive herself, the first thing she will do is to look for the strongest person in the world to fight," said Jiu Mie.

"Ancient people who have such confidence must have extraordinary strength. A mere Jiu Mie is perhaps not her match and may be defeated with just one move upon meeting her," said Jiu Mie.

"Losing the old ascetic cultivator's life is a small matter, but failing to fulfill your trust as my friend would be a big mistake… We must go look for her together!"

Jiu Mie said solemnly, "With the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain as our backer, I don't think anyone in the world would dare to threaten the old ascetic cultivator's life in front of the Wolf God."

Lu Heng looked worried and said, "But I still have to go to the Floating Jade Mountain to meet Xiao Juechen and test if I can get into the Green Hell Cave… If I delay too long and miss the opportunity, I may not have another chance like this in the future."

Jiu Mie was even more surprised and said, "Go see Xiao Juechen? Isn't he one of the Four Elders in the Green Hell Cave? Are you really going to see him, my friend?"

Jiu Mie couldn't understand it.

Lu Heng explained the matter of the Fierce Demon Feast to Jiu Mie and let him know about his appointment with Xiao Juechen.

Only now did Jiu Mie understand. "So that's how it is… This is indeed a rare opportunity. If you can sneak into the Green Hell Cave, my friend, it will be easy to eliminate the threat of the Lord of All Demons."

After pondering for a moment, the old wanderer let out a helpless sigh and said,

"If that's the case, then this woman's matter can only fall on the shoulders of the old ascetic cultivator… sigh… my friend, you can rest assured and go ahead. The old ascetic cultivator will go and find that woman."

"I just hope that my friend can solve the troubles in the Green Hell Cave as soon as possible, and come to collect the old ascetic cultivator's corpse. If it's too late, the wild dogs and jackals will take away the old ascetic cultivator's bones and they won't be complete."

Jiu Mie's joke made Lu Heng smile wryly and shake his head.

"My friend, you are exaggerating too much. Even if that woman is really powerful, since she could not transcend, I don't think she is invincible… At worst, my friend can still run away."

Lu Heng smiled and arched his hand, saying "Next time we meet, please try the peach fruit of Hanyu Mountain. Since my friend has taken risks this time, he should be able to have the blessing of the peach fruit."

Jiu Mie laughed heartily and put his hands together, saying "If the old ascetic cultivator is lucky enough not to die, he must come and taste it… My friend, goodbye for now."


Above the wilderness, the ascetic and the wolf bid farewell.

On the far horizon, the setting sun sinks to the west.

The pitch-black and long profound night is about to come.

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