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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 228

2023-07-15 01:45:00Publish Time: 2,446 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: postContent, anonymous, probablynotacrab, Sebastian-Jensen

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Chapter 228: It's Snowing

The feast inside the divine palace lasted for a day and a night.

But Lu Heng had left halfway through.

Chief Minister Yu Huaifeng found him, saying that the Mermaid Kingdom can dispatch a Speedfish to quickly bring the Wolf God back to the land.

Regarding this, Lu Heng naturally agreed with pleasure.

The speed of the Speedfish was so fast that it was frightening to hear.

Even compared to the Bo horse, the Speedfish was much faster.

Having a Speedfish to bring Lu Heng north was definitely much faster than if he were to travel on his own.

Although Lu Heng's White Thunder is fast and shadowy, the lack of Heavenly Thunder inside his body and the endurance are major issues.

However, in ordinary flight, the speed was completely incomparable to that of the Speedfish.

Before that, Lu Heng still needed to go to Fan Jie Mountain. When Wu Gu saved Huo Feng, Lu Heng promised to help Wu Gu get a Deep Ice White Lotus.

Now that the Deep Ice White Lotus was in his hands, he had to personally deliver it to fulfill the promise.

Moreover, Lu Heng also wanted to see Madame Green Bamboo, who had escaped, and her goddaughter Su Xiaoxiao again.

Of course, these were all things to be discussed later. Currently, Lu Heng still had matters to attend to within the Divine Palace.

When he left, he would take Huo Feng from the Heavenly Thunder Prison, but Lian Caiyi could not come with them and would need to stay in the Mermaid Kingdom to recuperate.

And Lian Caiyi also refused to go with Lu Heng.

"If the child is born and sees his father in a female body..."

When Lu Heng invited Lian Caiyi to go with him, she smiled bitterly and said, "Moreover, given the circumstances, the Moluo Evil Spirit cannot be forced out in a short time. After I recover from my injuries, I want to return to Luan Xin Ge first to take care of my pregnancy. After the child grows up, and the three-year period has passed, I'll take the child to Hanyu Mountain to pay a visit to the Wolf God."

With this decision, Lu Heng also expressed his understanding, saying, "Miss Caiyi, if you have the chance to come to Hanyu Mountain, Lu Heng will always welcome you."

Apart from Lian Caiyi, some familiar friends also had to bid farewell.

Li Po, Luo Yujun, the Great Sage of Fu Feng, and the lord of Wuqi Country, Wenren Bumie... Lu Heng thanked all of them specifically.

Especially to Li Po, Lu Heng said, "When the priest comes to craft the sword that can split mountains and seas, if you need help, just send a letter to Hanyu Mountain, and I will come to assist."

Lu Heng was very moved by Li Po's help.

After all, among this group of people, the lord of the Wuqi Country was instructed by Candle Dragon, Luo Yujun wanted to befriend Lu Heng, and the Great Sage of Fu Feng just happened to be there...Only Li Po, who truly regarded Lu Heng as a friend and comrade, led the team to help.

Without any selfish motives.

Regarding this, Lu Heng was quite moved.

Of course, this doesn't mean that Lu Heng is not grateful for the help of Luo Yujun, Wenren Bumie, and the Great Sage of Fu Feng.

But polite gratitude is incomparable to the emotionally moving feeling between friends.

Faced with the enthusiasm of Lu Heng, Li Po sighed and said, "I remember, if there is a need in the future, I will definitely seek help from the Wolf God. But this Sword of Mountain-Cleaving and Sea-Splitting...sigh..."

Li Po shook his head and said, "It may take some time before we can start forging. Although we have Heavenly Thunder Sand, other materials are quite scarce. I still need time to find them."

When it came to this matter, Li Po was a bit embarrassed.

Because he was too embarrassed to say that he had been searching for those rare materials for two hundred years, he impulsively threw them all into the forging of the Heavenly Thunder Sword...

For the people of the Li Tribe, the temptation of forging a legendary divine weapon is absolutely irresistible.

Even Li Ju, the old high priest, has almost emptied his family's treasury.

However, for Li Po, the good news was that the most rare and difficult-to-find Heavenly Thunder Sand was already enough, although the other materials were rare, they were not impossible to find.

It just takes a little more effort and time.

Li Po has no regrets.

Especially now that he had personally witnessed the power of the Heavenly Thunder Sword, it took him half a day to calm down his excited emotions.

The momentum of that sword's strike was like it had landed on his soul, and he was so excited that he almost flew up.

That's the sword I forged!

That's the sword I forged!


Li Po, who had been laughing stupidly for half a day, only regained some composure when Lu Heng came to say goodbye.

Later, Lu Heng found the thin, old ascetic cultivator who had been sitting on the edge of the divine palace, overlooking the sea of clouds.

At Lu Heng's arrival, the old ascetic cultivator smiled slightly and said, "Is my friend leaving?"

"Well, it's time to leave," Lu Heng said as he looked at the dark clouds gathering in the sky. He blew on the cold sea wind that was both fishy and bone-chilling and continued, "I have a garden of peach trees in my mountain, which I left under the care of a monkey. It's been almost a year since then and I need to go back to check and see how many fruits are left."

Lu Heng's words made the old ascetic cultivator laugh out loud, saying, "Letting a monkey guard a peach garden, my friend, you really know how to arrange things..."

Lu Heng smiled slightly and said, "When the peaches are ripe, I'll invite you to taste them."

As the two spoke, the fierce wind over the sea grew even more bone-chilling.

Pale silver-gray dots silently fell.

Lu Heng reached out and caught a crystal clear snowflake from the edge of the divine palace at the top of the towering stone pillar that seemed to pierce the sky. He sighed and said,

"It's snowing..."

When he left Hanyu Mountain, the mountain was just recovering from the spring chill and the flowers were just blooming.

Now, as he prepared to go back, it was already midwinter.

He wonders how Sun Yan is doing in the mountains. Has he followed Xiao Ai's instructions to plant and harvest the corn? Being so alone in the mountains for such a long time, if he is scared?

As Lu Heng's thoughts drifted away, Jiu Mie, the old ascetic cultivator standing beside him, watched him quietly without saying a word.

After a while, Lu Heng finally came to his senses and sighed.

"It's time to go back... Do you want to go to the Fire Pass Country in the north, my friend?"

Jiu Mie nodded.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Why don't we travel together? I have just obtained two top-level cultivation techniques that my friend can read and refer to."

As he spoke, Lu Heng took out the "Divine Skill" and "Demon Sutra" directly obtained from the stone tablets in the forest.

At the sight of these two cultivation techniques, Jiu Mie was greatly surprised.

"Such cultivation techniques...my friend, you truly have obtained a great blessing!"

Lu Heng smiled and handed over the secret books, saying, "That's why I invited my friend to appreciate them together...With such a great blessing, how can one enjoy it alone?"

Jiu Mie laughed and said, "Although the cultivation techniques are tempting, I'll pass on traveling together with you, my friend."

"I, an old ascetic cultivator, prefer to travel alone and really don't want to stand by my friend's side and vie for attention."

"Otherwise, if people see me, the peak of immortals and the most arrogant person in the world, Jiu Mie, accompanied by your side, wouldn't all their attention be diverted?"

The old ascetic cultivator's words also made Lu Heng laugh.

He said, "No problem, as Lu Heng, I command the heavenly thunder to eliminate all evil, and with my ancient sword will suppress the world. Compared with my friend, it's not inferior at all. People will definitely pay more attention to me...Hahaha..."

Amidst the fluttering snowflakes, one person and one cultivator laughed heartily. After laughing for a while, the old ascetic cultivator finally folded his hands together and said.

"Friend, until we meet again."

"Until we meet again" Lu Heng replied with a bow. Silently watching the figure of the old ascetic cultivator Jiu Mie disappear into the white snowflakes.

The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, true friends don't need to use polite words and formalities.

The desolate cold wind of the winter rushed through this remote corner, with only the figure of Lu Heng left behind.

After a while, a silver-haired girl with animal ears appeared behind Lu Heng. Seeing Lu Heng alone, Xiao Ai was a little surprised.

"Lord Wolf, has Senior Jiu Mie... left?"

"Yes, he has gone," Lu Heng nodded and turned around with a smile. "We should also leave."

Lu Heng ruffled Xiao Ai's hair and walked towards the divine palace.

"If we don't go back soon, Sun Yan will probably be crying in the mountains," he said.

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