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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 110

2022-09-01 01:53:04Publish Time: 4,237 views
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Chapter 110: Secret Collection

Everyone looked at each other in surprise and talked to each other. They were all slightly shocked by the incident.

The courtyard behind the Fire God Temple was a small forbidden area in the city.

The people who have been staying in the small courtyard are all important people with extraordinary status and need to be treated with care.

But even so, it has never been the case before. Even Wuzhu Helan personally issued an injunction, saying that those who spy on the courtyard will be killed without mercy…

Isn't this a big show?

As everyone has said, even when the emperor came, there was not such a thing.

Therefore, everyone was curious about what kind of big people came to Fushan city and what the other side was doing.

The small courtyard of this Wu's residence was lively because of such discussions.

The sad music came from afar, but it was like another world from a long time ago and didn't enter the ears of the people. The lively and relaxed atmosphere was the mainstream of this courtyard.

It seemed that it was also the mainstream of this mansion…

Meanwhile, in the early morning sunshine, a girl named Xiao Ai left the Fire God Temple with a dark blue sword on her back.

In the crowded Fire God Temple, the little girl's departure didn't attract any attention.

When Huo Feng saw Xiao Ai go out, he also came out of the house.

At this time Lu Heng was still sitting in the pavilion, but he no longer wandered and meditated, but turned to a roll of bamboo slips in his hand.

Seeing that Huo Feng finally came out of the room, Lu Heng smiled and took the initiative to speak, "Brother Huo, you need not be constrained. You can do whatever you want. I will not be disturbed."

It is obvious that although Lu Heng was distracted, he also noticed Huo Feng who went back into the room for fear of disturbing him.

In this regard, Huo Feng smiled awkwardly but it was hard to say anything. With a slight bow, he ran away with the little Gu Eagle squatting on his shoulder.

After going to the backyard for a little washing and grooming, Huo Feng returned to the front yard.

At this time, Lu Heng still sat in his original position and looked through the bamboo slips.

There are pages of paper in this world, but some important secrets are recorded in special bamboo slips. Such bamboo slips can be stored for a long time and are not easy to damage.

The bamboo slips in Lu Heng's hands are of this kind. The above record is the method of hiding spirit Qi sent by Wuzhu Helan Zhen.

Lu Heng wanted to try to cultivate the human cultivator's spirit Qi hiding method, so as to avoid the recurrence of victims like Huo Feng.

Lu Heng was surprised to see the dress of Huo Feng. "Brother Huo, are you going out?"

At this time, Huo Feng was neatly dressed, carrying a small bamboo basket on his back, wearing a bamboo hat on his head to shade the sun, and squatting on his shoulder was a small Gu eagle.

If someone unrelated came across this scene, they might think that Huo Feng is a ranger.

Hui Feng said with a smile, "This is actually the first time I have come to Fushan city. Before today, most of my knowledge about Fushan city came from hearsay, so I'm curious about the style of this city."

"Now that I have the chance, I want to go around and buy some food to prepare for dinner. If the Wolf God allows me, I also want to take Gu Yan with me and let him see the city."

The little Gu eagle on the shoulder of Huo Feng couldn't help but stretch his neck and look forward to seeing Lu Heng. It seemed that it would cry once Lu Heng refused.

Seeing this, Lu Heng couldn't help laughing and said, "It's OK to take him to see the world. But you must restrain this little guy and don't mess around in the city. If there is any trouble, we will eat braised Gu eagle tonight."

Lu Heng's last words made the little Gu eagle shrink his neck and dare not move.

Huo Feng laughed and said, "I will definitely restrain Gu Yan, and I will teach him not to do anything."

In this way, Huo Feng left with the little Gu eagle, who was curious about everything.

Lu Heng sat in the courtyard and watched the two leave, but there was nothing to worry about.

Since the collapse of his Tao heart, it seems that Huo Feng's mind has become more and more mature and stable. Today, he is no longer the same as the high-spirited young and rash cultivator Lu Heng saw in the post office.

He became less frivolous and more stable.

Although many precious things in Huo Feng's heart have not changed, Huo Feng is still the same, but it makes Lu Heng appreciate him more.

Following Huo Feng's side is also a positive teaching for the little Gu eagle.

After all, this kind of monster is as ignorant as a young child. The people and things that it comes into contact with at this stage will have a great impact on its character.

It is not a bad thing for the son of the former Emperor Yan to follow Huo Feng every day.

As for personal safety, there is no need to worry.

Although monsters are rampant in the wilderness, the big cities of humans are still very safe.

Huo Feng is also a disciple of the Yun sect who has been wandering and training for many years, so he is unlikely to encounter any danger.

What's more, the sign hanging around the little Gu eagle's neck is a Water God's Amulet similar to the Mountain God's Amulet. And its power is much stronger than the one Lu Heng gave to Xiao Ai.

In case of danger or emergency, the little Gu eagle can send a distress signal at any time.

The Fushan city is located on the side of the Pangjiang river. Under the power of the river god, his mom can come in an instant. the little Gu eagle is a talisman of Huo Feng when he follows him.

Therefore, after Huo Feng and the little Gu Eagle left, Lu Heng continued to check the bamboo slips in his hands and tried to use the technique of hiding Qi in the bamboo slips.

In the quiet courtyard, thunder flashed from time to time.

On the bamboo slips sent by Helan Zhen, the description and skills of the art of hiding spirit Qi are mysterious. Even Lu Heng, who has not been in touch with any secret collection of human cultivation before, can see at a glance that this volume of bamboo slips is extraordinary.

At the very least, it's much better than the Yun sect secret arts that Huo Feng carries with him.

In addition, the preservation carrier of the art of hiding spirit Qi is not a Book page, but a special bamboo slip, which has been kept for a long time… It is obvious that this volume of bamboo slips in Lu Heng's hands is a treasure.

If it is converted to the martial arts novels that Lu Heng read in his previous life, it is almost equivalent to the Shaolin Temple's Tendon Changing Classic.

Lu Heng just looked at a few lines of words, and soon immersed himself in this mysterious secret collection, and his expression gradually became serious.

Different from when he read the secret collection of the Yun sect, this time Lu Heng looked at it very carefully and was fascinated. The volume of bamboo slips with few records was opened again and again by him.

Every word and paragraph above left huge waves in his heart.

In the courtyard, the lightning light loomed.

However, it was strange that there was not a shred of divine power to leak out when such penetrating thunder shone.

Even Helan Zhen, who was in the Fire God Temple, hadn't found the thunder shining from time to time in the small courtyard…