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Not Super Robot Wars at All

Not Super Robot Wars at All

Since his transmigration, he has studied hard and entered Anaheim to design Gundam, do scientific research, study driving and the way of self-marketing. He could be called a great man among travellers. Until one day, “that” appeared in front of him… “Idiot, are robots all Gundams?!”
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Gray-haired Butterfly Girl

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The poor girl Su’er was captured by the insects and transformed into a Dragonfly Girl. However, she did not lose confidence in life, but also worked part-time as a magazine poster girl. On her way to have a new photo shoot, she happened to take the same train with Princess Marmalan, and encountered an assassination event against the princess. In the face of the unprecedented crisis, Su’er and Leiya, the retired female imperial guard, and Kukur, the fiancé of Princess Mamalan embarked on an escape adventure. However, on the other side, a long-brewing conspiracy is quietly happening at this time…
Bury the Whole Universe Alive

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Zuo Si has a superpower. At first, her superpower inadvertently hurt her elementary school language teachers, resulting in her language was taught by the physical education teacher until she graduated. Later, her superpower made her become a best-selling novel writer, then she became \"the most important person who can never be hurt\", and finally, with this superpower, she became the Great Empress in the first era of the interstellar age, known as the Queen of Light, April Lax Left. The peace of the entire universe is under the Queen\'s pen - as long as she remembers to update her novel every day, everyone can still have a good time. Her super cool and powerful superpower is: Anyone who sees or hears the story described by her must know the end of the story, otherwise, the person will be jinxed until death.
The Little Silver Dragon on the Beach

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That day, the boy and the little silver dragon met on the island.
I Draw R18 Manga In Japan

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Shimizu Hakuseki transmigrated to Japan in 1974, when he was 16 years old, and decided to move towards his goal of becoming a great artist. But first, he had to solve the problem of food and clothing. An artist who can\'t feed himself is a dead artist. It was not easy to make money in Tokyo, and after many bumps in the road, he decided to put aside his modesty and pick up a brush, first of all, starting from drawing R18 mangas. Looking at the blue sky, Shimizu Hakuseki prayed silently. きさらぎ ぐんま, 鬼月あるちゅ, Katsutoshi, たけだ ひろみつ, and many other artists who gave me joy, bless me!

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