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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 260

2023-08-16 01:50:00Publish Time: 2,357 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 260: The Heavenly Demon Lord

Speaking of the cultivators who can exterminate demons within the Fire Pass Country, Lu Heng's first thought was Jiu Mie, an old monk who is full of wickedness.

He appears to be smiling and looking honest all day long, and while he speaks, he may leave himself some leeway and avoid going too far, but when it comes to deceiving people, he is definitely not merciful.

He is as black-bellied as one can be.

However, Lu Heng listened carefully once again and realized that the group of demons were probably not referring to Jiu Mie.

Because it sounded like the demon-hunting star was coming from the east, chasing and driving away all the demons encountered along the way, regardless of their strength.

This modus operandi is not typical of old monk Jiu Mie.

Jiu Mie had been a guest staying for quite some time at Hanyu Mountain recently, how could he have time to keep chasing this group of demons and evils all along.

What's even more peculiar is that this cultivator doesn't have a policy of killing each and every demon. At most, they just beat the evil creatures to a pulp and then chase and drive them away while they try to escape.

To save their own lives, the evil creatures had to seek help from their acquaintances, who were then beaten to a pulp and chased away together...

After chasing and driving them away all the way, that cultivator, singlehandedly, managed to make these hundreds of evil creatures flee in panic like frightened sheep. They kept fleeing until they had arrived at this place, where the big demon came forward to integrate and gather the multitude of escaped evil creatures.

We must join the forces of all the demons, set up a killing array in this place and slay the arrogant scourge...

From the fragmentary conversation filled with resentment and indignation, Lu Heng roughly inferred the following facts.

Suddenly, he became a bit curious.

Who is this cultivator and what kind of person could he be? His way of acting is too strange... Besides, after having chased and driven away malicious creatures along the way, no wonder this group of demons dares to gather here.

They were chased all the way here by that fierce scourge, probably they had no time to get the news about Lu Heng coming down from the mountain and the route he took.

Though he was interested in knowing more about the cultivator, Lu Heng was unable to do so.

This group of demons talked big, but in reality, they were terrified to the bone by that cultivator, afraid to even mention his name and unable to imagine how to deal with him.

They were only saying a few words to make it sound like they would not give the other party a chance to survive this time.

Moreover, when they arrived at the small square behind the dilapidated temple, they saw the demons maintaining order by the roadside.

Those were two extremely slender and eerie shadows, standing on either side of the road, controlling the only path to enter the small square.

The reason why they were described as eerie was that these two shadows, each measuring several meters in height, were completely black and it was impossible to make out any features, just like false shadows.

In addition, their upper body proportions were similar to those of ordinary people, with no difference. However, their legs were thin and long, causing an inexplicable creepiness to those who saw them.

All the arriving demons were subjected to questioning by these two eerie, slender, black shadows, asking about their origins and names.

Therefore, all the demons were blocked here, unable to enter all at once for the moment.

However, in the face of these two strange, tall, black shadows, all the demons present dared not complain, and obediently lined up, waiting to be interrogated.

When Lu Heng and his group finally approached, the tall, skinny black shadow blocking the way was surprised and quickly bowed its head to salute.

"Greetings, senior... May I ask which cave mansion do you belong to? What brings you here?"

The sinister and terrifying Yin Qi around Lu Heng's body may not seem like much at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it is simply incredibly scary.

Even the two pairs of eyes that were arrogantly perched high above were forced to bow down and no longer dared to be arrogant.

However, these several meters high, strange figures are now crouching on the ground, not taller than Lu Heng, and they looked almost like they were kneeling on the ground.

This sudden sight immediately drew the attention of all the demons present to Lu Heng's team in front of them.

After the demons opened their magic eyes to carefully observe, they were all astounded.

"So...such strong evil death qi..."

"If I hadn't looked carefully, I would have missed it... Unexpectedly, such extraordinary people have come tonight?"

"We have never seen this great demon inside the Fire Pass Country before..."

"I heard that in recent years, many overseas demons have also come to The Fire Pass Country to watch the excitement... perhaps one of them is the great demon who has come now?"

"Hiss... this evil death qi almost tore apart my magic eyes. It's so terrifying."

"When I saw Lady Qingzhu before, I never had such a feeling... This great demon is definitely a powerful figure from overseas! Their strength is not inferior to that of The Four Elders... and perhaps not weaker than the Lord of the Abyss either!"

The demons were shocked and terrified, and they all stepped back, making way for Lu Heng and his group.

Before, it was fine not to notice, but now that we have noticed the arrival of this great demon, who dares to provoke them recklessly?

In an instant, a spacious area cleared out around Lu Heng on a road that was originally crowded.

Lu Heng couldn't help but feel a bit amused and helpless about it.

Is the hierarchy among the demons so clear...? It's just a mirage caused by the Yin energy, yet it frightened these demons so much.

He had planned to make a low-profile entrance and watch the show hidden among the crowd, but now he was instantly highlighted and couldn't keep a low profile anymore.

Lu Heng regretted using the Requiem Seal to release the Death Qi, as its potency proved detrimental to his plan.

Now, facing the awe and fear of many demons present, Lu Heng could only sigh helplessly and speak to the two gaunt black figures in front of him who were almost prostrating on the ground.

"I came from the west and happened to pass by here. I thought I'd come in and take a look at what's going on... Well, can I go in?"

Having said that, Lu Heng glanced behind the two gaunt black figures.

The two gaunt black figures on the ground exchanged glances but before they could reply, a sinister laugh was heard from behind them.

"The arrival of the Evil Lord is an honor for us, so of course you're welcome to enter."

As the voice sounded, a thin figure appeared in front of everyone.

The strange smile, slightly sharp and cynical expression, and that ink-black bone fan...it turned out to be a scholar-like person.

Rather than a demon.

But as soon as this scholar appeared, the two gaunt black figures hurriedly bowed in respect.

"Greetings to Master Xiao Juechen..."

This name instantly caused a stir among the demons.

The demons were all surprised. After all, not everyone had the qualification to meet the Four Elders of the Green Hell Cave.

Now, one of the Four Elders, Xiao Juechen, has appeared in front of everyone. And from the looks of it, it seems he has received some news and come out to welcome this strange demon?

The demons looked at Lu Heng with even greater curiosity and reverence.

Even one of the Four Elders, Xiao Juechen, showed such respect and manners towards him. Could it be that this demon is really not weaker than the master of the Green Hell Cave?

Lu Heng looked at the thin scholar in front of him in surprise. He never expected that he was able to alarm the biggest demon in the area tonight.

Now, it's impossible to keep a low profile...

Lu Heng smiled and said to Xiao Juechen in front of him, 'My name is Heavenly Demon Lord. I come from the west, and just happened to be here. I want to see how you all deal with that star chaser who's been hunting us down.'

Following the style of demon names, Lu Heng casually came up with an evil-sounding name for himself.

Since it's not possible to hide in the crowd and watch the show, then let's go in and take the main seat to watch the show brightly and openly.

Anyway, since we're just here to watch the show, we might as well take the opportunity to explore the depths of the Green Hell Cave.